August 22 2014

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On the Fly: Harley Viera-Newton Reveals Her Summer Escape


harley-viera-newton-1 got ready with Harley Viera-Newton (and her Bengal kitten) during the glamorous gala season, but her summer getaway doesn’t involve designer dresses or even require makeup. Here, the downtown DJ’s fisherman’s tale:

What are your summer travel plans?

I go to Montana with my dad every summer. We go on a fly-fishing father-daughter trip. It’s pretty fun.

When is the best time for you to get away?

I kind of have to be a little last minute just because work comes up, but usually the first week of August.

Where do you like to stay?
We found this fishing guide and we stay with him at his lodge and he makes you breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Three favorite things to do while you’re there?
You wake up really early and you hike out to these rivers, so I guess it’s a lot of hiking. Fly-fishing. There’s a state fair that’s always pretty crazy—you go to the rodeo and it’s insane. And then there’s one little stall in the middle of nowhere that sells freshly made huckleberry ice cream.

Best things to eat and drink there?

It’s a little bit scary, but they have this thing called a Viking [at the state fair]—it’s something deep-fried. My dad and I always joke about who is going to be the first to eat a Viking, but no one has yet. It’s some sort of dessert. It might be an Oreo situation or something, but it comes out like a huge ball of fried dough. I wish that I could say that I drink there, but it’s honestly such a detox vibe for me. You barely have cell phone service.

Who do you go with?
My dad. And my boyfriend [fellow DJ Ross Schwartzman] joined at the end of last year’s trip for a couple of days. It was his first time and he really loved it.

What will you be wearing?

It’s a full waders-hat-fishing-vest-boot situation. It looks pretty crazy. But then for the fair or when we’re around the lodge, I’ll bring a bunch of vintage dresses. I also have a pair of polarized Ray-Bans that I wear.

One thing you absolutely have to bring? One thing you leave behind?

A good book for sure because you have a lot of downtime. The Art of Fielding is on my list. I haven’t read it yet, but my best friend just finished it and said it was great. One thing I leave behind? Makeup.




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Harley Viera-Newton Reveals Her “Makeup Uniform” and Unexpected Shower Buddy



When I walk into Harley Viera-Newton’s downtown abode that she shares with her boyfriend, it’s completely silent (save for the gentle clicking of a curling iron clamp and snapping of compacts in preparation for the Whitney Art Party). It’s an unusual scene for a DJ and girl-about-town. “We have a record player here, but our kitten has decided that she is also a DJ, so every time we put a record on, all of a sudden it will scratch, stop, or start going really slow and we’ll realize that a cat is spinning along. So that’s why there’s nothing playing right now,” she explained. (If you need a visual, watch this Instagram video—trust me, it’s worth it.) Her Bengal kitten, Tarzan (Zan or Zano for short), not only helps Viera-Newton prep for the many events she attends throughout gala season by pawing at the curling iron cord and climbing inside the makeup artist’s kit, but she also showers with her adoptive mother. Her fully grown black cat, Marmite, is of the toilet seat variety—preferring to watch from a safe distance. “Zan actually gets in the mix, she gets involved,” Viera-Newton noted of the newest feline addition to the family.

Her makeup routine is reflective of her self-described crazy cat lady status: It includes a winged cat-eye (often crafted with Stila’s liquid liner pen) and classic red lips (courtesy of her go-to tube, MAC’s Ruby Woo). “I kind of have a makeup uniform. I usually stick to that because I think it goes with everything. And it’s funny—I feel naked without it, and then when I have it on, I feel very myself no matter what I’m wearing,” she noted. (Her other must-haves include Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, Diorshow Blackout Mascara, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer, and Chanel Les Beiges powder.) For the evening’s affair—to which she wore a polka-dot Max Mara dress—Viera-Newton has makeup artist and hairstylist Michele Carrillo of Vênsette on hand, but ordinarily she’s more of a DIYer. “I can be ready in fifteen minutes, I’m pretty fast. I don’t really know what I’m doing, so I like to keep it simple,” she laughed. Her best beauty advice is to do your hair and makeup before getting dressed: “When you’re looking crazy and you’re putting stuff on you’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I can pull this off,’ and then once you’re a little bit more pulled together it’s easier to gauge.”

The one thing she is somewhat uptight about is her skin. No matter how late she’s spinning, Viera-Newton always takes off her makeup—using a combination of Neutrogena wipes, her Clarisonic, and Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion. “It’s so boring and the last thing you want to do, but it’s really important,” she noted. She also relies on Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control primer to create a barrier between her skin and her base.

As for her signature long strands, she is a bit more laid-back about her regimen—preferring to air-dry to achieve rumpled waves and remaining loyal to “hair god” Johnny Ramirez in Los Angeles for highlights two or three times a year. “I spend my life hiding behind my hair, it’s like a shield,” she said. “I’ve always had long hair, and then [when I was about 8 or 9] my mother decided she wanted to cut it and she took me to this really horrible hairdresser. It was a very wobbly bob with really terrible bangs, and it was so traumatizing that I’ve never cut my hair since—even getting a trim is scary for me now.”

Viera-Newton’s manicure is also as predictable as her makeup job—she opts for a light pink gel polish from Marie Nails as of late. “I’ve exhausted all of my [nail art] ideas,” she said. Perhaps Thursday’s fete provided the DJ with a new dose of creative inspiration. Cat nails, anyone?








