September 3 2014

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Joanna Vargas Looks On The Bright Side


Joanna-Vargas-SpaAs a general rule, I usually never book anything, particularly of the social variety, post-facial. Because, you see, I have the skin of a tweenage girl: hyper, highly irritable, and sensitive to pretty much anything that crosses its path. During most facials, that means that even moderate extractions will leave me red and inflamed for many hours—except when I log my facial time with Joanna Vargas, the brains behind the skin-transforming LED-light bed (for which she recently acquired a patent), and the woman responsible for many aflawless celebrity visage (Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore, et al.). The latest addition to her menu of services is tailor-made for winter-weary complexions. “After winter, I feel like people’s skin looks like they’ve been in a cave for months, just really dull,” says Vargas. “So I designed the berry brightening facial to address that.” When I put myself in Vargas’ able hands for some focused un-dulling, my own skin was cavewoman-esque, with a smattering of sun damage courtesy of a long-weekendjaunt to Tulum. The facial began with a duo of peels—a diamond peel, then a blueberry peel designed to detox, remove impurities, and boost circulation, thanks to an infusion of paprika, which causes a mild burning sensation. This is followed by a rejuvenating facial massage with strawberry oil, a blueberry-strawberry soy mask that Vargas gingerly paints onto the face to simultaneously exfoliate and shrink pores, a dose of LED light therapy and a hydrating blast of oxygen, and, finally, an application of a few of the lovely products from her own upscale green skincare line (my current favorite is the hydrating cream). Ninety minutes later, my skin looked dewy, taut, glowing—and, I’m happy to report, not the slightest bit red. Mission accomplished.

501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2011, NYC; $250,

Photo: Courtesy of Joanna Vargas

The 411: Pamela Love


You know a piece of Pamela Love jewelry when you see it. In the six or so years that she has been crafting earrings, rings, bangles, and the like, Love has established a distinctive style that takes its cues from traditional tribal African patterns and astronomy, botanical drawings, and even ancient Mexican folk art, giving each one of her painstakingly created designs the feel of a modern artifact. Besides earning a host of accessory-fiend fans with her popular talon and turquoise offerings, Love has also collaborated with the triumvirate of major retailers (J.Crew, Opening Ceremony, and Topshop), and attracted plenty of attention and magazine real estate for her own eclectic personal style (her wedding last summer at Montauk’s Ruschmeyer’s was chronicled by Vogue). Here, the New York native shares some of the local primping outposts and the products she relies on.

The Instant Refresh: Joanna Vargas
“I go to her salon for the light treatments and triple-crown facial—when you leave here, you actually look younger and more refreshed. It’s absolutely incredible. And she makes amazing products. Her daily serum is so perfect for everyday and is great at moisturizing.”
Available at

The Curl Conductors: Ouidad
“Ouidad Salon is great for anyone who has curly hair and doesn’t trust just any stylist to touch their locks. They really are the curl authorities.”
For more information, visit

The Wellness Authority: Dr. Frank Lipman
“I love Eleven Eleven Wellness by Dr. Frank Lipman for the amazing protein shakes and vitamins. Dr. Lipman has totally changed the way I see food. It’s more of a source of energy, so I’ve started trying to be much better about not eating junk, even when I’m stressed. His shakes are very important for vegetarians.”
For more information, visit

The Acupuncture Artists: YinOva Center
“Another great way for me to de-stress and clear my head is with acupuncture at YinOva Center. They have great practitioners who really get to the root of the problem.”
For more information, visit

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Lanvin X Lancôme; Miss New York Takes The Crown; And More…


Stop the presses: Alber Elbaz is getting into beauty. The Lanvin creative director is teaming up with Lancôme on a limited-edition color collection due out in June. Consider the countdown on. [WWD]

Miss New York, Brooklyn-based Mallory Hagan, has been crowned Miss America, the first time that the Empire State has taken top honors in the storied pageant since Vanessa Williams won the crown nearly thirty years ago. An FIT student, Hagan hopes to become a cosmetics executive after completing her pageant duties. [NYT]

