August 29 2014

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Lipstick Queen Goes Into the Blue


Sheer berry lip stains are the stuff my dreams are increasingly made of, which is why I fell so hard for Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit in LiV’s Lips when it launched during the holidays. What looked like a black bullet at first glance applied with a barely perceptible hint of bordeaux color, which tinted my mouth ever so slightly, for a fuller, poutier appearance. Seeing as how I’ve used it every day since—on my lips and cheeks—I have sadly run out of it, which is why I was disproportionately enthusiastic when Poppy King’s latest launch crossed my desk. King’s new Lipstick Queen offering in Hello Sailor is equally fear-inducing when you first see it. A peculiar shade of creamy blue, it looks more like costume makeup than everyday makeup. But as with Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit, it goes on with a transparent finish and boasts a cool berry tone with a touch of sapphire that actually helps teeth appear whiter and skin look more luminous. As an added bonus, the pigments themselves are suspended in a super-moisturizing vitamin-E treatment, so they glide on like a balm and soften skin with every application. In an exciting turn of events, it, too, works equally well on cheeks.

$25, available April 2013 at

Photo: Courtesy of Lipstick Queen