August 23 2014

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The Six Scents


Henri Bendel’s illustrious history in fragrance dates back to 1915, when Mr. Bendel himself was the first retailer to create a perfume. Un Peu d’Elle, as it was called, would lead the way for 20-plus captivating scents to debut from the company over the course of the next century, including 1927′s No. 7—a clever answer to Coco Chanel’s No. 5—and 1943′s 10 West, named for the store’s address, 10 W. 57th Street in New York. Newfound fragrance aficionados are likely more familiar with Bendelirious, though, 2008′s Champagne, iris absolute, and sweet cherry lollipop eau that was created for the store exclusively by the perfumers at État Libre d’Orange and was the first new Bendel’s scent to hit counters in nearly 30 years. To keep up the momentum, the store has just released a collection of eaux de parfum that are meant to suit every mood. The range is based on dual-note pairings and includes standouts like Rose & Oud, a floral chypre for true romantics; Orange Blossom & Jasmine for the optimist; and Persian Lime & Pepper for sassy broads who like to spice things up a bit. With six to choose from, there’s likely an olfactory answer to all of your charming idiosyncrasies.

Photo: Courtesy of Henri Bendel

Nails Inc. Does New York


We used our last jaunt to England to check out the country’s nail art offerings, but we didn’t have to leave the isle of Manhattan to see its most fashion-forward lacquer line yesterday. Nails Inc., the 10-year-old British-based brand that has pioneered the three-week manicure (no chipping—for real!) and the 45-second top coat, is in New York this weekend, staffing a pop-up shop at Henri Bendel through Sunday. Known for its edgy range of colors and an ability to make runway trends a reality with the snap of a finger (they bring a new polish to the market every six weeks), the cult favorite already has two standalone stores in London and nail bars in Harvey Nichols, Debenhams, and Brown Thomas, among other U.K. department stores. If the way people were snatching up its crystal-topped holiday collection is any indication, it’ll be a permanent fixture at Bendel’s, too. Not in New York? Not a problem. The company doesn’t ship internationally quite yet, but you can click here to experience the shade range online. A small piece of advice from us to you: have a look at the slate shade in the autumn/winter collection and keep your fingers crossed that it bows stateside soon.

Photo: Courtesy of Nails Inc.

Jouer Sets Up A Play Date


Fans of Jouer Cosmetics and those of you who may enjoy a free beauty product here and there should add a trip to Henri Bendel to your weekend plans. Summer Essentials sets from the colorful line will be handed out with the purchase of three items or more through Sunday, so you can pocket a travel-size blending brush, a tube of the brand’s best-selling Lip Enhancer, and a Lip & Cheek Stain in the shade of your choice—in addition to your other product picks—without feeling gluttonous. The promotion is actually going on right now, so if you are so inclined to take a trudge down Fifth Avenue’s steadily rising waterway, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Photo: Courtesy of Jouer Cosmetics

Bendel’s Goes Au Naturale


Attention, fragrance junkies looking for a way to get an olfactory fix this weekend: Henri Bendel has teamed up with Mandy Aftel to present a new exhibit dedicated to the collection and craft of the legendary natural perfumer. Living Perfume: The Natural Alchemy of Mandy Aftel opens tomorrow at the Fifth Avenue retailer and is designed to be a historic and interactive journey through the materials and techniques exclusive to the creation of natural scents. Aftel, the author of three books on natural perfume, has been dubbed “the angel of alchemy” for her distinctive custom and private blends as well as her unique dedication to the evolution and preservation of natural perfumery as an art form. Her belief in the sense of smell as a way to reconnect with nature in our post-industrial society has informed her own line of fragrances, which will be on view alongside a collection of writings, rare books, bottles, and other ephemera that help tell the story of the ancient practice of blending natural essential oils. Apropos to the subject matter, the entire exhibit, which is the first of its kind in New York City, has been designed and installed using sustainable materials sourced in an eco-friendly way. The exhibit runs through May 11.

Photo: Map of Bulgaria’s rose essential oil region, courtesy of Henri Bendel

Matte Nail Polish, A Knock Out


For recovering hardcore kids who spent their disgruntled youths scribbling on appendages with a black Sharpie or a bottle of Wite-Out, matte nails are nothing new. For those members of the movement who grew up but not out of their chain-wearing, head-banging ways, there’s ManGlaze, the branded bottled version of the look that got its humble beginnings at Magma, a punk and hardcore festival in Yokohama, Japan. If you like the idea of a no-shine manicure but fall into neither of the above categories, Knock Out Cosmetics’ Flatte collection will keep you on trend, without having to attend a Slipknot concert. The brainchild of makeup artist Mike Potter, a.k.a. the man behind the hair and makeup for the stage and film versions of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, KO launched with two nail lacquers in black and powder (a dull white) and will debut calamine, a nude pink shade, at Henri Bendel this week.

Photo: Courtesy of Knock Out Cosmetics