April 19 2014

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Jessica Biel Joins Revlon, Goes To The Ball


Jessica Biel has just inked a new deal to become a Revlon global brand ambassador. What this means is three things: The actress will join an already impressive list of spokeswomen that includes Academy Award winners Halle Berry and Jennifer Connelly, as well as Jessica Alba and Elle Macpherson. She’ll be involved with various Revlon-sponsored philanthropic activities and fundraising events, in addition to fronting global advertising campaigns, of course. And—here’s the best part—she’ll accompany her superstar boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, at the Costume Institute Gala tonight sporting a makeup look courtesy of Revlon global artistic director Gucci Westman. Stay tuned tomorrow for a full report.

Photo: Courtesy of Revlon

In The Cut: A Bevy Of Bangs


While the celebrity bob craze has died down—transitioning into lobs and, er, crobs, a neologism we just came up with to describe the cropped bobs, or shorter boy cuts, currently being enjoyed by Victoria Beckham and Rihanna—bangs are experiencing something of a revival. A host of A- (and B- and C-) listers are accessorizing their foreheads as of late, giving us the perfect opportunity to showcase the variety of lengths and styles on offer. To help you determine whether or not you can actually pull off these fringe benefits, we’ve enlisted Clint Wilson, creative director for Sassoon’s uptown New York City salon.

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