August 23 2014

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Hilary Rhoda Opts for a Chop


hilary-rhodaHilary Rhoda lopped off a good six or seven inches this week at Ion Studio in New York City—just in time for the Fall 2014 collections. Hairstylist Pasquale Ferrante said fellow catwalker Alyssa Miller (whose strands he also snips) served as the inspiration. “It’s the first time ever that Hilary’s gotten her hair cut short,” he noted. “She had enough of looking the same.” Ferrante opted for choppy layers that framed her face, allowing her brows and bone structure to take center stage. “Models tend to start here, this way they have the option to go further or just grow it [out],” he explained. Upon seeing Rhoda’s name on his schedule, Ferrante was equally as surprised as us when we received word that the brunette beauty wanted to make a major change before fashion week. “When I saw her name, I thought it was just a dream,” he quipped. All of the hair left behind on the salon floor, however, proved that this was no model makeover mirage.

Laurie Foley’s On the Move



Hair colorist Laurie Foley (a go-to for models and designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang—both of whom called on her to bleach brows for their runway shows) is in a very different place than she was two months ago. Literally. She’s chatting with me from an old farmhouse in upstate New York that sits on four acres of land, where roosters act as alarm clocks. The woman that is never without a hat has also found a new professional home at both Ion Studio and Salon Santa Cruz in New York City after running her own space for over a decade. As for her shuttered namesake atelier, she’s just taking the concept mobile. “I’ve been the core of L’Atelier de Laurie, and L’Atlier de Laurie is where Laurie is,” she said. “This is what an atelier is—it could be the back room at the backstage of a show, that’s where the crafts are being done, the work and the art is being performed—it could be anywhere.”

The offer to join forces with Ion Studio has been on the table for a while, as she’s run in the same backstage and editorial circles as the owners—Leonardo Manetti, Marco Santini, and Pasquale Ferrante—for years. Only now, though, was the timing finally right. “I’m ready to focus on my work, re-learn, get re-inspired, and have a blast again without other things getting in the way,” she said. “I feel pretty damn valiant,” her favorite word to describe her collaboration with “the boys” at Ion. “Everybody is so busy competing, why not [come] together and make everyone better?” she added. In just the three days she’s been on the salon floor (with her dog in tow), Foley said she’s most excited about being on a team again and passing her knowledge onto the next generation. “I arrived in New York via San Francisco and then went to Paris and Milan doing shows—not coloring, but styling—I did that for twelve and a half years…I liked that we were all working towards the same goal, that’s what I loved so much about backstage.” In her search for the “overall picture,” Foley is happier and more “jazzed” about hair color than ever— describing her mood as “giddy.” “People aren’t going to believe you when you [write] Laurie Foley is giddy. They’re going to say, ‘Are you serious? That old grouch?’” she quipped. But believe it—Foley says she’s proved that she can survive on her own and now, well, “it’s time to have fun.”

To book appointments with Laurie Foley directly: (212) 358-8900. Or find her at Salon Santa Cruz (254 Fifth Avenue, 212-684-2386; on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Ion Studio (41 Wooster Street, 212-343-9060; on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Model Blondes: Image Is Everything



There’s been many a hair makeover lately—Coco Rocha, Lindsey Wixson, and Constance Jablonski have all brushed several inches off their shoulders, and our own Brittany Adams spotted Ava Smith sporting buttery strands at several castings (shown at top). And who could forget the Karlie, the bob that got everyone abuzz backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show this past November? All in all, a simple cut-and-color appointment carries a lot more weight when you’re a model—especially if you’re trying to break into the runway scene, like 17-year-old Solomiya Zgoda (shown below Smith), a relatively fresh face at Ford Models from Ukraine.

Zgoda’s agency tasked hairstylist Pasquale Ferrante and colorist Mauricio Bermudez of Ion Studio in Soho with creating an ambiguous look with a balance of femininity and virility. The salon is no stranger to the women of the runway; Ferrante recently chopped model (and girlfriend to Jake Gyllenhaal) Alyssa Miller’s long hair, and the rest of the team has done everything from touch-ups to total overhauls for at least fifty other catwalkers this season. (The place was packed with ladies well over 5′ 9″ when I was there on Friday—and they were certainly too lithe to be basketball players.)

