August 27 2014

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The Power Of Perfume, On Your Handheld Device?


Urban legend has it that cell phones in South Korea and Japan can open your house door or buy you lunch from a vending machine, but we in North America have been a little bit slower to join the twenty-first century. Maybe not for much longer, however. According to an article on, the future of fragrance will come courtesy of your mobile, making archaic manual spray-and-sniff techniques obsolete. A Canadian technology firm allegedly called iScent Technologies has just announced the launch of its iScent application and accessory for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which apparently includes an external device that you plug into the charge slot of your Apple product. By choosing an option from the application menu, the device can mimic the scent of over 1,000 popular fragrances—and a few less popular ones (icons for “gym shoe,” “wet dog,” and “new car smell” are also said to be on offer). Because of trademark restrictions, iScent reportedly has to use alternate names for its designer fragrances, although licensing agreements with companies like L’Oréal and Coty may be in the works giving your iPhone the ability to text, call, play music, surf the Web, and douse you with Marc Jacobs Daisy, if you so choose. Sounds like a possible April Fools prank to us but hey, anything’s possible (have you been to the App Store recently? Unbelievable, indeed).

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The Submarines Come Up for Airtime


Breaking into the music industry is no longer contingent on your record falling into the hands of a sheisty A&R man. Instead, if you’re lucky, it will cross the radar of an influential blogger—or the good folks at Apple, who, with every new commercial for their constant stream of product innovations, are inadvertently churning out music superstars as well. As CSS‘ “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex” iPod Touch ad and the pervasive, albeit catchy iPod Nano spot featuring Feist‘s “1,2,3,4″ that came before it prove, catching a ride on Steve Jobs’ cultural domination train almost guarantees wide-spread musical recognition. East L.A.’s The Submarines are the latest band to capitalize on this trend, as the intro to the duo’s “You, Me and the Bourgeoisie” is the little ditty you can’t stop humming whenever the iPhone 3G commercial comes on. After Googling them (and subsequently heading to their MySpace page, obviously), any girl worth her weight in styling products will no doubt pick up on another trend that singer Blake Hazard is capitalizing on: pigtail braids. The angelic-voiced blonde has made a habit of sporting the style exclusively while performing on stage, even going as far as to admit that she is “trying to start a braid revolution.” Fresh off a tour in support of the band’s latest album, Honeysuckle Weeks, Hazard talks to about Pocahontas and the Swiss Miss girl, hipster haircuts, and holding out for promotional swag.

How long have you been wearing braids?

I’ve always worn them—it’s partly aesthetic but also partly out of necessity, because when we’re touring and I’ve got five minutes to put on my makeup at a club, braids are an easy way to get style without an elaborate process, without having to do something super-sophisticated.

So would you say you ascribe to the “you’re never too old for pigtails” mentality?

Braids have always looked cute and cool to me, whether they were on the Swiss Miss package or on Pocahontas. They’re just more fun—softer than having a more severe hairstyle.

I’m guessing you’re not so into asymmetrical hipster hair and rock star faux-hawks then?

I don’t think I would look good in a lot of those contemporary hairstyles. Even if you’re trying to be “of the moment,” if a trend doesn’t look good on you, don’t go there. If I could pull it off, though, I would have really long fringe and layered hair—like Cat Power and Feist. Braids are just soft and sweet—which is more the Submarines’ style.

And what is that style, exactly—musically, I mean?

Our MySpace page says “Folk / Ghettotech / Shoegaze.” But I guess I would say homegrown, electronic-based indie pop.”

What bands are you listening to right now?

I’ve been running a lot—I actually trained for a marathon. The music I listen to while I run is a bit more up-tempo, like LCD Soundsystem , MGMT, and Coconut Records’ song “West Coast.”

How did the iPhone commercial come about?

Through Media Arts Lab. They’re the creative team behind the brand imaging for Apple and their music supervisors heard “You, Me and the Bourgeoisie” on a blog. I understand they had a lot of people trying to compose music for the commercial, but they used the song in a spot during the concept phase, and ultimately just kept it.

Good break for you, huh?

It’s great for us because the album had just come out, so it was really fresh. The blog, Music for Robots had the song up early so it’s possible that they found it there.

Did you guys get promotional iPhones without having to wait in line like the rest of us?

We’ve been promised them, but we haven’t yet. Fingers crossed!

Your Signature Scent, Just A Click Away


Finding the perfect fragrance doesn’t need to be an exercise in department store overspritzing and the subsequent light-headed purchase of an expensive flacon that you’re “pretty sure” you liked the most out of the four or five different scents you now have on your wrist (and shirt and hair…). Thanks to the fragrance company Firmenich, determining your signature scent can be as easy as answering a few straightforward questions from the privacy of your own home—or remotely from your cell phone, as the case may be. With the launch of 2.0, as well as the first-ever mobile fragrance Web site customized exclusively for the new iPhone 3G, daily fragrance reviews, news, and trends are readily available for your reading pleasure, as is a discussion forum where you can submit your own comments about the pros and cons of woodsy orientals vs. fruity florals. One of the site’s most enjoyable features, however, is a “choose your own adventure” style fragrance game in which simple multiple-choice questions about your preferred atmosphere, dessert, and vacation destination help determine your perfect perfume—and help you avoid having to stumble out of Saks, weary-eyed and minus a couple hundred misguidedly spent dollars.

personal trainers, a good call


Photo: Courtesy of Apple

If the promise of instant cool points wasn’t enough to make you want the new iPhone, maybe the idea of streaming a personal training session directly onto that 4.5″ x 2.4″ screen will make you ditch that Motorola Razr once and for all. Fitness guru Joel Harmon and his Personal POD Training workouts provide not just the audio instruction and verbal encouragement that have become popular with tech-savvy gymgoers over the past year, but the visual, how-to component once only accessible through personal-training sessions done in the (sweaty) flesh. For $24.99 per month, you can download 30-day home, weight room, or body-weight resistance workouts that promise not only results, but exercises modeled by trainers, so you can make sure your feet are aligned correctly for those squat-thrust reps. Motivational words still come standard, provided on screen and in personal conversations with Harmon: The monthly fee includes unlimited e-mail dialogue with Joel himself (Skype-ing and iChat exchanges will no doubt be taken into consideration for Personal POD Training version 2.0).

Photo: Courtesy of Apple