Nicki Minaj’s longtime hairstylist, Terrence Davidson, has parted ways with the American Idol judge, citing “creative differences.” And so the rush on candy-colored beehives will finally subside. [IBT]

Rachel Weisz’s pale berry lip and side-parted waves may have been our favorite red-carpet beauty moment from last night’s Golden Globes. As for her insane porcelain skin, it was helped along by facialist Joanna Vargas’ signature VitaLight treatment and her instantly sculpting Triple Crown Facial, which Weisz insisted upon as preshow prep. We’ll have what she’s having. [Joanna Vargas]

Photo: Yannis Vlammos /

Beauty Etiquetter: The Rules Of The Waiting Game When A Facial Mask Takes Forever


Beauty Etiquetter is a new column on Beauty Counter in which we address your beauty protocol predicaments with candid advice from industry experts and those in-the-know. To submit a question, e-mail celia

The Quandary: During a facial, I’m often left waiting with a mask on for what feels like an eternity during my appointment. What’s the normal time frame I should expect to be left in the room alone? When is it appropriate to speak up?

The Expert in Residence: Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Skincare in New York

The Advice: “A mask should be on the face for an average of ten minutes. A facialist may want it to sit for longer if you had lots of extractions or if your skin is sensitive and red; however, for an hour-long facial, it shouldn’t be applied for any longer than that. Being left alone for five minutes is relaxing, but being left alone for longer is not OK. Some facialists think that if they leave you, you will relax better or will fall asleep. But at my salon, no one is left alone while a mask is on the face. Instead, we do hand and neck massages as a way to show we’re caring for you. At the very least, a facialist should monitor your progress and pop in to check on you. Any prep she does for the next part of the facial should be done quietly in the room. If the thought of being left alone makes you uncomfortable, tell your esthetician at the beginning of the service or when you hear the mask being prepared. It’s entirely appropriate to ask, “I’ve always wanted to know how long a mask should sit on the skin?” If she was planning on leaving, you can ask her not to, or have her clarify why she is doing so. I always ask a first-time client what she wants and what hasn’t worked for her in prior services. Also you can request to have your preferences noted in your file so you always get what you want.”

Photo: Courtesy of Joanna Vargas Skincare

The 411: Joanna Vargas


Joanna Vargas’ countless acolytes have a cult-like devotion to the skincare guru, and you need only experience her facial treatment prowess once to understand why. Vargas’ appealingly soothing presence, gentle technique and roster of exclusively natural-minded products are all fantastic, but what really inspires her followers to constantly rebook is the way their complexions look right after an appointment—not a few hours later, or the following morning; immediately upon leaving Vargas’ airy midtown enclave, your visage boasts a childlike dewy radiance with none of the residual irritation or inflammation of other, lesser facials. It is skincare wizardry at its finest. When she’s not attending to local pores, Vargas is a busy mother of two but she managed to find time to share some of her own favorite beauty insiders and tips here, much to our delight.

The Signature Scent: Skincare, Not Fragrance
“During the day the only thing I wear on my skin is my own Rejuvenating Serum. Not only is the serum a great anti-aging face oil, but the smell is pretty intoxicating: [it's] Southwestern cactus flower. The scent lingers on the skin the whole day and it’s become my favorite.”

The Nutrition Guru: Dr. Frank Lipman
“I met him this past fall right after I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I was inspired by a client of mine who transformed before my eyes under his care. Now I swear by his book, Revive, and love his recipes. I have never felt better and he really does keep all of his patients in the best shape of their lives.”
Dr. Frank Lipman, Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, 32 W. 22nd St., (212) 255-1800;

The Daily Dose: Green Juices
“I swear by having a green juice every day. I think nothing makes the skin glow like an oxygenating, cleansing green juice! I recommend an all-green juice to my clients instead of having that afternoon coffee—nothing gives you more energy plus you really see a difference in your skin. My girls and I like to order our juices from Liquiteria in the East Village.”
Liquiteria, 170 Second Ave., NYC, (212) 358-0300;

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