August 30 2014

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J.Crew Puckers Up


J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons wears the heavy mantle of “tastemaker,” but we almost always like what she’s peddling—love it, even. With a nimble style sensibility and a keen knack for sussing out trends, Lyons has grown J.Crew from a brand once reserved almost exclusively for the preppy set into a more suitable outlet for the fashion-hungry—and now beauty-hungry masses. On the heels of a few seasonal nail collaborations with Face Stockholm’s Martina Arfwidson, Lyons has enlisted the brand to create a new duo of lipsticks in shades that complement her own mastery of the fine art of laissez-faire elegance (think: ripped jeans and a schoolboy blazer, plus serious stilettos and sequins). There are two shades to choose from: French Martini, a barely-there slip of melon, and Chili Flake, a brazen orange-tinted red that packs a serious visual punch and resembles a darker, richer version of the custom-created bullet Lipstick Queen’s Poppy King whipped up for Lyons last year. True to form for Face Stockholm, the formula is smooth and highly wearable for everyday use. And in keeping with J.Crew’s general ethos, the colors themselves are on point and totally covetable.

$20 each, at

Photo:Courtesy of J. Crew

J.Crew’s Swedish Union


J.Crew is one of the few specialty retailers that has, particularly with Jenna Lyons’ rise to the top, always managed to get it right—especially when it comes to collaborations. The company has developed a knack for sourcing pitch-perfect items from other brands, like Belstaff, Saint James, and Lulu Frost, and the latest line to be invited into the fold happens to be of the beauty variety. After launching a selection of Face Stockholm nail lacquers in store and online this summer, the Swedish line is back with a curated trio of pint-sized polishes designed for J.Crew including Hello Merlot, a rich burgundy, Top Ten, a hot pink, and Unclear, a fleshy nude. Just as with most everything else in J.Crew’s coffers, the mixing-and-matching potential seems endless.

Photo: Courtesy of J.Crew