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Herbal Essences Revives The “Totally Organic Experience;” Botox: Better Than Anti-Depressants?; And More…


Retro beauty fiends, prepare yourselves for a doozy. In February, Herbal Essences will reintroduce two of its classic lines—the Smooth Collection and the Shine Collection—in their original, nineties-era packaging. [WWD]

Following his own beauty ambitions that produced a second signature scent this year, Donald Trump has just inked a perfume deal for his Miss Universe pageant. [WWD]

First, MObama’s nail polish made the rounds on the blogosphere, and now it’s a fluorescent yellow pedicure that the first lady wore in Hawaii on Christmas that has sent the Web abuzz. [Hollywood Life]

Botox your way to a better attitude? New research suggests it’s possible and that the miracle toxin trusted for wrinkle reduction can also actually treat chronic depression. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Courtesy of Clairol

Leighton Meester Lightens Up


As Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf, Leighton Meester is a bad-girl brunette. But as international ambassador for Herbal Essences, the actress/singer is playing a new role: dirty blonde. Meester, whose hair is naturally flaxen, dyes it for the hit CW series, but at a photo call to fête her new spokesperson deal in Madrid, she was looking decidedly less devious sporting a honey-colored side part and loose waves. What say you: better off dark and brooding, or is blonder the better course?

Photo: Eduardo Parra / WireImage; Norman Scott / Startraks Photo

Raquel Welch: Beyond The Cleavage; The Vitamin D Debate; And More…


Raquel Welch has a new book out about her life that details what it’s like to be an aging sex symbol. In Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage (genius title), the 69-year-old Welch discusses her diet and fitness regimen, which includes a ton of yoga; abstaining from salt, sugar, and caffeine; and never eating after 6 p.m. She also says that plastic surgery is a last resort. Botox, however, is another story. [Reuters]

Beauty bloggers the world over have been all abuzz about today’s news that Leighton Meester has a new gig as global ambassador for Herbal Essences. Meester, who is actually a natural blonde, will appear in print ads, etc., later this year. Blake Lively is no doubt in talks with a rival haircare brand as we speak. [WWD]

Beauty school dropouts looking to get back into the biz might be interested to know that Dermalogica has just opened a brand-new undergraduate academy in Manhattan. New York’s beauty fiends might be more interested to know that the LEED-certified trade school has a 10-bed treatment room where student-administered facials are a wee $50. [WWD]

Talk of mass vitamin D deficiencies from years of SPF use are creating a riff within the medical community—but it hasn’t stopped sunscreen makers from capitalizing on the hype. A new crop of vitamin D-enriched SPF lotions and sprays are starting to hit shelves, although whether or not the nutrient can penetrate deep down into the skin when applied topically is up for serious debate. We’ll stick to diet supplements and a little bit of (controlled) sun exposure until this one gets worked out. [CBS]

Photo: Tammie Arroyo / AP Photo

Drugstore Discovery Of The Week


Most beauty products that have been around for multiple decades have, at some point, undergone an image overhaul. Consider Herbal Essences shampoo. The version that first hit the market in the 1960′s—a green bottle with the image of a long-haired woman surrounded by flowers designed to appeal to those nature-loving hippies—bears little resemblance to what’s on store shelves today. Frankly, I prefer the original incarnation. Which is why I was thrilled to discover, on the dusty bottom shelf of my local drugstore, Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo, in an aerosol can that remains blissfully unchanged from its original 1970′s prototype. Even the text on the back seems amusingly stuck in the past. “Between shampoos. On camping trips. After sports. When ill. Any time you can’t use water.” The spray managed to mattify my oily scalp between shampoos, and there’s something nostalgic about its artificially sweet scent (think Electric Youth). Though dry shampoos are widely available nowadays, I’m a sucker for cool packaging, and, admittedly, a bargain price. $5.99, at drugstores.

Herbal Essences, And The Resurrection of Mischa Barton


If you’ve been scratching your head at the influx of Mischa Barton paparazzi shots on offer last week, first at the Couture shows and then at the very elite gathering that was the Annual Sidaction AIDS Benefit Gala, then we’ve got another mind bender for you: The O.C. actress, who left her California zip code (and career) behind last year for the brighter pastures of Paris, is the new face of Herbal Essences in Europe (yes, that’s teal mascara she’s wearing in the ad image at left). We are telling ourselves that Barton’s star power must be significantly stronger across the pond, although any legitimate reasons as to why she is experiencing something of a revival at the moment are welcomed. We were under the impression that her marketability died with Marissa Cooper, but apparently we were wrong.

Photo: Courtesy of Clairol

Photo: Courtesy of Clairol