Bermudez’s inspiration for Zgoda’s hue was virgin winter snow—he cocktailed his toner with hints of ash and violet to make it as pastel as possible. “The color has varying tones and an iridescence—like the inside of a seashell or metallic car paint—that looks good under the lights on the runway,” he explains. As for the choppy crop, Ferrante said he wanted to give her something edgy and set her apart from the many girls with collarbone-grazing cuts available to casting directors. According to her agent, Ali Fordham, this platinum pixie has been a head-turner thus far—she’s on option for several shows. Looks like nobody’s putting this blonde baby in the corner for Spring ’14.

Photos: Kathy Lo;; Courtesy of Ford Models

The 411: Rachel Comey


Rachel Comey is among a select group of designers whose name will always, even among the most discerning fashion followers, elicit immediate nods of approval. Comey first launched her eponymous, New York-based line in 2001 with menswear only, but after women took note of her meticulous tailoring, she decided to broaden her scope two years later. Nowadays, her singular aesthetic—which favors easy, vintage-inspired silhouettes in an array of eclectic prints—has earned her widespread devotion, while her shoes have acquired an almost cultlike following; just watch how quickly they fly off the shelves at a sample sale. Here, the longtime downtowner shares some of her local beauty essentials.

The Midday Pick-Me-Up: Catch a Fire at Melvin’s Juice Box
“A spicy juice in the middle of the day really gets me going.”
132 West Houston Street,

The Handsome Haircutter: Pasquale at Ion Studio
“Another way to spice it up is to have your hair cut by a handsome Italian man—even if he’s the husband of a friend!”
41 Wooster Street,

The Face Refiner: Isabelle Bellis
“My friend Leanne turned me on to this little nugget of a NYC experience. Isabelle Bellis will make you feel and look like you slept for a week in a bath of moisturizer. And the Joëlle Ciocco products she uses and sells are a pleasant way to turn in at night; the scent of the face cream soothes me to sleep.”
For more information, visit

The Pro Tips: Neutral Territory
“For some reason nail polish makes me feel claustrophobic. I like a shocking color now and then but mostly stick with getting them buffed.”

The Signature Scent: The Afternoon of a Faun by Etat Libre d’Orange
“Justin Bond is an amazing performer that reminds you why you moved to this city in the first place. He offers a poignant, gritty, romantic, and hilarious point of view, and the scent he created [with Etat Libre d'Orange] helps to remind me of those things every time I pass a chain store opening up.”

The Life-Giving Lather: Invigorate from Como Shambhala
“This is a long story with a happy ending, about me accidentally going into labor at their hotel in the Caribbean, an evacuation by speedboat at midnight through the ocean, with a little healthy baby boy as a result. Despite all that, I couldn’t forget their amazing shower gel and had to order some.”
For more information, visit

The Trusted Yogi: West Village Yoga’s Alex Auder
“If you haven’t had a yoga class with Alex, you haven’t lived.”
311 West 11th Street,

The Chinese Massage: Spring Wellness

“Lucy delivers a serious elbow to the mid-back and always mentions how tight my shoulders are. She’s superstrong, though.”
215 Mulberry Street, NYC, (212) 219-2189.

Photo: Takemi Photography

Meet Marc’s Muse


“Sometimes a girl comes in and becomes Marc’s muse,” Guido Palau explained backstage at Marc Jacobs of how he and makeup legend François Nars approached the designer’s Spring beauty look (more on that in a bit). “[This season], a lot of girls are based on Ruby.” That’d be Ruby Jean Wilson, who may have made the best decision of her career when she bleached her brunette hair and chopped it short at the beginning of the summer, thus inadvertently becoming the perfect face of Jacobs’ Edie Sedgwick-inspired collection. “I was bored with [it],” the 19-year-old Scottish stunner said of why she asked ION Studio’s Mauricio Bermudez to take her from chocolate brown to a rooty white platinum, after which Paul Rowland, the indelible Women and Supreme founder who headed to Ford two years ago, “hacked into it.” (Rowland, incidentally, has been responsible for a few of the season’s standout styling sessions so far, including Erin Macdonald’s short undercut and the pageboy bowl cut Athena Wilson debuted on the Marc runway as well.) As for what it feels like to be called Marc Jacobs’ “muse,” Wilson struggled to find the right words. “It’s an honor,” she finally mustered. “Since I started modeling, I’ve always loved [Marc's] shows. His girls have always been something I’ve taken inspiration from.” And so the inspired becomes the inspirer.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /