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Artist in Residence



Similar to the way Myspace used to be the social media outlet of choice for musicians, many young visual artists and creative types are using Tumblr as a platform for self-expression. Phace-Side, a blog that recently caught my eye, features intriguing drawings of notable people by 28-year-old Brooklyn-based costume designer and stylist Savannah Wyatt. “I used to make blind contour drawings of my friends for laughs, and I thought it would be funny to draw celebrities,” she says. The simple lines and bright colors juxtaposed with stark white paper call to mind the face charts used by makeup artists to plan and document a look. “I love the way that designers, like Marc Jacobs, use hair and makeup to get their stories across,” she adds. Above, five drawings Wyatt created exclusively for, inspired by her favorite hair and makeup statements from the Spring 2014 runways.

Neo Noir


givenchylesoinnoirA parade of jeweled masks made their way down the runway at Givenchy this season, but getting a glowing complexion doesn’t necessarily require vats of Swarovski Crystals, ten hours, and the help of Pat McGrath. The fashion house’s latest serum, Le Soin Noir, contains Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate to maintain and boost skin’s cellular longevity. In other words, this onyx-colored ingredient, which is rich in fatty acids, helps you look younger longer. And while the shimmery tar-like liquid is a bit scary at first, it disappears in seconds—leaving the surface smooth, hydrated, and primed for foundation…or 1,500 gems, depending on how festive (and ambitious) you’re feeling.


Throwback Thursday: Be Jeweled


Tyra-Banks2Throwback Thursday is a column on Beauty Counter in which we pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day makeup and hair inspiration.

The Model: Tyra Banks

The Moment: Seriously Sparkly Eyes

The Motivation: When I came across this shot of Tyra Banks sporting gem-encrusted lids from the nineties, I was intrigued by the similarity it posed to the recent Givenchy show—which saw select models appear on the runway with masks that required more than 2,000 sequins and 1,500 crystals to complete. Admittedly, Pat McGrath’s version for Riccardo Tisci took the concept to glittery new levels, but I’ll be looking to Banks’ slightly more pared-down version for inspiration this Halloween.

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Models Unmasked


Lais Ribeiro claimed she spent five hours in the makeup chair at Givenchy (although Pat McGrath, the face painter responsible for the glittery masks, said she was able to cut it down to three). Removing the 1,500 Swarovski Crystals and 2,000 sequins, however, took far less time. And at Chanel, the models were gifted the label’s Gentle Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover to erase their gallery-worthy lids before hitting the streets (although many of the girls left the Grand Palais with the swatches of color still intact). While there were many barely there jobs to be had this season (such as Balmain, where concealer was the only color cosmetic used), a handful of shows required a serious scrubbing…and in the case of Ribeiro—as seen in the Instagram video above—a cleaning crew.

Givenchy By the Numbers



If you’re asked to create an African mask infused with Japanese flavor, and you happen to be Pat McGrath, then your motto is simple: Go big backstage, or go home. Along with skill and imagination, she breaks down what it took to get models runway ready:

3: Number of hours it took, per face, to glue on all the goods—including Swarovski Crystals, sequins, glitter, netting, and plastic brows. “We cut it down from four,” boasted McGrath.

5: Number of people who hand-delivered the stones from Los Angeles, New York, London, Austria, and Paris.

6: Number of hands (two senior makeup artists and one assistant) it took to painstakingly glue on each gem.

9: Total number of vans and bikes used to transport the jewels to the show.

10.5: Total number of hours it took to complete the job, working nonstop from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

16: Number of models who received a bespoke mask for the catwalk.

1,500: Approximate number of crystals used to cover each girl’s complexion.

2,000: Approximate number of sequins applied to the face in addition to the sparkling stones.

The end result: A priceless place in beauty history.

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