August 27 2014

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Olivia Munn Talks Brows, Breakouts, and Her Own Bridget Jones Moment


BVLGARI "Decades Of Glamour" Oscar Party Hosted By Naomi WattsWhen it comes to sex symbols, men and women don’t usually agree. The Hollywood “hotties” (as they are so frequently dubbed by teenage boys…and way-past-their-teen-years boys) that appear on the covers of men’s magazines don’t often strike a chord with the ladies. And then there’s that rare breed of smoke show that has the ability to win over both. Case in point: Olivia Munn. Not only is she intelligent and unafraid to lay down the law (calling out Jezebel’s criticism of her being hired at The Daily Show in an interview with Ocean Drive magazine: “Are you saying that you can only be funny and smart if you’re ugly? If the embrace of my sexuality makes you mad, it’s your problem, not mine.”), but she knows how to rock tangerine lipstick and work a bob. After our conversation (and this rarely happens), my first thought was this: “That girl is badass and I want to hang out with her.” She even revealed the journalism skills she picked up at the University of Oklahoma and started asking me questions (again, this rarely happens). Here, we talk everything from her skin secrets to sleepovers with Johnny Depp.

I heard that you got hooked on Proactiv after swiping it from your cousin. It’s hard to imagine you having anything close to acne.

When I was 16 I moved from Japan to Oklahoma, and it was either the weather change of going from one country to the other, or it was because I was the new kid in a new school and had a lot of anxiety and stress, and I got this massive breakout on my forehead. It’s hard enough being the new kid in school, but now I had to walk around with a massive amount of pimples on my forehead. I never had acne and I tried everything. This was when people were doing really hardcore things—whatever burned the most you felt like that was working. I was like Oxy pads, “Burrrnnn.” And then my cousin said to me, “My mom ordered me Proactiv, do you want to try it?” So I gave it a try and it all completely cleared up in less than a week .”

At least those days are behind you.

Weirdly enough, in 2013…all of a sudden out of nowhere I get this cystic acne on my forehead, neck, and below my ears that wasn’t going away.

What do you think caused that?

I think it was a hormonal change, but I was also on this medicine for ten days and then I got off the medicine and something happened in my body that triggered this horrible outbreak. I was shooting a movie [at the time] with Eric Bana, who is so gorgeous, and I was playing his wife, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is the worst.” So I got injections in my face from a dermatologist, which just collapsed my skin in certain places. Other costars, I would say, “It’s fine, it’s fine,” but the only costar that I would truly like to look nice for would be Eric Bana…I actually haven’t done a lot of make-out scenes with people in my career, I really haven’t.

Well, Eric Bana isn’t a bad place to start.

Not a bad place to start, unfortunately my acne wanted to come out, which I completely understand because I’d want to be there too if someone was hanging out with Eric Bana. So I tried everything—from acupuncturists, to a dermatologist, to Acutane…and then I came home to Proactiv+ and started trying it…thankfully I got to meet Johnny Depp with clear skin.”

Speaking of Johnny Depp, did he or Gwyneth Paltrow share any beauty secrets with you on the set of Mortdecai?

Gwyneth and I bonded quickly. I had gone to Tracy Anderson once before, but I wasn’t sure…so I started doing Tracy Anderson more and more. But that’s not really one of her beauty secrets anymore…

No, I think she’s converted quite a few at this point. What about Depp or Ewan McGregor, any good tips?

Ummm…no. If you want to be more philosophical about it, the best beauty tip you can get from them is to be nice. They were laughing and joking with everybody. There are some really mean people who are very beautiful, but they don’t radiate beauty. And these guys look so freaking young. And I worked with Jeff Goldblum and his skin looks super young. I didn’t really venture into asking them their [secrets], but I’m going to e-mail the guys and say, “You know what, we never got a chance to girl talk it out.”

You should just have a slumber party.

“Oh my gosh, it’s going to be me, Johnny, Ewan, and Gwyneth putting Proactiv masks on each other.”

What are your makeup must-haves at the moment?

My makeup must-have is the Dior Brow Styler that twists up. I can’t live without this. It’s the right color and the consistency is really great. My go-to used to be cream blush, but now it’s just the brow pencil.

It’s the Cara Delevingne effect.

I think being [half] Asian, my brows have always been really important for whatever reason. I had a makeup artist over-pluck my eyebrows a few years ago, so ever since that happened the Brow Styler became my friend. What’s your go-to?

My go-to? It would probably have to be Clé de Peau concealer.

Really? I was using that for a while, but it felt a little thick at times. Did you feel that?

I think if you use it over your moisturizer it somewhat thins it out. My new favorite, though, is the RMS Un Cover-Up.

I have that in my purse right now! I’m tapping it right now—you can’t see me, but [sound of tapping] that’s me tapping it. I use the Proactiv+ Eye Brightening Serum underneath and then I put the RMS Un Cover-Up on top of it and it reflects the light and makes such a difference. The RMS Un Cover-Up is so great because it’s not thick…I also put the undereye brightener and concealer around my nostrils—it really makes you look a lot more youthful.

Aside from the over-plucking incident with the makeup artist, what was your biggest beauty mistake?

