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First Look: Meet Chanel Graphite


Ladies, please allow us to introduce you to the latest lacquer from Chanel’s resident makeup maestro, Peter Philips. Part of Philips’ Fall collection, which is heavy on metallics (stay tuned for the full backstage report from this morning’s show, where a to-die-for gunmetal, silvery eye shadow also made its debut), the new polish is called Graphite and has an amazing iridescent quality in which it appears green-gold and shimmering pewter all at once. It’s similar in concept to last season’s Black Pearl although it is significantly lighter—brighter, even, which we prefer. (Much as we would like to, we cannot wear black or almost black polishes—even if they are Chanel polishes. It’s just not our thing). The new varnish’s most covetable quality, however, is its opaqueness. When we seek out shimmering lacquers, we’re typically looking for full coverage to achieve a foil effect, and this one delivers in two coats. Actually, we take that back; that’s Graphite’s second most covetable quality. The first is that it’s part of a trio of similar shades, due out at the end of the summer. Yes, it’s OK to be really, really, ridiculously excited.