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In Full Bloom


jo malone peony and blush suede candle
Peony season may have past, but my Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede candle is still going strong. The brand’s latest scent, created by perfumer Christine Nagel, features a delicate floral heart surrounded by a top note of juicy apple and a base of sensuous suede. Since I’m as choosy about the aromas that fill my apartment as those that I spritz on my skin, I am happy to report that the smell of this candle isn’t so strong that it creates a headache-inducing and imposing wall of fragrance; it blends softly into the background. Even better: It lasts a lot longer than the feminine flower that inspired it—burning for up to forty-five hours. As temperatures start to drop this fall, I’ll be sure to keep the wick of this sophisticated candle consistently lit to serve as a reminder that spring (and bouquets of peonies brightening up the shelves of my local bodega) isn’t too far off.


Photos: Getty Images and Courtesy of Jo Malone