August 30 2014

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4 posts tagged "Joan Collins"

Amanda Seyfried’s New Look, Courtney Love’s New Scandal, And More…


Amanda Seyfried has cut off her signature blond locks in favor of a short red crop with bangs! Just kidding. The flaxen-haired actress isn’t really a flame-haired vixen, she just plays one in a new action flick co-starring Justin Timberlake. [Daily Mail]

Speaking of flaxen-haired A-listers: Kate Hudson turned heads with an ultra-glamorous side part and long golden waves at Glamour‘s Women of the Year Awards in New York, while flashbulbs went off in Nashville, where Gwyneth Paltrow sported middle-parted strands at the premiere of her new flick, Country Strong. [StyleList]

Courtney Love’s latest role? Makeup thief. The Hole front woman was recently accused of rifling through purses belonging to the female members of the band the Axis to “see if they had any makeup for her to use.” And she just told us that she was swearing off heavy cosmetics, too. [NYDN]

At 77, Joan Collins is swearing off Botox. “It frightens me,” she says of cosmetic surgery in general. “Botox, I think, is poison, I would never put it into my face.” So how does she maintain her Dynasty-era looks? Good genes and a good skincare regime. “I’m appalled at the amount of women who don’t bother to take care of their skin.” Take that, all you negligent gals out there. [Daily Mail]

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L’Oréal Eyes Avon, Smells Like Roxy Music, And More…


Attention, Avon stockholders. The rumor mill is churning with news of a possible L’Oréal buyout—which could mean that all Avon Ladies will have French accents moving forward. Stay tuned. [Forbes]

Note to Britney: Please make an effort to conceal your hair-extension roots. One mishap was plenty; this second offense borders on upsetting. [Daily Mail]

Starbucks’ new flavored coffees were developed using fragrance technology—which is why the vanilla, cinnamon spice, mocha, and caramel tastes in the four new varieties are almost perfect matches for their respective olfactory counterparts. If only those hot-sandwich toasters weren’t there to muddle the aromas. [StyleList]

The newest celebrity to get in on the fragrance game? Bryan Ferry. The Roxy Music frontman says he will be “following in the great steps of Puff Daddy” with a signature scent due out next year. Now there’s a good idea for a mash-up. [Pitchfork]

Whether or not you’re aware of it, the public is “starved of gorgeous people.” Or at least that’s what Joan Collins thinks. Speaking out about the lack of glamorous Hollywood actresses, the Dynasty star said, “There’s Angelina Jolie and there’s…Angelina Jolie.” Jennifer Aniston, it seems, is “cute,” but she isn’t “beautiful.” Ouch. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Courtesy of Avon

Lara Flynn Boyle, Why? WHY?


The stars were out in full force at Saturday’s 30th anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball benefiting the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes. And with as many C-listers as A-listers strutting the red carpet, there was excellent eye candy for all persuasions (Suzanne Somers, the fake-baking needs to stop; Joan Collins, whether or not that was a wig will remain undiscussed here because, like we’ve said before, you’re still ace with us; Vanna White, you are the poster child for aging gracefully and they should bottle whatever crazy gene pool you came from). While we’re not in the habit of calling out botched plastic surgery jobs or general Botox-bashing, we were more than a little upset to see Lara Flynn Boyle’s recent experimentation with lip injections—you don’t need them, Lara! You and your perfectly proportioned upper lip kept us devoted Twin Peaks fans for years! (If you haven’t already, it’s time to push that series to the top of your Netflix queue if only to remember LFB in her former glory.)

Photo: From left, Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images; Mirek Towski/DMI/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

QVC’s Special Offer (And It’s Not Gaudy Jewelry)


If you’re the type of person who falls prey to those “available for a limited-time only!” special sales, then read on—and get your dialing finger ready. Tomorrow, Neutrogena Dermatologics (a separate wing of the drugstore giant devoted to developing advanced solutions for skin concerns) will launch its new Retinol NX Concentrated Retinol Serum exclusively on QVC for, yup, one day only. Boasting a patented, “stabilized retinol technology,” the product contains retinol in its purest and most effective form—which means an unprecedented ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, provide long-lasting hydration, and increase firmness without a syringe full of Botox, and for only $65. The serum also contains Neutrol TE, an ingredient that’s clinically proven to tighten and firm while increasing cell turnover for smoother, softer skin. All this—and from QVC, no less, which has come a long way since its days of hocking unfortunate wares from washed-up Dynasty starlets (not you, though, Joan Collins. You’re still ace in our book).

Photo: Courtesy of Neutrogena