July 22 2014

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Kitchen Confidential: Josie Maran’s Model-Ready Hair Recipe


josie-maranThis column reveals the personal beauty recipes, homegrown remedies, and family concoctions that the industry’s trusted pros rely on for staying radiant.

From the Kitchen of: Josie Maran (left), model and founder of Josie Maran Cosmetics

“I’ve always considered myself a total product junkie—and a curious one at that. When I would model, I’d constantly be asking the makeup artists and hairstylists on set what kind of products they were using on me, whether they were good for me, if they used natural ingredients (they usually didn’t). I quickly realized that most of what was being used was packed with artificial ingredients, parabens, sulfates, the works. This homemade recipe originated after lots of back-to-back days on set, when I felt like my hair needed a total detoxification experience. I experimented with ingredients that I know and love, and have proven efficacious. Now it’s become a mainstay in my beauty routine and something I love treating myself to every now and then. And you can’t mess it up—which makes it all the more relaxing!”

One for the Recipe Box: A Detoxing Hair Fix

1 bag rooibos tea
2 full droppers of argan oil
3 drops rosemary oil
Sulfate-free shampoo

“Brew your rooibos tea, let it cool, and then pour it over your hair, brushing it through and leaving it on for ten minutes. This will help to break up any existing residue on the scalp. While that’s soaking in, blend together your argan and rosemary oil into a bowl. Rosemary oil is one of the best hair-growth-enhancing essential oils, as it’s thought to increase cellular metabolism. Massage this mixture deeply into your scalp and leave on for another ten minutes. The first step of this mask was super-clarifying, so now we need to let the hair absorb all of these delicious oils. Finish by washing hair with a sulfate-free shampoo so you’re not stripping out the oils you just added. I usually like to let hair air-dry naturally after a treatment like this. I find the smell of the oils combined with the rooibos tea will make you feel like you’ve just walked out of a spa.”

Photo: Instagram

Karl Lagerfeld Is Like Enterprise: He’ll Pick You Up; Reasons to Stop Wiping Away Makeup and Just Wash Your Face; and More


After an exciting, emotiKarl-filled countdown (in black fingerless gloves, no less), Karl Lagerfeld’s new namesake fragrances finally launched on March 13. In celebration of the two scents (one for men and one for women), as well as the opening of his first London concept store on Regent Street, Lagerfeld announced via Instagram that a #KarlKab—that is, a taxicab adorned with black and white emotiKarl icons—will roam the streets of London for a month, giving out free mini bottles of his perfume to lucky passengers. It’s Karl’s world, and we’re just living/riding in it. [Instagram]

Makeup-removing wipes are a godsend when you’re too tired (or too lazy—hey, we’re not judging) to scrub, but could they be more harmful than helpful? According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting, cleansing wipes can cause anything from sagging eyes and wrinkles to dry skin and acne. “If you must use a wipe,” he told the Daily Mail, “limit their use to rare occasions—nothing will clear your skin as effectively as a proper cleanse.”

Skin tones aren’t limited to just a few categories, though the range of base products available from most beauty brands might say otherwise. At least, that’s what Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass is trying to prove through Humanae Project, in which she attempts to highlight all of the possible skin tones by matching the color of a person’s nose to a Pantone hue. (There are already more than two thousand images on her Tumblr.) The question that instantly comes to our minds: Which cosmetic company will step up to the plate and create a collection of corresponding foundations? [Allure]

Take a peek inside the home—and life—of Josie Maran, where the eco-friendly model-turned-beauty tycoon chats with The Coveteur about everything from her brief stint as a musician with Nicole Richie; her favorite food (pizza); and her makeup routine, which includes a dose of—you guessed it—argan oil, a quick eyelash curl, and a dab of her coconut water-infused cheek gelée.

The Fab Five: First Blush


There’s something about spring that makes us really excited about blush—like, really excited. It’s not that we don’t use the cheek enhancer in the winter months—we do—but the experience lacks the enthusiasm with which we grab for a stick, pot, or palette of pink pigment when temperatures climb toward the 70 degree mark. Lucky for us, April’s showers have brought May flowers—and a cornucopia of flush-fashioning creams, liquids, powders, and gels to play with. Here, five of our favorite new offerings.

