August 28 2014

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Beauty And The Beat: Alison Mosshart Went Back To Her Roots With That Pink Dye Job


When it comes to modern-day front women, few are as mesmerizing as Alison Mosshart. With her primal growls and intense delivery, she’s made fans across the globe since the Kills played their first show ten years ago. Her list of followers reads like a who’s who of bands (besides splitting vocal duties with Jack White in the Dead Weather, she’s also appeared on tracks for Primal Scream and Placebo), but it’s not just the musically inclined who are impressed with the striking singer-songwriter. Take fashion photographer Kenneth Cappello; upon meeting Mosshart and Kills cohort (and Kate Moss hubby) Jamie Hince in 2003, he followed them on tour, documenting life as an up-and-coming indie rock duo. The resulting collection of photos finally comes together in Dream & Drive, out September 4, just in time for the band’s string of late-summer dates. Mosshart spoke with about how the book has helped her piece together her past, including exactly why we have Kurt Cobain to thank for her recent hot pink dye job.

Is the anticipation leading up to a book launch different from an album release?
Yeah, it’s definitely different. The book has been around and been in existence; those photos have been around for so many years. It’s not like a record where you record it and there’s not much time in between. We’ve been talking about doing the book for three years.

Do the photos in Dream & Drive serve as a replacement memory, or do you remember a lot of the moments captured?
They help me remember those moments—everything becomes a blur after a while. Jamie has a much better memory for everything we’ve done than I do. So much happens every day that I forget almost everything, and [the photos are] a huge reminder. I remember that stage, that room, that town, and what we ate that day and what we did in that town; I piece together the entire scenario. So for me, it’s really brilliant to have this book, because it’s like I get to relive these things rather than just vaguely.

Some of my favorite photos are the ones of you getting ready—in front of a mirror, looking into a compact. It’s so intimate. At this point, do you have your beauty routine down pat?
Yeah, I can pretty much do my makeup and my hair in ten minutes. It just becomes this thing you do every single night: You get dressed, you get ready, you have a drink, and then you play. You get fast at it. Even at the very beginning, we were so nervous to play—and we still get nervous to play—but nervous in that completely uncharted way where you change your clothes 25 times because you just don’t know. It’s still kind of the same; there are still those nerves. You really care about how you’re getting ready and what you’re putting on. It’s never nonchalant.

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Seeing Red


We’ve yet to see spring’s bevy of full eye shadow looks play out on the street—or the red carpet, for that matter—but last night at the Tribeca Ball in New York, Leelee Sobieski took one of the season’s more challenging iterations out for a spin. Making like Dick Page at Narciso Rodriguez back in September, the actress experimented with rust-colored pigment, sheering it out into an elongated almond shape across her lids, then dragging it underneath her lower lash line. A generous helping of mascara amped up the drama. The russet color is tricky to translate onto eyes, although it has been done successfully in the past—by a pasty-faced Jack White, and courtesy of James Kaliardos at Viktor & Rolf’s Shalom Harlow-fronted Spring 2009 presentation. What do you think of its latest cameo?

Photo: Clockwise from top left, courtesy of Viktor & Rolf; Michael N. Todaro / Getty Images; Dave Hogan / Getty Images; Luca Cannonieri /

Jack And Karen’s Crimson Ties


The rock star-meets-model love story is always a crowd-pleaser. But there’s something other-worldly about Jack White and Karen Elson that surpasses other, less stunning versions of the archetype. Is it her porcelain skin and flame-colored hair, worn long and straight to the royal world premiere of Quantum of Solace in London this week? Or perhaps it’s his almost ghoulishly pale complexion and willingness to dabble in red eye shadow. (It’s also possible that the creepy-yet-alluring coloring around his eyes is natural. Unclear.) Either way, paparazzi pictures of the duo never fail to excite us and provide a momentary reminder of Mick and Jerry in their glory days. Who is your favorite musician-model match? Please, share.

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images