Photos: Ibra Ake

Glamour on the Go


harley-viera-newtonWhen Lauren Remington Platt stopped by the offices to update me on Vênsette—a website that offers door-to-door hair and makeup services in 90 minutes or less by pros Platt screens herself—I wish she had brought along a member of her team. With two evening events on my plate and zero time, my game plan was to run a brush through my hair, apply lipstick in the cab, and call it a night out. So goes my typical routine—and that of millions of other women in New York. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that her business has taken off—an app is in the works and the principal engineer of Gilt Groupe was recently brought on board to completely redesign the site. And starting Monday, you’ll find photo diaries from some of the brand’s high-profile clients (including Harley Viera Newton, Linda Fargo, Carolyn Murphy, Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs of Cushnie Et Ochs, among others) that document them getting ready for the slew of seasonal parties that fill their iCals this time of year. Whether you’re seeking inspiration to DIY your own holiday look (or need to find a reason to hire someone to create it for you), Vênsette provides.

J’Adore Dior, Ten Years And Counting


The beauty world finally got its turn to take over the Standard Hotel’s new Boom Boom Room last night when Dior pulled out all the stops to fête the tenth anniversary of its popular fruity-floral scent J’Adore. One of the brand’s most successful fragrance franchises to date, the bergamot, rose, and jasmine absolute perfume drew quite the crowd. Tall model types clad in white satin minidresses and bright red lipstick passed out hors d’oeuvres and cocktails to the likes of Tinsley Mortimer, Olivia Palermo, Lydia Hearst, Theodora Richards, and Coco Rocha while DJ, Dior Ambassador, and girl-about-town Harley Viera-Newton spun a combination of soul, hip-hop, and classic pop. In addition to the privilege of taking in a panoramic view of the city from 18 floors above the Meatpacking District, partygoers got to preview the limited-edition J’Adore flacon set to hit counters next month. The eau de parfum collector’s bottle features a glass pendant engraved with Christian Dior’s initials, which can be strung up on a chain and worn as a necklace. Just a little thank you from the House of Dior to all its devoted fans.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Dior

MAC, Janelle Monáe Go Bump In The Night For FNO


MAC is using Fashion’s Night Out to preview its new Style Black line, a collection of obsidian lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, liners, and lacquers due out at the end of the month to serve all of your mod, punk, and goth beauty needs. To capitalize on the range’s underlying concept of “night” makeup, the company has planned ragers at all of its boutiques across the city on the 10th. DJ Lady Starlight will be spinning tunes at Macy’s Herald Square between 7 and 9 p.m., while Lola Schanbel and Chelsea Leyland will woman the decks at the Columbus and Flatiron stores, respectively. But MAC’s makeup haven on Spring Street in Soho is shaping up to be the most action-packed, with DJ Harley Viera Newton pumping up the jams while pop songstress and fashion darling Janelle Monáe signs autographs and snaps pictures. We caught up with Monáe—who will be in New York through fashion week for a show with indie superstars Of Montreal at Terminal Five on the 18th—and she told us why she can’t live without her eyebrow brush and what she’ll be listening to to get psyched for the shows.

What’s your favorite MAC product?

Actually, the thing I’m most excited about when it comes to MAC right now is its fall collection inspired by Marilyn Minter, Maira Kalman, and Richard Phillips. I just recently found out about the work of Marilyn Minter, and the fact that MAC is currently collaborating with her and other innovative visual artists on its fall collection is really inspiring. It’s such an innovative way for a cosmetic company to approach things: Let’s get these three visual artists and apply their color palette to cosmetics and then apply that beauty around the world, literally. That’s a really unique approach to makeup.

What are your can’t-live-without beauty products?

I like my full brows to be well groomed, so I love my eyebrow brush. I really like using MAC’s lip moisturizer, MAC Studio Finish concealer, MAC #35 lashes, and MAC blush in Ambering Rose and Frankly Scarlet when I step out on the town. But when I am with family or running errands, I use Whole Foods’ organic raspberries for blush and dark cherries for stained, moist lips. There’s nothing like having genuine natural colors on your face.

Do you have any beauty icons?

Anita Baker. Her skin is so flawless and such a gorgeous mocha color and I love her full, beautiful dark eyebrows, eyelashes, and almond-shaped eyes. Most of all, I just love how she treats others—especially artists like myself who look to her for guidance. My great-grandmother Elsenia Norman is also something of an icon, with her full head of long gray hair (I love gray hair on older and young women!) Her eyes are naturally purple, too. She is one of a kind. And Katharine Hepburn—she is such a sassy and intriguing lady. I love how effortless her hair looked when it was swept and pinned up into a bun. Oh! And Sean Young from Blade Runner. You’ve got to love an android in a pantsuit.

What will you be wearing this fall?

I have a suit of armor that I bought in Turkey—complete with a chain-mail helmet! We’ll see, though. It’s a little hot, and it’s hard to do the moonwalk in. And of course I’ll be wearing custom-made pieces that I have designed for myself.

Do you have a “getting ready to hit up fashion week” playlist you’d be willing to share with us?

James Brown – “I Don’t Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing”

Of Montreal feat. Janelle Monáe – “Moonage Daydream”

Deep Cotton – “Runaway Radio”

Matt Monro – “From Russia With Love”

Kate Bush – “Babooshka”

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/ Getty Images