September 1 2014

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The Skincare Industry Catches Bieber Fever, Spray On the Sex Pistols, And More…


Move over, Jessica and Katy. Justin Bieber has just been crowned the new face of Proactiv. [Us Weekly]

Christina Hendricks’ Joan Harris has been added to Mattel’s Mad Men Barbie collection—red updo, body-hugging purple dress, and all. The sexy secretary’s signature assets are all there, except for her curves, which have been mysteriously trimmed down for the plastic version. Will a plus-sized Barbie ever be a reality? [Daily Mail]

Cucumbers are in season, which means crunchy salads, chilled soups, and even cooked curried varieties are all over restaurant menus. High levels of vitamin C, caffeic acid, and silica make the cool vegetable a good topical bet for your natural skincare needs as well. [NYT]

Never mind the bollocks, there’s a new fragrance inspired by the Sex Pistols. The eau is meant to bottle the spirit of punk rebellion and includes “defiant” black pepper and “raunchy” patchouli notes, as well as a “restless” bite of lemon. [Contact Music]

Photo: Courtesy of The Scented Salamander

Age-Defying Beauties, Jake Gyllenhaal As Samson, And More…


Helen Mirren, Catherine Deneuve, and Sophia Loren round out a new top ten list of the most beautiful women in the world. “The difference between pretty and beautiful is that pretty is temporal, whereas beautiful is eternal,” according to Claudia Schiffer, who, at 40 years old, came in second behind Penélope Cruz. It looks like both beauty and wisdom can increase with age. [Express]

Forbes has just released its own top five list of the most lucrative careers launched on YouTube. Coming in right behind Justin “The Bangs” Bieber is one Michelle Phan—YouTube handle, RiceBunny—whose makeup tutorials have garnered hundreds of millions of views and earned her a Lancôme contract. Ladies, to your flip cameras. [Forbes]

How did Jake Gyllenhaal get so buff for his latest role in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time? “It’s really all about the hair,” Gyllenhaal insists. “It’s about growing the hair—when you grow the hair and shampoo it every day, you know, you really get strong muscles.” Our vast knowledge of scrawny, long-haired hipsters seems to be evidence to the contrary, but we’ll defer to you on this one, Jake. [AP]

Paris Hilton is back at the fragrance game, working on Tease, her tenth perfume, which will launch this summer and is inspired by Marilyn Monroe. The advertising visuals really write themselves for this one. [Scented Salamander]

All hail the return of the Pob. Victoria Beckham is apparently back to the asymmetrical bob she made famous back in 2007. A host of second-generation VB imitators will likely follow suit. [FabSugar U.K.]

Photo: Andrew Cooper, SMPSP © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Nail Revolution Rages On; The “Bieber” Is The New “Rachel”; And More…


The nontraditional nail colors that have been showing up on the runway and the red carpet for the past year are finally trickling down to the mass level, which means the days of $100 eBay auctions for offbeat pastel polishes may soon be replaced by $2 drugstore rip-offs. And let us say, amen. [WWD]

Speaking of nontraditional nail news, U.K.-based varnish brand Nails Inc has partnered with Diet Coke to make a limited-edition range of shades inspired by the four fashion capitals of the world. The connection between the fizzy beverage and the beauty biz is unclear, but we’d definitely wear Milan’s fiery red—maybe even while sipping on a can of the popular low-calorie soda. []

Bieber mania is sweeping the nation, as the teen pop sensation’s side-swept tawny bangs are becoming an adolescent haircut phenomenon. Kids (and some misguided adults) are apparently requesting the style en masse at salons across the country, spawning an army of Justin lookalikes and ushering in a new generation of men who care. [NYT]

Try as she might, Heidi Montag just can’t seem to stay out of the media spotlight, as news of another planned plastic surgery to increase her entirely “proportional” breast implants has “mysteriously” come out. Poor girl. Why can’t people just leave her alone? [Life & Style]

Photo: Charles Sykes / Rex USA

Roberts And Bieber Are “Most Beautiful,” And More…


People magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue hits newsstands this week, and Julia Roberts will grace its cover for the fourth time. A “happy and fulfilled” life is credited for the 42-year-old’s outer glow (that sizable new Lancôme contract only adds to this bliss, one assumes). [People]

Justin Bieber has also made the most beautiful list this year, and as the teen idol (and his hair) tour Australia and New Zealand this week, New York-based stylist Paul Labrecque has coined Bieber’s coif the “Mop Top” Bowl Cut and suggested that other stars consider trying it out, including one Robert Pattinson. You bite your tongue, Paul Labrecque! [USA Today]

Eva Longoria Parker held a lavish launch event for her new eponymous fragrance in L.A. last night, and her Desperate Housewives‘ co-stars, Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman, were there to fête the perfume—and take notes for their own celebrity fragrances, which are no doubt already in the works. [InStyle U.K.]

Speaking of high-profile perfumes, if you’re a fan of Versace’s scent portfolio, you could win an autographed bottle of your favorite eau—and a semester-long internship with Donatella in New York—for a mere 20K. Worth it? Kind of. [Gawker]

Photo: Giulio Marcocchi / Sipa Press

Justin Bieber Talks “Man Bangs”; Full Disclosure Hits The Fast-Food Industry; And More…


Justin Bieber thinks he could take Zac Efron in a hair-off and claims that his “man bangs” take five minutes to do in the morning. He showers, shakes his hair out, and it “just does that. For real.” Really, Justin? This clip reveals that a blow dryer is in fact involved, but curiously, no product. [NYT]

In addition to the “tan tax,” President Obama’s new health-care bill will also make it harder to do some other things that you know are bad for you. Restaurant chains with at least 20 outlets are now required to post calorie counts for all the food items they sell—on menus, menu boards, drive-through windows, and vending machines. Try sucking down a Big Mac now knowing full well that it just maxed out your suggested daily calorie intake. [WSJ]

Jergens has tapped Jane Krakowski to help spread the word about getting a safe sun-kissed glow and, yes, a YouTube video starring the 30 Rock actress is making the rounds. We were disappointed by its lack of “Jenna time,” but the fact that Jergens has agreed to donate $1 to the Skin Cancer Foundation for every view of the clip makes up for its dearth of wisecracks. [Bella Sugar]

Kate Moss’ face may have earned her countless magazine covers and ad campaigns, but her hands apparently leave something to be desired and are often switched out in images and commercials. Oh, to be her hand-model equivalent! [The Cut]

Photo: Charles Sykes / Rex USA