August 29 2014

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Bangs and Bold Colors Join Forces



Two hair trends we’ve seen emerge in recent months are Crayola-colored strands and bangs. Everyone from Katy Perry to Kylie Jenner jumped on the rainbow bandwagon, while supers such as Joan Smalls and Karen Elson have opted for forehead-grazing fringe. And then there are women who work both: Catwalker and frequent shade-shifter Chloe Norgaard arrived at several fetes this week with brunette roots and bangs, but polished off her look with Kool-Aid punch-esque ends. Artist Christine Sun Kim sported an electric green topknot and classic black fringe at last night’s The Narcissists Ball celebration. What can we say, when it comes to hair, this combo is all business in the front and a nonstop party in the back.

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Forget Flower Crowns—Festivalgoers Think Pink



Wellies weren’t appearing en masse at Governors Ball this weekend, but we did notice that multiple peroxide blonds opted for a rosy tint. The hair color trend got off the ground at Chanel resort (with Charlotte Free opening the show with a distinctive shade of “porange”), but this more basic shade of blush is just as enchanting. If you’re afraid of having your white-hot strands turn green next time you hit the pool, preempt this beauty mishap by thinking pink. Crisis—and salon session—avoided.

Photo: Courtesy of; Melodie Jeng

A Personal Platinum-Saving Prescription



Ask me what my natural hair color is and I literally couldn’t tell you. What I do know for sure is that I’ve been hitting the salon about once every month for the last ten years with one goal: Blonder, please! Sure, I had two small stints with darker dyes, but after those brief out-of-body experiences, I was back on the bleach. Currently sporting a platinum-to-gray spectrum of strands, I’m all too familiar with the First World struggles of a high-maintenance mane—and the damage that ultimately ensues. With the warm weather (finally!) here and the runways’ recent upswing of platinum dye jobs, you might be flirting with the idea of trying the white-hot trend. After you see a pro (as this is one project best left to mix masters in the know), try my trusted over-the-counter goods and keep your color (and strands) going strong.

Lather up with lavender shampoo. I get my color touched up every four weeks, but I attribute a large part of my hue’s resilience to Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo. This miracle elixir eliminates any brassiness that may occur in-between appointments. I buy the biggest pump-sized bottle at my local beauty supply store. Trust me, it’s well worth the space in your shower. An added perk? If you’re über-platinum or prematurely gray by choice like me, frequently washing with this product will actually leave a hint of lilac in your hair. (I happen to love this—think of it like the Manic…without the Panic.) If purple’s not your jam, wash with this shampoo once every other week instead.

Invest in conditioner. It’s definitely a challenge to find a conditioner that actually quenches overprocessed hair. Luckily, I’ve already served as your guinea pig. Ojon Rare Blend Moisture-Rich Cleansing Conditioner is basically the only formula I can name offhand that doesn’t leave my hair feeling parched. Unlike any other conditioner I’ve tried, this formula lathers like a shampoo. Plus, it makes brushing post-shower a seamless process.

Strike it rich. If you saw my vanity table, you’d think I was the Tin Man. Coconut, argan, Moroccan—you name the oil and chances are it’s already in my rotation. Most people will tell you to avoid applying the slick stuff close to your roots, as they naturally produce oil, but I don’t think this rule of thumb necessarily always applies to peroxide blonds. While hair is more prone to breakage toward the ends, it can also occur at ear level and above—just keep the amount you apply closer to the scalp at a minimum. My current obsession: Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil.

Make masks your must-have. Strengthening strands with a rich, restorative treatment is necessary not just for shine but to keep your length from snapping off during styling. I find the best time to mask is a few days after you get your roots redone. The Shu Uemura Color Lustre Reviving Balm is my new go-to. The lavender formula can be a bit on the messy side, so I suggest applying it after you shampoo while you’re still in the shower. Swap out your regular conditioner for this intense, purple-tinged salve once every four weeks.

Camouflage regrowth. Some people really like to rock a root. Those people aren’t me. For that one week when I’m teetering on touch-up time, I fake it with Bumble and Bumble’s Prêt-à-Powder. Truth be told, I use this even when I’m not trying to hide my true color because it adds volume minus any bulk.

For more platinum-saving picks, read this week’s Style Hunter.

Dip-Dyeing Isn’t Dead Yet



We discussed My Little Pony-like hair at length with several industry insiders for our Spring Beauty Guide, but as of late, another coloring concept is staging a significant comeback. While we’re hesitant to declare ombré “a thing” again, the vibrant iteration (in lieu of boring blond) recently made appearances at Coachella (Katy Perry and Chanel Iman) and two celeb-studded parties that took place on opposite coasts last night (Michelle Harper and blogger Elaine Daneshrad). If you’re not willing to go all the way with a root-to-tip transformation, consider a dramatic dip instead.

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A GIF You’ve Gotta See: Soo Joo Park Looks on the Bright Side



Pick a color, any color. Our new Spring Beauty Guide inspired us to consider our hair a blank canvas with a rainbow of opportunities. Last night, Soo Joo Park—one of’s favorite models and a champion of the platinum trend—posted a selfie to Instagram showing off her fuzzy white wig and matching eyeliner on set. (Solange Knowles sported a similar look at Tuesday’s Jimmy Choo party, coordinating her lids to a tangerine skirt and blazer.) We got creative and imagined the Korean catwalker rocking several vibrant hues. Revisit our feature on colorful dye jobs to learn how to achieve and maintain the look. Or try L’Oréal Professionnel’s new Hairchalk, a water-based ink (ideal for commitment-phobes) that washes out in two to ten shampoos.