Sheer Genius
Estée Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush in 04 Techno Jam
As part of Lauder’s summer Cello Shots collection of gel-based, pop-y lip and cheek colors, this buildable water-light formula imparts a subtle see-through stain.

Twist and Pout
Revlon Baby Stick in Sunset
Revlon artistic director Gucci Westman’s favorite multitasking tinted balm is back for spring in a limited-edition palette of three new colors, including this transparent cerise. The emollient twist-up stick has a buttery-smooth consistency that glides on, leaving behind just a hint of dewy color. As an added bonus, the miniature tube fits nicely in any number of well-appointed bags or clutches.

Loco for Coco
Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée
Josie Maran may have made Argan oil the signature ingredient in her green-leaning color collection, and there’s some of the emollient elixir in her latest launch, too. But these innovative blushes also harness the hydrating benefits of coconut water to create a new-era product that applies like a cooling cream blush with the staying power of a stain.

Powder Hour
Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Bed of Roses
This velvety compact probably has the most impressive color payoff of the bunch, but it’s not heavy—far from it. Instead, Bess’ ultrafine powder blends into the skin for a beautiful natural finish that can be worn sheer or ultra-concentrated.

Brick House
Bobbi Brown Limited-Edition Shimmer Brick Compact in Lilac Rose
For a fresh flush and a dose of illuminating radiance, nothing beats a shimmer brick. Brown’s iconic palette has gotten a frosty update for spring, featuring bright pink, golden pink, and icy pink pearl pigments housed in her signature glossy black mirrored compact.

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Argan Oil, Now Packing Heat


Josie Maran has made a career out of slathering organic argan oil all over her face and body—and she has convinced a good many beauty fiend to follow suit. After launching her eponymous empire with pure versions of the Moroccan-born elixir, she branched out into color cosmetics as well, loading everything from illuminizers and tinted moisturizers to cheek-color sticks and lip glosses with the do-it-all salve. For her latest trick, Maran has shifted gears to focus her attention—and the moisturizing, smoothing, and reparative benefits of argan oil—on parched, overworked manes. Argan-based hair products are well-charted territory, of course. But Maran’s offerings have managed to find a niche for themselves regardless. Her first two efforts included a Hair Serum to boost shine and enhance softness as well as a texturizing mist to create hydrated waves, and now comes news of her Argan Hot Oil Self-Heating Hair Treatment. It’s really a no-brainer: Boosted with additional infusions of bergamot oil and soybean oil, the miniature argan ampules come with an advanced self-heating mechanism that allows them to warm up when rubbed together in hands in order to penetrate split ends and porous strands. Used once a week and left in for about three minutes (or longer if you want to increase efficacy), a single tube should start to reverse the past eight weeks of summer fun, which have no doubt left your locks a little worse for wear.

Photo: Courtesy of Josie Maran

The 411: Josie Maran


Though Josie Maran reached the pinnacle of her modeling success in the late 1990′s and early aughts, her specific appeal—think healthy, perma-grinned, and sun-kissed—always seemed much more reminiscent of eighties-era giants like Brinkley, Macpherson, and Crawford. That approachability has certainly helped her transition seamlessly from model to beauty industry mogul: Maran started her eponymous argan oil-based line of skincare and cosmetics essentials back in 2007 and has been on a tear ever since. The line’s natural roots (a huge part of its popularity among its countless devotees) mirror Maran’s own green-minded lifestyle. The California native is, to put it simply, an earthy, hippie chick at heart. Here, she shares a few of her simple lifestyle and beauty favorites to look—and feel—good from the inside out.

The Skin Savers: Personal Best
“My 100% Pure Argan Oil is my holy grail product. I use it all over my body and face every day and every night. Since I started using it regularly, I’ve been having fewer breakouts, and my naturally dry skin feels super-smooth. My Argan Cleansing Oil is the best for removing makeup and dirt, and the Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 protects my skin from the sun.”
Available at

The Go-To Polish: Priti
“I only use Priti nail polishes. They are made without a lot of the carcinogenic ingredients you find in other polishes, so I feel much better about my daughter putting it on her hands and toes too, which she does incessantly.”
Available at

The Haircare Ritual: Argan Oil
“Because I’m a model, hairstylists are constantly curling, straightening, and teasing my hair, which takes a huge toll on it. Post-shower I like to douse it in my Argan Oil Hair Serum to restore its health and keep it looking shiny. Then I just let it air-dry.”

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