August 20 2014

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“The Future Of Hairdressing” Is Now—And In The Financial District


Five years ago, at the beginning of my illustrious tenure here at, I took the plunge and lopped off my mid-back-grazing locks in favor of an asymmetrical, angled bob. It was a complete and total transformation—the likes of which I had not experienced since, as a young child, my mother gave me a boy crop with requisite rattail (it was the early eighties, and the height of fashion, I assure you). I enlisted Thomas Heinz for the cut, and I’ve been an extremely loyal client ever since—so loyal, in fact, I recently conceded to travel to the depths of the Financial District for a trim where Heinz, a German import, moved his intimate atelier (formerly in the Meatpacking District) earlier this year.

“I happened to love Gotham City when I grew up, and this neighborhood always reminded me of what I liked from cartoons,” Heinz explains of his new digs at 80 Nassau Street, a fashion and art hub that houses studios for designers and photographers such as Wes Gordon and Morgan Tyler. In addition to being walking distance from his own apartment, the new location also happens to be a veritable beauty Shangri-la, “a clubhouse for girls,” Heinz jokes, as well as a burgeoning creative collective where his team of eight hairstylists and colorists “are able to work and to have a better life quality. Each artist gets to be his or her own boss. It’s the future of hairdressing,” he elaborates of the airy Mihai Badulescu-designed work-in-progress where the alkalized water will overfloweth, as will a selection of choice Intelligent Nutrients products when the salon becomes one of only a handful of IN-exclusive locations in the country later this year.

Heinz currently carries a selection of Davines and Aestelance products—as well as Magic Move, the cult-favorite hair pomade that will remain a fixture at the salon going forward—but will be transitioning into the organic, food-grade lifestyle brand entirely, stocking its styling aids, as well as its popular Aromatics, which will be offered as oxygen treatments. “They are infused into an oxygenator and you breath them in while you’re getting an express service—like a vaporizer hair steam or a hand treatment,” Heinz explains, adding that an on-site acupuncturist will also soon be a part of his offerings. And lest you forget why you came as you sip an IN Intellimune Oil-spiked mango juice and take in a little sun on the studio’s adjacent deck, it’s worth reiterating that Heinz’s scissor skills would be worth the trip without any of the bells and whistles. I’d even brave the L.I.E. on a Saturday for an appointment with him, which I’ll have to do this summer, as he sets up a weekend residency at East Hampton’s Salon Bar.

Thomas Heinz, 80 Nassau Street, NYC, (212) 414-1500. Weekends through August 2013, Thomas Heinz will be a guest artist at Salon Bar, 66 Newtown Lane, Suite 10, East Hampton, NY, (631) 604-5500.

Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Heinz

Hand-Holding With Intelligent Nutrients


IN-Destress-Express-Hand-TherapyThe term “zombie hands” has been trending on social-media networks and in gossip rags a lot lately, referring to the unfortunate physical toll that the aging process can take on a woman’s hands. It’s mean-spirited, but so it goes with any catchy meme. We typically try not to participate in such blather, but we’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us scrutinize our own digits a little more closely. Aside from occasional maintenance during the brisk winter months, hand care often falls by the wayside around here—which, as we’re becoming more and more aware, is a gross oversight. Nothing tells your age more than your hands, as they’re rarely treated to the same indulgences as your face—be that retinol creams or Botox vials—a phenomenon Intelligent Nutrients is plenty aware of. The organic, food-grade, ingredient-rich product line has just added a shea-butter-, safflower-oil-, and acai-oil-packed barrier cream, called Hand Therapy, to its certified organic Destress Express collection. A signature blend of peppermint, spearmint, and rosemary oils helps soothe your mind as the extra-emollient salve treats all twenty-five joints, twenty-nine bones, and thirty muscles in your body’s hardest-working appendages to some much-needed pampering. Editor’s note: Personal experience has taught us that exfoliating the backs of hands with a cleansing brush, like the Clarisonic, will help these skin-healing ingredients absorb that much quicker, resulting in an even softer, suppler, younger-looking finish.Available July 2013 at

Photo: Courtesy of Intelligent Nutrients

James Kaliardos Talks Summer Staples


James_Kaliardos_SummerBtyGuideFriday’s pummeling rain aside, summer is here, which means fewer layers, more time spent outside, and a host of beach weekends to come, if we’re lucky. But the season isn’t all about tanning opportunities and the tropical-themed cocktails that often come with them. Summer is often best spent reenergizing to help feel fully rejuvenated for Fall, and this year, we’ve asked some of our favorite fashion and beauty insiders to dish on how they unwind in the warm weather. For James Kaliardos, makeup artist and cofounder of Visionaire, V, and VMan, the next few months are best spent in New York. “The city begins to spark again, and the electricity of the melting pot always makes me smile as the temperature rises,” explains Kaliardos. And besides, he isn’t the kind of person to “laze about on vacation” anyway. “Life is too short to be not doing anything, and I can’t help but be constantly working away in my head—art ideas, makeup concepts.” There are a few places the backstage regular reserves for relaxation, though. Read on below for his picks, and click here for forty-plus other tips for soaking up the sun in style.

