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Shine On


jinsoonI’ve steadily strayed from glitter polishes not only because they require a bit of elbow grease to get off, but they aren’t exactly sophisticated or chic. Leave it to Jin Soon, however, to push the boundaries and create bottles brimming with sparkles that are more glamorous than garish. The trio of lacquers launching in November are called “holiday toppings” and, in a way, serve the same function as sprinkles dashed across cakes and cookies—lending a festive touch to fingertips in seconds. What makes this manicurist’s formulas different from others on the market is the level and type of glitter used. Two coats of Gala (center), a blend of rose gold particles, provide an opaque finish—no additional color required. Soirée (right) is composed of slashed pieces of silver and onyx foil (almost like a shattered mirror) suspended in a clear base. Fête (left), my personal favorite, features a mash-up of black, craft store-like glitter, finely milled iridescent shimmer, and metallic pink tinsel-like pieces. The best part about all three is that they can hold their own on short, bare nails—a look I intend to work from now until New Year’s.

$48 for the collection or $20 each,

Photo: Courtesy of Jin Soon