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R.I.P. The “Pob”; Dove’s “Real” Beauty, Still Flawless; And More…


Tiring of the “Pob,” Victoria Beckham has traded in her angular short hair cut for long extensions. [People StyleWatch]

Jessica Simpson hasn’t changed her hair, but she has changed her diet. The Price of Beauty star, who last week used her Twitter account to refute plastic surgery rumors, took to cyberspace again last night to let her fans know that she’d “shocked [her] system with a vegan diet.” Just so everyone’s clear, the new regimen has nothing to do with weight loss and everything to do with “understanding [her] body through hydration and alkalinity.” And so another accusatory Twitter thread has been pre-empted. [Us Weekly]

Helen Mirren isn’t a vegan, but her body looks bangin’ nonetheless. Her secret? Sucking in her stomach for pictures and a low-key workout schedule. “I’m unbelievably lazy,” the Elizabeth star claims. Hopefully, inactivity will allow us, too, to look that good in a bikini at age 64. [WWD]

Until then, our nonexistent fitness regimen could earn us a spot in Dove’s next “Real Beauty” campaign. In an ad posted on Craigslist over the weekend, the beauty brand put out a casting call for “real women only,” so no actresses or models allowed. They only want you to be so real, though. The post also specified that you must be “naturally fit,” “not too curvy,” and “not too athletic.” And “beautiful hair and skin are a must.” Interested applicants should also consider, say, acting or modeling. [The Cut via Jezebel]

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Evan for Gucci; Jessica For Growing Old Gracefully; And More


Gucci is upping its celebrity spokesperson roster, selecting Evan Rachel Wood as the new face of its forthcoming fragrance. No other information has surfaced about the perfume itself, but Frida Giannini said that she chose Wood because “her eyes and face really attract the people of her generation.” So, something for the early twenties set, then? [WWD]

“True- went to the doctor yesterday; False- plastic surgery,” read Jessica Simpson’s Twitter last night as the star attempted to refute claims that she underwent plastic surgery earlier in the week. Jessica “The Price of Beauty” Simpson? We should hope not. [Us Weekly]

If you’re looking for more women who’ve eschewed plastic surgery, a new photography exhibit at the University of the Arts London in Wimbledon should fit the bill. Infinite Variety celebrates the idea of aging naturally with portraits of “lived-in faces.” [Bella Sugar]

Elizabeth Taylor could very well have been included on that photo list, as the 78-year-old star has just proclaimed that she is “sincerely not worried about getting old.” She also admitted to a love of cutting her own hair, that she hates being called “Liz,” and that she never faces the day without perfume. Her latest is called Violet Eyes—which is a tribute to her own, real, iris color, by the way. [Us Weekly]

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Taylor Swift Is Easy, Breezy, Beautiful; And More


Taylor Swift has been named the latest face of CoverGirl, joining a celebrity roster that includes Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Rihanna, and Drew Barrymore. It was only a matter of time before someone gave that girl a beauty contract. [WWD]

Jennifer Aniston still looks as good as she did in her Friends days, and although the 41-year-old actress is reportedly “open” to Botox, you won’t see her getting collagen lip injections anytime soon. Instead, Aniston apparently puts sugar granules and a little bit of water on a toothbrush and scrubs her pout for plumpness. If only her sculpted arms were as easily attainable. [OK!]

With knee and hip replacement surgeries over the past few years (not to mention a few nips and tucks here and there), Jane “Feel the Burn” Fonda defied her 72 years this weekend to host the first annual World Fitness Day in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re sorry to report her signature leotard and headband were not in attendance, but she did rock an equally tight, flare-legged onesie. [Daily Mail]

After visiting seven countries to explore the international culture of beauty, the finale of Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty will air tonight at 10 p.m. on VH1. Filmed in L.A., this episode features Panya, the Thai woman who disfigured her face using skin-bleaching cream, returning for a Hollywood-style makeover. It’s guaranteed to be a tearjerker; set your DVR. [Allure]

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Beauty Secrets From Country’s Biggest Night, And More…


Last night’s 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards was an excuse for the C&W set to break out their Sunday best—and divulge some of their beauty secrets as well. Carrie Underwood swears by MoroccanOil for shiny hair; Reba McEntire relies on omega-3 oils for the same thing; and Jewel prefers to do her own hair and makeup on the road. Nicole Kidman was unfortunately less forthcoming about the red lip, fake lashes, and impressively smooth forehead she sported on the red carpet…[ET Online]

Double-eyelid surgery is apparently all the rage in Japan—and Jessica Simpson plans on getting the scoop on why Japanese women are so fond of the risky plastic surgery on tonight’s episode of her show The Price of Beauty. It should prove to be investigative journalism at its best. [Allure]

Perhaps Simpson can tackle the perplexities of face-lifts next, bearing in mind this interesting piece of new research: If you’ve ever wondered why all face-lift patients retain that same “wind-swept” look, it has less to do with scalpel precision and more to do with the fact that like skin, facial bones sag as we age, preventing you from ever really recapturing the face of your youth. The only thing that can help maintain overall structure is good dental care, it turns out. (Yes, we also just realized we’re due for a teeth cleaning.) [NPR]

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Viva La Belleza!, The Real Britney, And More…


Cuba’s Communist regime may be crumbling. How do we know? The country’s government is said to be turning over hundreds of barber shops and beauty salons to employees, marking the first time people have been offered the chance to operate state-run retail establishments since they were nationalized in 1968. You know what they say; it’s a slippery slope from beauty to democracy. [Telegraph];

A new study about women’s hair practices shows that one-quarter of subjects surveyed have cried after getting a haircut. We are not proud to admit that you can count us among that 25 percent. [Chicago Sun Times]

Jessica Simpson may have been the first pop star to go airbrush- and PhotoShop-free, but Britney Spears could have beat her to it, had the singer had her way. Apparently, Brit initially insisted that no digital retouching be applied to her latest round of Candie’s ads—cellulite, bruised shins, cracked heels, and all. But, alas, she ultimately succumbed to the pressures of perfection and let the altered images run. It’s the thought that counts, Britney. [Mirror]

Wrinkle remedy creams, early-prevention creams, and now menopause-specific face creams have emerged as the final frontier of the antiaging skincare boom. File it under things you didn’t know you needed but will likely buy when the time comes. [Independent]

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