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Anne Hathaway’s Catsuit Confession; The Hello Kitty Spa Cometh; And More…


Anne Hathaway is having a bit of a body crisis. Between slimming down to play the curvaceous Catwoman in July’s much-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises and then the wan, starving Fantine in Les Misérables she’s ben on a crazy workout and dieting schedule. “[It was] a psychological terrorist,” she says, referring to her catsuit. “Thoughts of my suit, changing my life so I would fit into that suit…it dominated my year.I went into the gym for ten months and didn’t come out.” Anything for the art of cinema, right? [VH1]

Dubai has a reputation for being over the top and the latest addition to the city’s towering skyline—with indoor ski slopes et al—is a Hello Kitty beauty spa, the first of its kind. Designed by a Japanese architect, the pampering destination has a Parisian theme—and true to form, sounds totally and utterly over the top. [Daily Mail]

New fragrance, new opportunities for discussions on beauty. Selena Gomez has been doing a lot of talking about her regimen of late to promote her signature scent and today comes news that she doesn’t wear makeup in the summer, just sunscreen. “I’m not too big on cosmetics,” the teen star says adding that a makeup line is probably not in her future. “I never do anything that I’m not really passionate about.” [People]

January Jones has allegedly dyed her hair red and gotten long extensions to showcase the new color. But the paparazzi pictures that have surfaced don’t look much like her, if you ask us. Nevertheless, nothing stops the celebrity hair color wheel from turning. [People]

A skin cream more expensive than gold? At about $265 per gram, Cle de Peau’s limited-edition, crystal encased La Crème will claim that title when it launches in September. [Telegraph]

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Mirror, Mirror, Meow, Meow


Full disclosure: I carry around a bedazzled Hello Kitty compact mirror. At first, it was a necessity thing. The other mirror I had went missing and seeing as how it’s near impossible to apply concealer in the back of a car service blind, I grabbed the first one I could find on my desk. But then I sort of got into it: The blinged-out, double-sided mirror is always a surprise—to both me and onlookers—when I pull it out, and it’s quite substantial, so it has withstood many a week at the bottom of my black hole of a Coach bucket bag. It is, of course, covered in rhinestones, which can be…a little intense—and is precisely why I’m considering converting to the brand’s new Mon Amour limited-edition compact. It’s the same mirror, with magnifying option, but the facade has been splattered with a pretty pastel cityscape of Paris, Kitty’s pink decorative bow included. It seems much more suited to spring, too, and the eight days of shows I’m about to endure in the City of Light come March. It’s still…a little intense. But to ensure that on-the-go makeup applications are nothing but flawless, intensity certainly doesn’t hurt.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

Hello Kitty Arrives At Sephora


We’ve been hip to the attractions of Japanese animation among Americans (adults as much as kids) for years—there was the rave set in high school (you’d be surprised just how much, um, candy, a Keroppi-shaped backpack can hold), and we’ve since encountered more than our fair share of manga-loving males. But two years ago, when MAC partnered with Sanrio on a Hello Kitty cosmetics collection, its appeal became undeniable. Women came in droves, clawing their way through crowds to procure a piece of a limited-edition range that included all manner of cat-themed lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail lacquers. On shelves for just a few weeks, it remains one of the brand’s most successful collaborations to date—and has always been prime for a reprisal, as far as we’re concerned. It’s Sephora, not MAC, however, that capitalized on the opportunity for a sequel, releasing its own highly anticipated Hello Kitty range this week. The Sephora edition focuses on chrome and clear sparkly tubes and compacts, a slightly young albeit authentically Japanese approach to packaging. Among its slew of collectible trinkets are a few standout makeup staples for gals of all ages: Of particular note are the Apple Balm, an emollient gloss that boasts a semi-sheer cherry pigment, and Apple Cheeks, a moisturizing color stick with the versatility of a NARS Multiple that’s available in four different shades. We won’t pretend to be above some of the kitschier items in the collection, though; you know we broke open that pack of nail art stickers the second they crossed our desk.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

Hello Kitty: The Cinemercial


With all the craziness going on, we only just now realized that MAC finally posted the elaborate video it made in conjunction with its massive Hello Kitty launch last week. We had the bizarre pleasure of watching this last fall when we previewed the collection in a room full of overenthusiastic marketing folk and other bloggers (whose love for the animated character far surpassed our own) and have been wanting to share it with you, dear readers, ever since. A few points for discussion: that strange pink portal reminiscent of the birth canal; the quick transition from fluffy fantasy to a dark S&M house of horrors; male bondage dancers with large cat heads. Maybe it’s just us, but the whole thing smacks of a bad trip, rather than an advertisement for makeup. Go on, have a look. And don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts.

MAC Cosmetics, Officially the Cat’s Meow


Known as much for its limited-edition, themed collaborations as its vibrant, fashion-forward color palettes, MAC Cosmetics will have Hello Kitty fans purring with glee when its new collection featuring the mouthless feline hits counters in February. The company is so convinced of the grand proportions with which its new endeavor will debut that representatives went as far as to make us sign an embargo two months ago, prohibiting us from discussing the details of the collection until today. Featured items that will no doubt make tweens, teens, and the shockingly large number of adult Kitty fans out there clamor and claw to get their own piece of hairball history include a colorful array of lipsticks, Lipglasses, tinted lip conditioners, eye shadow quads, eye pigments, glitter, nail polishes, pressed powders, and blushes, along with a slew of other collectible incidentals. We foresee more than one in-store, er, catfight breaking out over Kitty-clad totes, charm bracelets, and brush sets—not to mention a plush doll, which has enough cute power to send particularly militant fans to the hospital. A small FYI to those of you with money to burn: Avoid the lines and potential violence and hold out for the Swarovski-studded two-piece Kitty Kouture collection due out in March.

Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics