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Check Out These Models’ Buns



Models—they’re not exactly just like us. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Instagram, it’s that they work a chignon—perfect or piece-y—off-duty just as much as we do. From Cara Delevingne’s hot tub topknot to Sara Blomqvist’s low-slung, center-parted wedding bun, check out our visual retrospective on how catwalkers keep the hair off their necks during the dog days of summer.

Photos: Instagram

The Best Beauty Moments From Katy Perry’s “This Is How We Do”



It appears that every beauty trick Beyoncé pulled out for her visual album was employed by Katy Perry (and then some) for her latest song release, “This Is How We Do.” The parallels I noted: the strategic use of a black light (this time spotlighting a tennis headband in lieu of Day-Glo lips), fluffy curls, and multiple scene-stealing pouts. (Keep an eye on Perry’s backup dancers for some serious lipstick game.) A few new ideas Perry brought to the table: a gravity-defying, Mondrian-inspired updo; electric eyeliner (reminiscent of Chanel’s Fall 2014 show and Dior Addict’s It-Line campaign starring Sasha Luss); glittery lids; a pastel ponytail; cornrows; baby buns; scrunchies; Marlene Dietrich-like arches; “Japanese-y” pizza nails; and an angular, asymmetrical bob. And as one would expect, there was no shortage of candy-colored wigs. Though the chorus says otherwise, packing this many hair and makeup moves into a three-minute-and-30-second music video is a very big deal, indeed. Straight stuntin.












Your Summer Hair Savior


When the humidex spikes or you want to spice up a messy knot, look no further than a patterned piece of fabric. In addition to crisp white iterations, Giambattista Valli accessorized his Couture collection with quirky striped scarves (as seen here on Binx Walton). Diane Kruger employed the same style solution at a screening this week, opting out of the off-center bow and tying her headband underneath her low-slung bun for a more subtle statement. And at last night’s ICB x Def Jam celebration, Mia Moretti surrendered her strands to a colorful silk foulard. Frizz and flyaways be damned—with the dog days of summer on the horizon, we’re keeping our hair under wraps.

For more beat-the-heat hair ideas, click here to see how to amp up your pony and basic bun.

Your Motivation to Hit the Gym Tonight: Chanel’s Fall Campaign



Unlike many of the devout fashion followers who worship at SoulCycle on the regular, I am only occasionally inspired to move from the couch by American Ninja Warrior (and even then, I end up walking on the treadmill so I can watch contestants scale some impossible obstacle dubbed the “salmon ladder”) and maybe Karlie Kloss’ abs. Chanel’s latest campaign, however, provides a plethora of reasons to pump some iron, go for a run, and even do a few push-ups—the number one being the “gym hair” styled by Sam McKnight. A sleek pony threaded with tweed is too good to keep to the confines of my apartment—I’d bench press a few pounds simply to show off that textural tail. And if my curls looked glossy like Binx Walton’s (instead of just plain sweaty), I might be more inclined to stay on the bike a bit longer. While I won’t be doing push-ups on top of a mirror anytime soon, getting a manicure worth staring at while I hold a plank is a beauty cue worth taking from Cara Delevingne. Another undeniable motivator found in the French fashion house’s ad: tweed sneakers. Who wouldn’t want to pound the pavement in those puppies?




Photos: Courtesy of Chanel

The Understated Way to Wear a Flower Crown



Just like “festival style,” we’ve grown a bit weary of the current flower-crown obsession. Not only have girls found a way to put florals on their head for just about any occasion (from concerts to polo matches), but most of the crowns we’ve seen are lackluster at best. Here at, we prefer two extremes: gigantic, over-the-top blooms or ultra-delicate daisy chains, like the ones we used to craft on the playground. Miranda Kerr recently posted a selfie wearing what appears to be a handmade wreath (perhaps by her son, Finn?). And at fellow model Sara Blomqvist’s recent nuptials, bridesmaids Bette Franke and Mirte Maas proved the sweet accessory is totally appropriate for an upstate wedding. We couldn’t resist including this baby photo of Cara Delevingne, who was an early adopter of the flower-child look—proving that the Brit beauty was basically born a trendsetter.

Photos: Instagram