August 31 2014

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In Bed With Rita Ora: The Star Shares Her After-Hours Beauty Routine and the Prince She Parties With in Her Dreams



In this feature on Beauty Counter, we ask a revolving cast of celebrities and industry insiders to spill their best bedtime stories and nightstand essentials.

What products do you take on tour to guarantee a good night’s sleep?

I always travel with these four things: a lavender pillow—it’s really good. It’s silk-covered and it’s got lavender leaves in it. It makes me go to sleep. A candle, a blanket, and a rose oil to keep my skin moisturized.

What is your go-to rose oil?

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery [Concentrate].

What about a favorite candle?

I’m not that picky. I mean, Jo Malone is always great, or Diptyque.


Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?

Yeah, I’m always on the right. I’m always anywhere close to the door. It’s just so I can get out quick if something happens.

What kind of sheets do you curl up in?

Oh, gosh. Growing up I didn’t even think I had an option—I just got what I was given. I guess just really nice cotton. Ralph Lauren sheets are always nice. I don’t like anything stiff.

What do you wear to bed?

Chanel No. 5. No, I’m joking! Honestly, though, nothing. I don’t really like wearing clothes in bed.


Is a sleep mask the one exception to the naked rule?

Sometimes. If I’m in a hotel and the curtains aren’t too strong. I like [the room to be] really black and dark. And my [sleep masks] have lavender in them.

Is there a certain hotel that you sleep better in than others?

The [Mercer Hotel] is good because they have electric blinds that go zzzzzz and it blacks everything out.


Yeah. You don’t even have a curtain. It’s like the shield in I Am Legend.


What’s the best the party you’ve ever been to?

I was at a person’s country house…I’m not going to say the name because, you know, it’s private. But literally, when you’re in the middle of the countryside in a field, there are no noise complaints, no one can hear you, and you can stay up until whatever time. It was a ball. We had a massive party in a barn. It was incredible. And we slept in a tepee.

How was sleeping in a tepee?

So good. It was the best night of my life.

What is the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

Oh, my God. So I had this dream the other night. Basically, Kate [Middleton], the baby, and the royal family went on holiday, and for some reason I was best friends with Prince William. He came to pick me up—and I’ve never met Prince William—in his matte, black Porsche. No, it was an Audi two-door, actually. And he said, “The family’s out. I’ve only got one night to party. Let’s go.” I was like, “Cool! Let’s go!” And then I struggled to get in the car because it was so low, and then I got into the car and I was like, “William, why is your car so low? I can’t even, like, get down!” And he was like, “Just get in. Let’s go. Close the door.” So we got in the car and we ended up at my friend’s house and everybody looked at me like, “Why did you just walk in here with Prince William?” And I’m like, “Yooooo, Prince! The kid’s out! Yes!” It was so weird, and then I woke up. It wasn’t even like I fancied him or anything. But, you know, everybody wants a prince as a friend.

Photo: Courtesy of; Getty

Beauty 411: Jordana Mattioli


jordana-mattioliOnce you experience your first facial with Jordana Mattioli, you feel like you’ve discovered a well-guarded secret. The soft-spoken facialist who dons a regular uniform of dark-rimmed specs and chambray holds court from a corner in Dr. Adam Kolker’s (plastic surgeon to the city’s well-heeled) uptown office, oftentimes tending to patients before and after their procedures with the doctor. But many, myself included, beeline to the office just to see Mattioli, who always manages to leave your complexion looking more glow-y and immaculate than you ever dreamed possible without makeup. Here, this Manhattan’s skin sensei shares some of her own beauty favorites.


“I’m either in gloves or washing my hands with strong antibacterial soaps all day long, so I never go to bed without a slathering of hand cream from Jo Malone or Amore Pacific. And manis and pedis are hands down (no pun intended) the best at Jin Soon Nail Spa; the girls there tease me that I refuse to ever do colors—it’s only always a pale, creamy pink.”

See,, and for more information.


“I give myself light peels or microdermabrasion every four to five weeks, Botox every six months, and Fraxel laser treatments once a year to keep my skin tight and firm. Once in a while I also have Dr. Kolker inject my face with my own blood; how cool is that?! The process is called Selphyl, and it’s a method for producing new cells and collagen, but it’s very subtle and natural. I’m all about taking little preventative measures early on.”

