August 22 2014

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Classical Dancers Pirouette Backstage At Chloé


“These are brilliant pencils,” face painter Charlotte Tilbury said at Chloé yesterday, where she was using MAC’s Brow Pencils in Lingering and Fling to create the crux of her makeup look. “You can do everything with them because they have a waxy texture that blends so well,” she continued, creating a slight, highlighted contour across models’ cheekbones with MAC Mineralized Bronzing Powders. The idea backstage was vintage photos; Tilbury has become something of a master at re-creating a sepia image quality through full arches and shadowed eyes. Here, it was MAC’s Cream Color Base in Deep Brown that provided the antique tone on lids and underneath the lower lash line. Hair stylist Luigi Murenu, meanwhile, had directed his attention to specific old images, those of classical dancers, which meant low-slung, deep side-parted chignons. “The texture is really what gives it softness,” Murenu said of the sleek, almost masculine style that he prepped with John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse. “A lot of girls have thin hair, so this helps, but I used it in a tricky way because it has good hold for a ponytail and it keeps the shine.” A multitasking mousse? The secret is out.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

The 411: Liz Earle


Skincare purist Liz Earle began her career as a beauty editor in London. Her favorite part of the job was learning about plants and botanical ingredients, so when she decided to launch her own naturally active skin and body care line with friend and business partner Kim Buckland in 1995, the transition was pretty, um, organic. Their first product, the popular Polish & Cleanse Hot Cloth Cleanser, was destined for retail superstardom before it even made it onto shelves; the gentle lotion, it turned out, worked equally well on the duo’s polar-opposite complexions (Earle suffered from eczema while Buckland glistened with oil). Since then, Earle has whipped up dozens more natural-based problem solvers, traveled the world in search of the latest actives, and, more recently, released her first fragrance and newest book, Skincare Secrets. When not in the lab, Earle tends to her organic farm on the Isle of Wight, where she lives with her family. Here, a list of what she’s grown to love and stand by over the years.

The Pro: Liz Earle

Co-founder of Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare.

The Skincare: Personal Best

“I’m very low-maintenance. I don’t believe about obsessing over wrinkles; I just want to hang on to my youthful glow now that I’m in my forties. I use the Cleanse & Polish, every day, twice a day. I would literally be devastated if I couldn’t use this cleanser. I also apply the Superskin Moisturizer daily; it’s a botanical super-cream that works as well as its technologically driven counterparts. I’m also very keen on dry body brushing. It’s a very effective way to stimulate lymphatic drainage, minimize cellulite, and exfoliate. I do it in the morning before I shower, using a natural bristle brush that I work up the body in long rhythmic strokes. The feeling is wonderful, and mildly addictive.”

Liz Earle Polish & Cleanse Hot Cloth Cleanser, $40, and Superskin Moisturizer, $60,

The Makeup Artists: Friends for Life

Craig Beaglehole is a genius. I first met him when I was doing a shoot in Australia and he was working with Cate Blanchett. He later moved to Fred Segal in L.A., and when I would come over to do press for my books or a launch, I would always see him. He makes you look breathtaking. I also love Pati Dubroff’s work. I’ve never had the privilege of having my makeup done by her, but we’ve met at press receptions and bonded on a very personal level.”

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“Glistening Beauty” Backstage at Catherine Malandrino Resort


“With Catherine, it’s always about the girl,” MAC Cosmetics director of makeup artistry Bianca Alexander told us backstage at Catherine Malandrino’s Resort presentation last night at MoMA. For anyone not familiar with Ms. Malandrino’s handiwork, that girl is usually super-chic, with an urban edge. “This is not the beginning of the party, this is the end of the night,” Alexander explained of the inspiration for the dark, wet, emollient eye she built working MAC’s Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline throughout the lash line. To simulate the way eye makeup may, um, evolve as any good soirée rages on, Alexander dragged MAC Pro Paint Stick in black into an elongated shape toward the temple before adding a slight cheek contour with a blend of two MAC Pro Cream Colour Bases in Root and Mid-tone Sepia.

“Empowering women” and “glistening beauty” were the words Malandrino gave hairstylist Harry Josh, who found himself in something of a quandary trying to create a structured style that still retained softness, wetness, and movement. “I didn’t want it to look like a helmet or a wet droopy noodle,” Josh joked of the predicament, which he resolved with a secret ingredient: castor oil. After raking a healthy portion of John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse through models’ hair and using a coloring brush to paint its Root Awakening Gel onto the sides only, Josh used a curling iron to create haphazard texture. Then he brushed out the newly formed waves and reached for the all-purpose oil, which he finger-combed through the hair for a sleek, not sticky, finish. The empowered and glistening Mary J. Blige—who walked the runway with Malandrino in support of her charity, FFAWN—was no doubt pleased.

Photo Dario Cantatore / Getty Images

The Nasties In Fine Fragrance, The Antiaging Pill Lives, And More…


A new report commissioned by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and analyzed by the Environmental Working Group found 38 undisclosed ingredients in 17 name-brand fragrances. These “secret ingredients” are typically chemicals that companies classify as “fragrance” and do not need to be revealed to consumers by law, even though they can cause allergic reactions and other adverse health effects. Organic eaux are starting to look real good right about now. [CNN]

First came Dr. Brandt’s UV index iPhone app, now this. John Frieda and Jergens have teamed up with the Weather Channel to start the Daily Beauty Forecast, which gives you daily weather conditions as well as beauty advice and product recommendations to get you through whatever the elements throw your way. A yellow-based concealer to help even out my allergy-induced skin blotchiness, eh? Thanks, [Parade]

Forget injections, antioxidants, and herbal supplements. A comprehensive pill that can thwart the aging process may soon be a reality—and in just two short years, no less! [Fox News]

“Arguably the single greatest work of scent branding,” according to fragrance expert Chandler Burr? Not Chanel No. 5, not cK one, just a little aroma you may (but more likely may not) know as Coppertone 6. Yup, the scent of your childhood SPF-blocker—and for the record, it’s orange blossom you’re smelling. [T]

Photo: Lifesize / Getty Images

The Wonder From Down Under


EUCALYPTUS / (yu-kah-lip-tus) / n. / 1. An extract from the leathery leaves of Eucalyptus globulus, a tree with over 300 known species, most of which are native to Australia and Tasmania; / n. / 2. An herbal oil known for its ability to promote ceramide production in the scalp, thus improving hair’s appearance and texture, e.g., “Boost your locks’ luster, bounce, and manageability with eucalyptus.”

Try it: John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Restoring Shampoo with Eucalyptus, $6.50,

Photo: Courtesy of John Frieda