August 21 2014

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How to Pull off This Seemingly Impossible Backstage Beauty Trend



The platinum trend has been going strong now for a few solid months, but one thing from the Fall 2014 shows that we wish would have caught in a bigger way was the notion of a monochromatic dress and dye job (as seen on the runway at Marc Jacobs). Sure, a wardrobe comprised entirely of mink-y brown or blush isn’t all that appealing, but a closetful of crisp whites sounds decidedly fresher. And that’s exactly the fashion strategy that Tracy Georgiou, brand buyer for J.Crew and Madewell, has employed of late. “It’s not too fussy, but looks sharp,” she explained of her streamlined style. “There are so many shades and textures of white—from Steve McQueen in a washed-out tee and jeans to Audrey Hepburn or Diane Keaton in a crisp white men’s shirt. Though the palette is limited, the outfits are endless.”


It was a friend, however, who finally convinced Georgiou to complete her head-to-toe look by transitioning her virgin brown strands to stark ivory with the help of colorist Roxie Darling and hairstylist Wes Sharpton at Hairstory Studio in downtown Manhattan. The transformation took about seven hours to complete, but the results are indeed striking. “After seeing her skin tone, perfect freckles, and deep brown eyes, I decided to veer away from a shocking white [and opt for] a flattering and soft ashy blond, as seen on Hollywood sirens in the fifties,” noted Darling. Though she said anyone can go platinum, fine or very curly hair is susceptible to damage over time, and it’s always best to steer clear of an at-home bleaching session and leave a dramatic change in the capable hands of a pro. “This color is a large investment,” she added, so expect to be back in the salon every four to five weeks for touch-ups.


Since you’ll want to wash less to prolong the results and prevent over-drying, a “lifestyle cut,” as Sharpton described it, that “doesn’t scream haircut, but looks considered,” is ideal for those who don’t want to bother with heat styling (like Georgiou, who doesn’t own a blow-dryer and doesn’t think the modern girl should). Sharpton took the length up to just above the collarbone for manageability. “Small bathrooms require minimal routines,” said Georgiou. “Out of the shower, I comb the sides of my hair with a fine-tooth comb and use a wide-tooth version on top—this makes a huge difference if you’re air-drying.” A bit of Purely Perfect Foundation Creme applied to damp hair is all she uses to create texture. Worn with her go-to Apiece Apart culottes and crop top, Georgiou is a vision in white.

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Photo: Courtesy of Hairstory Studio

Kristen Stewart Debuts Her New Summer Cut


kristen-stewart-chanel-coutureWe’re starting to sense a beauty trend at Chanel Haute Couture. At this morning’s show, models sported wild, choppy mohawks—an evolution of the spiky hair seen on the Spring ’14 runway. Perched in the front row, Kristen Stewart appears to have taken the hint with a fresh, cropped cut. Not only did the latest face of Chanel ditch her signature long locks, but she punctuated her new ‘do with a few fiery orange strands. (Perhaps she took a page from our rainbow hair color guide?) She likely spritzed some texturizer through her roots, swept her length to one side, and let the style air-dry—perfect for the hot, humid summer months ahead.

Photo: Getty

Sam Rollinson’s Trial Run


sam-rollinsonHair was piling up on the floor backstage at Anthony Vaccarello when I came upon mane master Anthony Turner’s station. He was carving his way around the head of Brit beauty Sam Rollinson. “He said, ‘Listen, I really, really, really need Sam in the show, but I prefer her hair how it was,’” Turner said of his conversation with the designer. “The only way to get around that was a wig.” Over her twenties bob sat an updated version of her previous “hard-lined, seventies bowl,” but this time it was more “aggressive” and “rock ‘n’ roll.” Choppy, “chewed-up” layers were snipped in the same vein as short-haired catwalkers like Edie Campbell (who inspired the Joan Jett-esque shags at Marc Jacobs a few seasons ago). “I was thinking if I had got the chance to cut Sam’s hair for real, how would I do it. Now I have the chance to do just that,” explained Turner. “It’s very deconstructed, a bit all over the place—almost as if she’s done it herself,” he said of the final result. As for Rollinson, she’s ready to sport this style for longer than ten minutes (the approximate length of a runway show). “I really like it, it’s really cool,” she said of her new crop. Turner’s last piece of advice to the model who is planning to grow her hair out: “Let me cut it for you next time.”

Photo: Sonny Vandevelde;

Chop, Chop


nadja-cropModel Nadja Bender appears to have snuck in a visit to the salon mid-New York fashion week. She posted this photo of her cropped cut on Instagram, with the caption “New hair, so do not care!!!” She joins catwalkers like Hilary Rhoda, Sam Rollinson, and Lakshmi Menon, who all recently opted for more than just a trim.

Update: We were faked out by a wig yet again. Fellow catwalker Jamie Bochert commented on the new pixie and asked if it was in fact faux. Bender’s response: “Yeah, wish it [wasn't] though.”