August 21 2014

styledotcom The former team behind a cult denim brand open up Sydney's new hot spot:

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Marc’s London Soirée Goes Off With a Bang


“Would I wear a man’s fragrance? Absolutely,” Daisy Lowe told us last night at Harvey Nichols for the launch of Marc Jacobs’ new men’s scent, Bang. “Especially this one. It is very peppery, but in an edgy, musky, woody way. Sort of like Marc himself,” Lowe added with a laugh. The raven-haired model showed up with buddies Mischa Barton, Jaime Winstone, Beth Ditto, Gareth Pugh, and Pixie Lott to celebrate the U.K. debut of Jacobs’ first male fragrance. Jacobs was on hand, too—trooper that he is, coming directly from the airport—and told us he was thrilled to be in London. “I love it, I have a lot of good friends here,” he said. That was evident from the mob scene that greeted him—Rifat Ozbek and Anna Sui took turns holding him in long embraces. “But I also love the architecture, the museums, the restaurants, the theater, everything. Especially, though, I love Claridge’s. It’s just a pity that I am leaving tomorrow.”

Conversation quickly turned to fragrance as Jacobs enlightened us on why he chose to venture into masculine scents after years of domination with more feminine offerings (this is the man, after all, who has blessed us with such girly olfactory treats as Lola and Daisy). “I felt it was the right time, and my partner Robert Duffy was quite into the idea, and it all came together really well. It took a while to get right, but we are really happy with the results.” And happy was the theme last night as catwalker-turned-DJ Jesus Luz (who couldn’t stop grinning—guess he loves deejaying more than modeling) spun tunes for party-ready guests. The closing song? “Celebration,” by Madonna, of course, throwing the crowd, led by Lowe, into a wild frenzy. “This is as crazy as it was in my day,” said sixties party legend Anita Pallenberg, observing the scene. “These people can really party.”

“Pantaloon Catsuits” And Hair To Match at Pam Hogg


Sometimes, off-schedule shows at fashion week can be more exciting than the ones ticket holders line up for en masse. Pam Hogg’s presentation at London’s Science Museum this week was one such occurrence, as the seventies/eighties club kid and fashion rebel-turned designer showed for the first time in nearly a decade. Daisy Lowe opened the show; Alice Dellal and actress Jaime Winstone walked—all while front-rowers Gareth Pugh, Siouxsie Sioux, and Irish dance-pop goddess Róisín Murphy watched a blur of sequins, colored fur, and black and fluorescent Lycra fly by. The hair, courtesy of stylist Malcolm Edwards, was equally, um, statement-making. Think teased-out bouffants with mega-height—not too far of a cry from Hogg’s own stylistic leanings. Click to watch the mayhem unfold.