Cali Kid
“To stimulate my mind, I love visiting the archaeological sites of Greece—the Oracle at Delphi, the museums of Athens. In terms of the body, for total relaxation and rejuvenation in a setting that always inspires me, my go-to is The Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California. Nestled above the clouds of the geologically youngest place on Earth, this is the most perfect, romantic, and holistically beautiful place to get away from it all. I always book a long daily massage in the tree-house spa that looks out over the forest.”
The Post Ranch Inn, 47900 California 1, Big Sur, CA, (831) 667-2200.

Day at the Museum
“If I can’t get away—and, thankfully, I love New York!—my summer ritual is a bike ride up to the Met to discover another treasure. As I ride, I always notice something I hadn’t seen before—good for the body and the mind! My tip: the incredible (and ahead-of-its-time) painting of a bat in the recently opened Art of the Arab Lands wing. Just brilliant!”
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028;
(212) 535-7710.

Smart Scents
Intelligent Nutrients. I love their spray elixirs [], which invigorate the spirit and smell delicious. I mix them, spraying different scents in different areas of my body or clothes.”

Intelligent Nutrients Aromatics, $68,

Photo: Clockwise from top left, courtesy of Intelligent Nutrients; Courtesy of The Post Ranch Inn; Matthu Placek; © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Kate Bosworth Talks Beauty Essentials; LiLo Is Red Again; And More…


Kate Bosworth started her official brand ambassador duties for SK-II with a press event in Australia, where she revealed a short list of her must-have products, including SK-II Facial Treatment Masks, YSL lipsticks, and tinted Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. [Bella Sugar Australia]

Horst Rechelbacher’s Aveda spinoff, all-natural beauty and lifestyle brand Intelligent Nutrients, is getting its first brick-and-mortar retail destination, a 1,000-square-foot space in Minnesota’s monolithic Mall of America. [WWD]

Lindsay Lohan has gone back to her roots, although her new deep auburn locks are apparently in transition, according to the Liz & Dick star. “It’s actually the wrong color than it’s supposed to be…But it will get there.” [People]

The skincare establishment’s latest must-have ingredient? Snail slime, of course. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

The 411: Ilia Beauty’s Sasha Plavsic


When Vancouver-born Sasha Plavsic set out to create a responsible lipstick, she wanted it to be both naturally minded and capable of holding court with the MACs and NARSes of the world. Suffice it to say, mission accomplished. Ilia Beauty, her 85 percent organic collection of lip conditioners infused with jojoba oil and cocoa butter, feels like a hybrid of balm, gloss, and a pure pigment lipstick, which is presumably why they’ve had an overwhelming response with retailers; cool-kid boutiques like Ten Over Six, Colette, and Woodley & Bunny have all rushed to add the line to their shelves. A lifelong naturalist, Plavsic started her career in graphic design, logging time in London and Southern California before moving over to branding and marketing, a stint that gave her plenty of know-how when she decided to take the leap and start her own line. Here, the pout perfector shares some of her health and beauty must-haves.

The Morning Routine: Intelligent Nutrients Body Oils

“Some people get a kick out of coffee in the morning; I enjoy a great shower with some fun product. There’s one I am using now that was given by a friend from Holland. It’s packed with sea salt and citrus, which smells amazing! Afterwards the body needs a good moisturizer and I like the oils from Intelligent Nutrients. Taking a quarter-size drop for each leg, arm, tummy, etc., I work the oil into the skin in a circular motion to help drain the lymphs and get circulation going.”

Intelligent Nutrients Organic Total Body Elixirs, $30 each,

The Makeup Must-Haves: Natural Solutions

“Since starting Ilia, my beauty regime hasn’t changed much, and it’s nice to keep it to five minutes. To start, I work in a combination of concealers, Jane Iredale’s Disappear in Medium Light, and RMS Beauty’s “Un”cover up in #11. Ilia will be launching a series of new Multi-Sticks and two Illuminators that aren’t too “pearly” in the spring, and I’m especially addicted to a warm sienna hue called Cheek to Cheek that I run along the cheekbones as a blush and lips for a touch of color. The illuminator, Polka Dots & Moonbeams, helps brighten the entire face, from cheekbones to brow bones, inner corners of the eyes, and even the pout of the bottom lip. Then a touch of mascara from 100% Pure, and a dab of Ilia’s Bang Bang and I am good to go!”

Available at,,, and

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