April 21 2014

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The Return Of The Lob


It’s a commonly held belief among the scissor-wielding set that your hair should hit just below the clavicles. Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway popularized the long bob earlier this year, and now Zoe Saldana has embraced the “lob,” cutting off most of her length for a softer, more texturized look before a photo call in Germany to promote the film Avatar. James Cameron’s latest blockbuster looks like it could be a huge, enormous flop, but Saldana’s very becoming trim spells box office success to us. You?

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

Blending In To Stand Out At Burberry


“Christopher [Bailey] has a very clear idea of what he wants—he even chose the specific shade of silver for the actual runway,” said makeup artist Wendy Rowe, putting the final touches on Lily Donaldson’s face backstage at Burberry yesterday. With that kind of clear vision from the brand’s creative director, Rowe’s job was relatively easy. “We took colors from the trenches, like mustard and butterscotch, and just blended, blended, and blended,” she explained of the fresh look she hoped to achieve from alternating strokes of an arsenal of makeup that included face-perfecting weapons from Shu Uemura, MAC, Dior, and YSL. “We didn’t really want one thing to stand out,” she continued, “so it feels light and natural.” Added model-of-the-moment Anna Selezneva: “Normally I don’t feel that comfortable leaving shows in full makeup because it’s always a bit heavy, but this feels like what I would do on a normal day, almost like diet makeup!” The look’s wearability factor certainly fell in line with the collective aesthetic of the show’s very impressive front row. Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Freida Pinto, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, et al. seemed to abide by the same cosmetic credo: minimal, unobtrusive, and subtle (see this blog’s Celebrity Looks post below for a further discussion on the matter). “He just knows what he wants, right down to the shade of lipstick,” Rowe reiterated of Bailey. That meant matte, neutral pouts all around. Though Daisy Lowe and her bright red lips apparently didn’t get the memo.

Braids, A Brief History


Celia Ellenberg will be back on Beauty Counter duty on Monday. For those of you who’ve missed her, and her milkmaid braid-loving ways, we present this look back at pop culture’s most memorable plaits. Happy weekend!

Photo: Bob Landry / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

Summertime Blonde Envy Hits Hard


We have jet-black eyebrows and an olive complexion, so there’s simply no way we’ll ever experience what it’s like to go blonde. Which is why the few and the flaxen possess a special allure in our mind, especially in the summertime when colorists tend to turn it up a few notches with their A-list clients, brightening their strands from warm honey shades to corn silk. And so a small tribute to three women who wore the color best last night, from the Lower East Side to Chelsea. We’ll just have to be content living through them for the time being.

Photo: From left, Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images; Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images; Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Pick Your Poison: Syn-ake vs. Botox


In America, it all started with Sonya Dakar’s UltraLuxe-9, an emollient cream packed with Syn-ake, a synthetic protein that is a replica of the venom produced by the temple viper, which allegedly can have similar line-smoothing effects to Botox. The waiting lists soon followed among Dakar’s A-list clients, which included Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, and one Sir Ben Kingsley, and rumors of a botulism-toxin alternative spread, along with competing products stateside. Meanwhile, across the pond, Planet Skincare was making similar waves, utilizing the same face-freezing ingredient and turning in record sales at Selfridges in its first week on the shelves, benefiting from the promise of a youth-enhancing wonder cream. This month, the two-piece line hits our shores, and while the Syn-ake vs. Botox debate still rages on—can a topical formulation penetrate deeply enough to effectively inhibit muscle contraction, or are all of these creams just really good moisturizers, which can also help soften wrinkles—Planet Skincare hopes to offer a point of difference in the market with a unique formula that boasts powerful antioxidants as well as retinoic acid to speed up cell renewal. Plus, it smells like roses and apparently only takes 28 days to start working. Intrigued? Click here for more information.

Photo: Courtesy of Planet Skincare