August 1 2014

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Jonathan Adler X BareMinerals; Another Anne Hathaway Nail Art Shout Out; And More…


Home design guru Jonathan Adler is getting in on the beauty game with a capsule collection due out in February for bareMinerals that “merges cosmetics with home decor.” [WWD]

Jessica Biel’s beauty secret? “Fire-engine red,” says Mrs. Timberlake. “It makes twice the statement when worn on lips and nails (and shoes!).” [Elle]

Speaking of statement nails, Anne Hathaway’s tips are making headlines once again. The Les Mis star sported a funkified French manicure at the film’s London premiere this week, painting a line of shimmering silver lacquer across a pale ivory base. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Burgundy Lip-Off: ScarJo Vs. Jessica Biel


Fall’s overarching “dark glamour” movement that Pat McGrath and her face-painting cohorts ushered in at the shows last season has some serious staying power. The bordeaux-lacquered lips, clean skin, and shaded lids that dominated the runways back in February have appeared on nearly every red carpet since—that’s eight whole months of allegiance to a single, wide-reaching trend—which just might be the most impressive catwalk beauty coup we’ve ever seen. Sunday night’s New York premiere of Hitchcock was no exception and featured not one but two mulberry mouth moments. Scarlett Johansson, the latest Hitchcock blonde, sported a deep matte, black-cherry pigment that bested Jessica Biel’s swipe of the glossier, claret Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in L’Exquise, in our humble opinion. Agree, or disagree? Let us know below.

Photo: Getty Images

Blonde Ambition, Still Alive And Well For Fall


As the Fall shows came to a wrap in March, the season’s clear hair color winner was brunette, which inspired a neo-goth renaissance (and our Fall Beauty Guide). But the dark moment on the runways, which saw blonde beauties like Patricia van der Vliet and Dempsey Stewart adopt espresso dye jobs, left blondes—myself included—a little adrift; how do we, the golden-haired masses, make seasonal color adjustments without committing to a deliberately dark ‘do? “I don’t think these trends need to apply to everyone,” Redken creative consultant Tracey Cunningham assures me. Cunningman is an expert on brightening (she’s the mastermind behind Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth, and Jessica Biel’s lightened locks), so we’re ready to take her at her word. Here, Cunningham weighs in on fall-ifying honeyed hair, why ombré highlights will never go out of style, and the one must-have hair product for flaxen folk.

Brunette is obviously a big trend for fall. But what if you’re blonde and you aren’t quite ready to take that plunge?
Please be careful with trends when you are blonde! I have so many brunettes who show me some blonde picture and it just isn’t going to work—and the same goes for blondes. They are so easily tricked into going brunette and it totally messes up their hair. You can lowlight your hair, make it have a little more depth, but don’t go crazy. If you have been a blonde your whole life I think you should embrace it. You just are blonde.

What if you have been experimenting with lighter shades for summer? Is it necessary to tone down the platinum and add in some amber notes so you don’t look so washed out as your tan fades?
Add some depth, which means going from what you are now to what your root color is—or maybe even a little more of that if you are not a base blonde. It doesn’t mean you need to be as dark as your natural hair, just a little darker. If you ever want to go a shade darker or lighter, always bring a photo. That is one of my main rules.

Will we see some of your blonde clients going darker for fall?
Sarah Paulson just went dark for her role in American Horror Story, actually. Who knows about Emma [Stone] though!

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Friday Nail Art-Off: Jessica Vs. Rihanna


Nail art may have slowed down on the Fall runways, being replaced by creamy nudes and more classic shades of red, pink, and bordeaux lacquer instead, but it is alive and well on the red carpet. Just ask Jessica Biel. The Total Recall star has made funky tips a part of her world press tour for the film, sporting an ivory lacquer with a hot pink diagonal stripe across the top to the film’s premiere in London last night. Halfway across the world in Tokyo and never to be outdone, Rihanna made a strong statement with some finger flair of her own as the hip-hop star walked celebrity’s other red carpet, the airport terminal. Which look are you most compelled to challenge your manicurist with this weekend?

Photo: Getty Images

Couture Nail Art, Take 2


Alright, alright. We’re aware that some of you may have tired of seeing pictures of Jessica Biel’s monstrous engagement ring from fiancée Justin Timberlake (and that for others, the images will never get old), but when the Total Recall actress rocks nail art like this, we need to press the zoom button. Feast your eyes on Biel’s perfectly painted reverse moon manicure, resting ever so lightly against the pink backdrop of one of Raf Simons fresh-off-the-runway Dior Couture dresses at the Colin Ferrell-fronted film’s premiere last night in L.A. It’s not the first time avant-garde polish has been paired with haute couture, of course: Peter Philips employed a similar chrome color around a coral base at Chanel’s “modern vintage” show last month. But on the red carpet, it begs the question: subtly chic, or an unnecessary overstatement? Let us know below.

Photo: Getty Images