I’ll actually tell you the event, most people won’t do that, but I will so that you can see exactly [what I’m talking about]. I was on the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London presenting the award to my boss [Aaron Sorkin]. It was at night and I had a Bridget Jones moment because I was in the car with my girlfriend and I said to her, “Do I have enough blush on? I think I need more blush.” And in some of the pictures it looks nice, but I’d say 80 percent where the flashes are hitting me, it’s like, “Wow, calm down with the blush.” All of my choices were so bad: It’s dark, inside of a car, without a mirror, and I’m on my way to a red carpet. If you look up GQ Men of the Year Awards, my name, London, and I was wearing this Armani dress—my blush is so intense. I was totally like, “Yeah bitch, this feels good, this feels hot. I’m ready to go. Watch out, London.”

I’m looking that one up on Getty.

“Yeah when you see the pictures you’ll look at it and say, “It’s better to look pale than to look like that.”

[Editor’s note: I did look up the photo on Getty, the blush was a bit extreme, but when you look like Olivia Munn, I doubt anyone is looking at your cheeks…well, at least the set on your face.]

Photo: Getty

Ruth Wilson Wears Dior and Dior-Inspired Makeup to London’s Lone Ranger Premiere


Ruth WilsonRuth Wilson (who we know and love from the BBC’s Idris Elba show Luther—Netflix it tonight) has had a busy summer promoting her role in The Lone Ranger. Over the weekend, the British actress turned up at a London premiere for the film in a dress from Raf Simons’ new Christian Dior haute couture collection (she is the first starlet to wear the new lineup, beating out brand ambassadors like Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence). Wilson, who joined costars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer on the red carpet, complemented her strapless number with edgy hair and makeup that reminded us of the models on Dior’s Fall ’13 runway. Her slicked-back, wavy bouffant and fuchsia-stained lips echoed the beauty look—albeit in a toned down way—that Pat McGrath and Guido Palau created backstage before the show in February. Do you think it works for her?

Photos: GoRunway and ZUMA Press

Rihanna Gets Her Walking Papers; Johnny Depp Talks Nails; And More…


Rihanna’s body looked crazy awesome in her crocodile Tom Ford gown last night at the Met. But the key to her svelte physique has less to do with militant, cardio-heavy workouts and more to do with her trainer’s secret weapon: a pedometer. “I tell [Rihanna] to make sure she takes 10,000 steps a day,” says personal trainer Harley Pasternak. [Daily Mail]

It was one of the first things we noticed on last night’s Met gala red carpet so it comes as no surprise that Tom Brady’s gelled back semi-faux hawk is getting a fair bit of attention on the blogosphere. Where were you on that one, Gisele? [Us]

Between Birchbox, Glossybox,’s Sample Society and a barrage of other similar initiatives, there’s now a myriad way to sample the latest and greatest in product innovations on a monthly basis. That said, Total Beauty is getting in the game anyway. [WWD]

Hilary Clinton has been spotted sans makeup as she completes the final leg of her Southeast Asia tour—and she is getting a lot of flack for it. Which begs the question: foundation over function? (We’re going with function). [Fox News]

Johnny Depp sports serious talons—in addition to a face full of makeup—in Tim Burton’s new movie, Dark Shadows. How did he like the accessory? Not all that much. “In every film that I’ve been lucky enough to do with Tim, there’s always some form of torture, and the nails were Tim’s idea.” [Crave Online]

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Johnny Depp On His Latest Adventures With Face Paint; Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Curly Hair; And More…


What inspired Johnny Depp’s unusual adaptation of The Lone Ranger‘s Tonto for the classic TV show’s upcoming movie remake? A painting by artist Kirby Sattler, that’s what. “I looked at the face of this warrior and thought: That’s it,” Depp says. “The stripes down the face and across the eyes…it seemed to me like you could almost see the separate sections of the individual.” [EW]

Move over, Dukan diet; there’s a new weight-loss fad in town. Celebrity “sports scientist” Venice A. Fulton’s book, Six Weeks to OMG, is garnering an impressive number of fans with its mix of nutritional, biochemical, genetic, and psychological know-how—as well as the hardwired belief that coffee and cold baths will spell the end of cellulite. [Daily Mail]

Curly girl Julia Louis-Dreyfus is best known for playing Seinfeld‘s frizzy-haired Elaine Benes. But the Veep star admits that during her early days on Saturday Night Live, a producer tried to convince her that she should always wear her hair straight. “Not only did I make my hair curly on Seinfeld…I enhanced the curl and made it huge,” she recalls. “I wonder if that hair wasn’t some kind of reaction.” [Jezebel]

In other hair transformation reflections, Justin Bieber’s brief flirtation with a dark brunette crop has come to an end. The pop star is back to his natural shade of dirty blond. [Hollywood Life]

Photo: Courtesy of Disney

Great Moments In Golden Globes Beauty


We’re just going to say it: The Golden Globes are hands-down the best awards show of the year. First off, they’re actually significant. Not like the People’s Choice Awards, or whatever awards shows MTV is conjuring up at the moment. And style-wise, they usually hit a, if not perfect, than certainly interesting pitch: more formal than the Grammys, less fussy than the Oscars. In the annals of red-carpet history, the Globes have also offered up some memorable moments in bangs (Reese Witherspoon), braids (Sienna Miller), and boobs (Scarlett Johansson). So, in preparation for this weekend’s broadcast, we offer you our own beauty-themed winners’ circle. As far as early projections go, we’re looking for Michelle Williams’ pixie cut and Natalie Portman’s brows to have a big night. Click here for more.