August 23 2014

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“Balenciaga Blond”: Spring’s Must-Have Hair Color


Carmen Kass’ new crop at Balmain is only part of the big hair story developing in Paris this week. A hue we’re calling “Balenciaga Blond” is the other. The night before Nicholas Ghesquière sent his houndstooth coats and runway-ready brothel creepers down the catwalk, Redken’s Guido Palau was busy at work bleaching more than one head of hair. Dutch model Milou van Groesen (who was apparently “street cast” by Ghesquière but already has a huge following in the Netherlands) had her blond locks chopped, spiked, and turned platinum, as did Alexander Wang’s opener for Spring, Britt Maren, and Czech stunner Jana Knauerova, who went blond this May and platinum for Balenciaga. Our most favorite Palau transformation was Kasia Struss, who killed it at Balmain later in the day with her new, cornsilk-white hair.


The icy color is becoming something of a trend at the Spring shows. Iris Strubegger got in on the action at Hakaan, letting Christophe Robin lighten her locks for the show. And who can forget coif master Orlando Pita’s blond ambition for Abbey Lee Kershaw, who wowed at the New York shows with platinum strands, which she debuted at the Chanel Soho store opening?  According to sources, Lee’s hair hasn’t been taking too well to all the lightening—presumably because to keep the color that saturated, it needs to be re-dyed every three weeks, according to celebrity stylist Marie Robinson. “You shouldn’t wash it more than a few times a week, and it also needs protein,” Robinson—a platinum blonde herself—added, mentioning that Joico’s K Pak line is a good option for at-home treatment. As to why the color is having a moment for Spring, Robinson’s bet is that it has something to do with Hollywood. “There are all those Marilyn Monroe movies coming out,” she said. “And Michelle Williams did it [at Cannes]. Unless you’re super naturally blonde, though, it’s not a good idea to do it yourself,” the colorist advises for those of you hoping to get the look. “You’re asking for trouble.” Brunettes, consider yourselves warned.

Photo: Clockwise from top left, Luca Cannonieri / at Balmain; Monica Feudi / at Balenciaga; Gianni Pucci / at Fendi; Yannis Vlamos / at Dries Van Noten

Body Of Evidence: It’s All About The Face Tattoo


Of all of the burgeoning trends we’ve seen backstage this month, pops of bright hair dye and body art were two of the more surprising ones. While New York’s hot pink, teal, and purple streaks didn’t seem to have legs across the Atlantic, hand-drawn tattoos did manage to make the trip. To properly accessorize his collection of street-chic denim ensembles, Jean Paul Gaultier had his models covered in temporary tattoos. Most girls had their names written in Gothic typeface down their necks, around their arms, or, in Iris Strubegger’s case, across her face, while others opted for descriptive words written in Old English (Kim Noorda went with an inner-forearm piece that just read “Fragile”). Alongside Rodarte’s full-sleeved tribal art and the calf and ankle adornments that appeared at Malandrino, you might want to start thinking ink for Spring 2010. For some good ideas, might we suggest a flip through No Regrets: The Best, Worst, & Most +$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever. And just in case you were wondering, a caricature of Oprah wearing a warm-up jacket and bench pressing is already taken.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /