April 20 2014

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Makeup Bag Check: Christina Ricci


The Mission: Give Christina Ricci an art-meets-fashion beauty look for Givenchy’s closing party for Marina Abramović’s The Artist Is Present exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Face Painter: NARS national makeup artist Francelle.

The Face: To build on the already impressive canvas that is Christina Ricci’s gorgeous porcelain skin, Francelle used NARS’ new Pro-Prime Skin Smoothing Face Prep and its Matte Foundation in Siberia Sheer (yes, that’s the lightest shade they’ve got).

The Eyes: To get the “edgy classic noir” look she was going for, Francelle focused her energies due north of Ricci’s nose. “It’s all about the eyes,” the makeup artist said, building green tones from NARS’ Misfit Duo Eyeshadow into otherwise bronzed lids courtesy of NARS’ Eyeshadow in Galapagos. A slightly smudged-out line of its Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil—and the fact that Ricci happens to have a particularly spectacular set of huge, wide-set peepers—added to the sultry factor.

The Lip: As a finishing touch, Francelle gave Ricci a pearlescent silver/mauve pout with NARS’ Lip Gloss in Harlow.

The Result: High-impact makeup that did her Riccardo Tisci-designed frock a big solid.

Photo: Jennifer Graylock / AP Photo

Aqua Vita


As the weather warms up and the resort shows continue to inspire visions of the vacations we’d like to take—preferably with yacht access—we’ve started fantasizing about bronzed skin and summer’s other makeup staple, aqua eye pigment. Offered in liner, shadow, and every other lid-enhancing form you can think of, the bright blue hue that teeters between azure and teal is a cornerstone of most color collections this time of year. The bold shade can be a little intimidating at first, but if you can muster up the courage to draw a thin liquid line close to your upper or lower lashes, it can be a total showstopper. So can a few slashings of Givenchy’s new limited-edition turquoise Phenomen’Eyes Mascara, it turns out. The color is surprisingly subtle, and if you have dark lashes, it’s really only visible when it catches the light. But when that happens, watch out: People will stare. It’s waterproof, too, so should our Greek Islands yacht dreams become a reality this summer (by Greek Islands we mean the Jersey Shore, and by yacht we mean two-man sailboat), we will be ready for whatever splash-happy good times ensue.

Mary-Kate Olsen Works Some Off-Kilter Magic


In a move that was equal parts Prada pigtails circa Spring 2010 and Givenchy’s Fall 2010 low-lying ribbon-tied ponytail, Mary-Kate Olsen put her own spin on runway-ready hair this weekend at the opening of Lend Me a Tenor on Broadway. The actress-cum-fashion designer wore a single pigtail held in place by a piece of sheer spotted fabric (or are those feathers?), letting the other side of her hair fall down in soft, unstructured waves. It lacked symmetry, obviously, but added additional texture—and quirk—to her layered all-black look. We might appear slightly deranged in a similar style, but she’s making it work, don’t you think?

Photo: Amanda Schwab / Startraks Photo

NYFW Backstage Beauty Alert: Lancôme Gets In On The Sister Act


One of the hottest tickets at NYFW this season is shaping up to be The Row, the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen-designed line that will make its catwalk debut on February 16. The prospect of seeing what the sisters can do live and in person—and maybe catch a glimpse of either or both of them (or Nate Lowman) backstage—is exciting enough for us to add the presentation to our color-coded Excel spreadsheet, but things just got a little more interesting. has learned that one Aaron De Mey—the Lancôme artistic director of makeup and the man that Riccardo Tisci trusts for both his ready-to-wear and couture shows—will be doing the backstage face painting. (Three words on Mr. De Mey’s handiwork at the Givenchy Fall 2009 Couture presentation: gilded face rhinestones.) His presence at The Row’s show should add a layer of wow to what we’re already expecting to be a pretty exciting 15 minutes.

Photo: Debra L. Rothenberg / Startraks Photo

The Power Of Prisme


Last week, feeling tired, cold, and other similar blahs associated with having to trudge through the snow at 9 a.m. to an event in midtown, I completed my usual pared-down beauty routine—tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, and lip balm—and headed out into the elements. When I resurfaced on 57th Street with my defenses slightly down, I arrived at Givenchy to learn about its new Custom Color collection and did something very uncharacteristic: I let the on-site makeup artist give me a touchup. No ingratitude intended, but no matter the skill level of the artist in question, these offers typically include a little too much makeup, a little too early in the morning, so I usually take a pass. But like I said, my defenses were down, and how much difference could a little powder make anyway? Turns out, a whole lot. The new collection features a reformulated, repackaged version of the brand’s popular Le Prisme Visage, a velvety powder that uses four varying hues of the same shade group to assist in complexion correction. Incorporating a unique atomizing technology, the new Visage gives you a glowing, matte finish using smaller, pearlescent particles that don’t leave behind a shiny, glittery aftermath. After a few strokes of the brush on my cheekbones, across my forehead, and around my jaw line, I left looking almost airbrushed and definitely got a few head turns on Fifth Avenue from people who seemed genuinely intrigued—not shocked—by my makeup.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora