August 21 2014

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Old Makeup Tricks For The New Oz, And More…


Between witches, Winkies, and Munchkins, Oz the Great and Powerful‘s head makeup artist, Howard Berger, had his work cut out for him on set—particularly when creating a look for the Wicked Witch of the West. “What was tricky was that Disney bought the rights to the books and not to the movie, so we had to walk a very fine line in our design, regarding what was in the world and universe of [director] Sam Raimi’s Oz and what we could pull from the original film, which was very, very little. [They] had even come down and said, ‘The witch can’t be green!’ ” So Berger dreamt up a solution in which he used different variations of green and yellow skin tints to make up a similar pallor while culling references from the 1930s. Face-painting trickery, at its finest. [L.A. Times]

Illamasqua has become known for its amazingly outlandish nail lacquers, and following the successful release of its rubber varnish and its speckled polish, product developer and director David Horne spills the beans on what’s up next. “I absolutely love Pink Raindrops, which is about to come out. It’s an ash-gray pink, and it’s so unusual.” [Elle]

What if you could accurately predict the way your skin will age so that you could start actively treating future problems now? A new DNA-based skincare protocol alleges that a simple swabbing might allow you to do just that. [ABC News]

Photo: Merie Weismiller Wallace SMPSP / Disney Enterprises, Inc /

Beauty Throwdown: Battle Speckled Nail Polish


Despite our own misgivings, and the fact that the runways have recently embraced a return to the minimalist manicure with an all-nude, all-the-time protocol, newfangled polishes continue to take the market by storm. From caviar appliqués and magnetic finishes to leatherlike lacquers, design-heavy strips, and DIY gel topcoats, there is an unending stream of options for your next next-level manicure. The latest launches one-up the shatter polishes of old and introduce a new concept in pro tips: speckled polishes. The idea here is really just embedding black glitter, instead of rainbow or like-colored flecks, in seasonally appropriate pastels. But the dichotomous nature of the combination feels like a fresh way to wear texture—stumbled upon by not one but two different brands. Both Deborah Lippmann and Illamasqua creative director Alex Box are seeing spots for Spring. Here, we put their new polishes to the test: let the throwdown begin.

The Hometown Hero: Deborah Lippmann has been inventing the wheel with glitter polishes since she debuted Marquee Moon—a silver lacquer mixed with then-unheard-of pieces of chunky hexagonal chrome sparkles—at Rodarte’s Fall 2009 show. Her new Staccato collection, which debuts next month at, is similarly smart, albeit somewhat subdued, as it relies on uniform pieces of small circular black glitter and a pretty palette of three soft pastels, including the standout Rockin’ Robin, a creamy mint green.

The Indie Import: While Illamasqua may not be able to lay claim to the same glitter glory, the British brand’s polish pedigree is impressive. Its debut collection of neons and brights helped attract an international audience—and eventually Sephora, which brought the line stateside in 2009. Its new limited-edition Speckled Varnishes, which launch next month on, offer slightly more scandalous shades of traditional pastels, including Mottle, a lime-tinged mint—which is to be expected from a brand that’s known for its shock values. To this end, the glitter in this five-piece collection is also varied and includes larger hexagonal sparkles as well as microscopic pieces.

The Bottom Line:
If you’re looking to make a statement with a more subtle, delicate edge, choose Deborah Lippmann for its more refined color palette. But if you’re looking for an unapologetic nod to funky finger-painting, Illamasqua is—and will likely always be—your best bet.

Illamasqua’s Rubber Soul


The matte nail polish phenomenon caused near hysteria three years ago when no-shine manicures started turning up on the runway at shows like Alexander Wang and subsequently at retail counters nationwide. Gone was the era of high-gloss varnish; in its place, a preference for a flat finish with no semblance of luster. The novelty ultimately wore off, of course, and as the nail art boom continues to inspire innovation from at-home gel kits to magnetic polishes, matte nail lacquer is no longer the radical idea it once was. That doesn’t mean it’s not still a palate-cleanser, though. The latest from Illamasqua offers a mixture between a matte formulation and a jelly polish, which its product development team has ingeniously dubbed “rubber varnish”. Available in six, shockingly bright shades, like the lime green Nurture and the bright turquoise Serenity, two coats provide you with a textural, shine-free effect that is nothing short of a conversation starter.

Photo: Courtesy of Illamasqua

Rihanna Rebelles; Illamasqua, From Makeup to Moonflowers; And More…


Katy Perry isn’t the only celeb making quick work of fragrance empire building. Rihanna has just announced plans for a second signature scent following the debut of Reb’l Fleur earlier this year. Her new effort will simply be called Rebelle. [Billboard]

Speaking of empire building, the cult-favorite British makeup brand Illamasqua is branching out into scent. Centered around moonflower extract, its first olfactory offering is called Freak and features a silver snail affixed to an asymmetrical purple-y black glass bottle. [Basenotes]

Queen Latifah is getting some company as the face of CoverGirl’s Queen Collection. The mass beauty giant has just signed actress Paula Patton to join the hip-hop icon as an ambassador for the makeup range. [HuffPo]

A new study indicates that a skin cancer diagnosis could come from the unlikeliest of places: your hairdresser. The report published in the Archives of Dermatology found that haircare professionals can be a necessary link between clients and their doctors, as they often examine guests’ necks, faces, and scalps while wielding their shears. [ABC News]

Photo: Courtesy of Illamasqua

Illamasqua’s Theatrical Release


We’re personally advocating for fall’s nude nail, but there are certain lacquer labels that will always appeal to our innate desire for colorful statement-making. Illamasqua, which burst onto the scene three years ago with polishes in the purest shades of neon (its Radium, a lime green shimmer, skirted the line between too-chartreuse-to-wear and exactly on point) and not one but two shades of black, is just such a brand. We wait for each season’s offering with fingers crossed, hoping for something new and noteworthy to slick onto our tips. Illamasqua color creator Alex Box didn’t disappoint this month, releasing her Theatre of the Nameless collection—which includes four opulent varnishes with limited-edition rubberized black caps—in homage to those dens of iniquity in 1920′s Berlin where exotic dancers and anarchists rubbed elbows. Kink is a satin-finish dark jade that has a muted quality unlike the line’s previously released hunter green shade, Rampage; Vice is a dark magenta-cum-cerise; Faux Pas is a dusty, creamy lilac; and Taint is a taupey-brown, which could double as a fantastic rich nude for those of you hoping to keep it neutral.

Photo: Courtesy of Illamasqua