710 Park Avenue, New York, (212) 744-6500;


“Almost every skincare line has a few great things and a few not so great things. I review, use, and recommend products solely based on the ingredients—if the label says it’s going to do a certain thing, I want to see the ingredients to back it up. There are also some great finds at the drugstore: Olay has a few state-of-the-art formulas that are better than some $100 creams I’ve seen. Our AKMD Hydrating Peptide Gel is my holy grail of hydration; it can truly be used on all skin types, from acne-prone to sensitive, and it’s also awesome for plumping up and smoothing the under-eye area instantly. And prescription retinoids (Retina-A, Renova) are still my gold standard when it comes to night treatments to fix just about any skin issue. The secret is to not use them all the time, just two to three times a week.”

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“Great skin shouldn’t need gobs of foundation and concealer; that’s always the goal with my clients. I love to make my eyebrows thicker with eyebrow pencil from Anastasia in Ash Brunette, and Chanel makes the most gorgeous colors of nonsticky glosses and lipsticks. Lash extensions have become so popular, and they do look really good, but I like to use Latisse a few times a week instead. Once, they got so long I had to stop applying it because they kept [banging] into my eyeglasses!”

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In Full Bloom


jo malone peony and blush suede candle
Peony season may have past, but my Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede candle is still going strong. The brand’s latest scent, created by perfumer Christine Nagel, features a delicate floral heart surrounded by a top note of juicy apple and a base of sensuous suede. Since I’m as choosy about the aromas that fill my apartment as those that I spritz on my skin, I am happy to report that the smell of this candle isn’t so strong that it creates a headache-inducing and imposing wall of fragrance; it blends softly into the background. Even better: It lasts a lot longer than the feminine flower that inspired it—burning for up to forty-five hours. As temperatures start to drop this fall, I’ll be sure to keep the wick of this sophisticated candle consistently lit to serve as a reminder that spring (and bouquets of peonies brightening up the shelves of my local bodega) isn’t too far off.


Photos: Getty Images and Courtesy of Jo Malone

Beauty 411: Annet King of Dermalogica


Annet_Final_resizeDermalogica products have always been the equivalent of a skincare safety net for me—I know that even when I have driven my complexion to the point of no return by test-driving a plethora of new lotions and potions, I can always count on them to restore order and balance. And Dermalogica’s best endorsement may just come from Annet King, the brand’s director of global education. The British-born California resident is, as anyone who has had the distinct pleasure of meeting her can attest, a virtual wellspring of skincare information. She has always had a snappy response for any and all of my complexion queries, of which there have been many over the years. Here, Dermalogica’s in-house guru dishes about her favorite beautifying people and places (most are close to her Culver City home—”I am a total locavore and believe in minimizing travel time on the L.A. freeways, biking if possible, especially on the weekends, and, of course, supporting local businesses,” she says), and shares the details of her own daily routine…did I mention she has ridiculously amazing skin?

THE REGULAR TREATMENT: Dermalogica on Montana
“I believe in healthy, super-clean, hydrated skin. I can’t live without Dermalogica on Montana, and a few times a year I’ll get the full skin treatment with foot reflex touch therapy, but when time is short, the twenty-minute MicroZone Treatments are my savior. All the staff is superb—they are the most well-trained, educated skin therapists on the planet!”

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THE GO-TO DERM: Dr. Joshua Wieder
“For medical skin issues, I rely on Dr. Joshua Wieder. He’s so patient and professional, and one of the most respected dermatologists around. He also appreciates the role and work of a skin therapist, and refers many of his patients to our spaces.”

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THE RE-ALIGNER: Dr. Robert Pomahac
“With the amount of travel I do and flights I take (not to mention my passion for high heels), I could not live without a regular adjustment from my friend and chiropractor Dr. Robert Pomahac. He views the body very differently and does not just crack your back! He incorporates physiotherapy, provides strengthening exercises to do at your desk, and gives you tips on how you should sit while you’re driving, etc. He has the best advice to suit your busy lifestyle.”

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Jo Malone’s Eau De Country Living


All eyes may be on London right now, but Jo Malone has its sights set squarely on the English countryside. There’s plenty that’s fashionable about the rolling green hills outside of the British capital, too; Stella McCartney has a grand, garden-filled estate just outside of Wiltshire and Kate Moss got married in a small Cotswolds parish church. It’s the same seclusion in nature sought out by the city’s most prominent players that inspired the latest release from the quintessential British perfumery. Blackberry and Bay recalls the juice-stained hands of picking fresh fruit right off a bramble and the mineral green aroma of heaping piles of fragrant, crisp leaves, intermingled with sparkling grapefruit notes and fresh hints of vetiver and sensual cedarwood. Wear alone, layer with the brand’s Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Lotion, and definitely apply liberally.

Photo: Courtesy of Jo Malone