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First Frost


Full disclosure: The words “frosted lipstick” haven’t crossed our lips in decades. The pale, iridescent pigments that were a sixties mainstay experienced a revival in the eighties before becoming relics of times past when dark, opaque brick reds and berry bullets dominated the nineties and clear, shimmering glosses entered the picture in the aughts. But the pearlescent pout perfectors have become a topic of conversation in our lives of late, which we can attribute to two things: a) Fashion loves a throwback, and b) the hard-to-pull-off icy hues happen to look best against summerized skin. Enter Vogue Taiwan’s July issue, which stars a thoroughly bronzed Hanna Wahmer as a retro glamazon with carved-out cheekbones, built-up brows, and lots of lashes, courtesy of makeup artist Tiziana Raimondo. The story caught our eye on a recent glossy run because of the frosted pink lipstick, though, as one of our more stylish friends has been singing the praises of the snowy lip look—Revlon’s SuperLustrous Lipstick in Apricot Fantasy, specifically—for weeks. We’re starting to come around; would you go there?

Photo: Naomi Yang for Vogue Taiwan, July 2012