April 18 2014

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EXCLUSIVE: Choupette Lagerfeld Tells All



As a beauty editor, investigative reporting is part of the job and I’ll go to great lengths to get a scoop—even if it means enduring intense heat (sauna), icy waters (plunge pool), or fog so thick you could slice it with a knife (steam room). Tracking a source down at the spa is no easy task, but if you want an exclusive with Choupette Lagerfeld, then you just have to suck it up and take a hot stone massage for the team. Here, how I penetrated the Kaiser’s high-security forces and managed to steal a few words with the fashion world’s most in-demand feline.

[Clad in a white, terrycloth robe, I slip past the bodyguards lulled to sleep by the spa music. In the middle of the dim treatment room I notice the fluffy fashion muse enjoying a thermal seaweed wrap—cucumbers delicately placed over her blue eyes.]

Choupette, is that you in there?

Excuse moi! Why must you interrupt my spa session?!

My apologies, your highness, but coordinating an interview with your people is next to impossible—even for

Why, hello there, dahhhling! Hopefully you take as good care of me as my maids.

I wouldn’t dream of anything less. Let’s talk about your claws—seems like everyone is sporting the pointed shape these days.

Long overdue for my PET-icure and manicure at @JINsoon salon. These talons must be at their peak performance for catfights!

The only catfights I’ve seen are at sample sales and I imagine Daddy Karl is vehemently against those, correct?

Every year I await the @diptyqueParis February sample sale. Not that I need anything to cover up my odeur de litterbox.

Shocking, but I do imagine you to be a Baies kind of girl. Since you mingle with the masses to do your candle shopping, do you stock up on your own Fancy Feast or leave that task to the help?

Can you picture me in a grocery store? Non!

I should have known—all those ladies in their loungewear, the majority not wearing pieces from your father’s supermarché-themed collection.

Grocery shopping is still no excuse to wear sweatpants!

You and our associate news editor Katharine K. Zarrella are on the same page. I think the two of you should meet. What type of company do you keep?

If your LinkedIn profile says Social Media Guru or Style Expert, we are not friends, professional acquaintances, nor have we worked together.

So who is a member of your inner circle, exactly? Aside from Cara Delevingne, of course.

I feel a bond with women who sit at the salon while sipping champs. Does that make me pretentious?

Not at all—I completely understand. Is there a beauty trend you absolutely despise?

There’s a reason felines hate water: the wet hair look is just NOT the cat’s meow. #PleaseStop #NYFW

I love that you speak in hashtags—then again, you are a social media guru with your own Emoji. What are your other pet peeves?

Is there anything worse than when your tuna roll gets delivered without the crunch? #FirstFelineProblems

Ugh, the worst. I hear you rouse Daddy Karl at 7:00 a.m. to feed you fresh croquettes. You must have one hell of a meow.

The only mewing noises I make sound like Miu Miu.

Naturally. For those of us who aren’t a “kept woman” and don’t have a staff to style our hair, what’s your best piece of grooming advice?

Remember to Ask Yourself: What would Daddy @KarlLagerfeld think?

Photo: Instagram

Karl Lagerfeld Is Like Enterprise: He’ll Pick You Up; Reasons to Stop Wiping Away Makeup and Just Wash Your Face; and More


After an exciting, emotiKarl-filled countdown (in black fingerless gloves, no less), Karl Lagerfeld’s new namesake fragrances finally launched on March 13. In celebration of the two scents (one for men and one for women), as well as the opening of his first London concept store on Regent Street, Lagerfeld announced via Instagram that a #KarlKab—that is, a taxicab adorned with black and white emotiKarl icons—will roam the streets of London for a month, giving out free mini bottles of his perfume to lucky passengers. It’s Karl’s world, and we’re just living/riding in it. [Instagram]

Makeup-removing wipes are a godsend when you’re too tired (or too lazy—hey, we’re not judging) to scrub, but could they be more harmful than helpful? According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting, cleansing wipes can cause anything from sagging eyes and wrinkles to dry skin and acne. “If you must use a wipe,” he told the Daily Mail, “limit their use to rare occasions—nothing will clear your skin as effectively as a proper cleanse.”

Skin tones aren’t limited to just a few categories, though the range of base products available from most beauty brands might say otherwise. At least, that’s what Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass is trying to prove through Humanae Project, in which she attempts to highlight all of the possible skin tones by matching the color of a person’s nose to a Pantone hue. (There are already more than two thousand images on her Tumblr.) The question that instantly comes to our minds: Which cosmetic company will step up to the plate and create a collection of corresponding foundations? [Allure]

Take a peek inside the home—and life—of Josie Maran, where the eco-friendly model-turned-beauty tycoon chats with The Coveteur about everything from her brief stint as a musician with Nicole Richie; her favorite food (pizza); and her makeup routine, which includes a dose of—you guessed it—argan oil, a quick eyelash curl, and a dab of her coconut water-infused cheek gelée.

Karl Lagerfeld Develops a New Lexicon and Sends Messages Through Scent



Do you speak Lagerfeld? As of today you can quickly adopt the lingo via a new app: emotiKarl. Even better: It’s free and doesn’t involve learning French or the Kaiser’s native German. Naturally, fingerless gloves, a stiff white collar, and Choupette are all involved—allowing you to express your feelings via a series of thirty illustrated characters (my personal favorite being the Karl “grit face”). Lagerfeld has always been on the forefront of technology: He was inspired by digital codes for Spring 2014, and this season employed buzzing drones at Fendi to gain a fresh perspective on the clothes.

One tradition he’s sticking to, however, is fragrance. The twist? He never spritzes it on himself—not even his namesake blend for men (which boasts hints of lavender, apple, violet leaves, and sandalwood) or women (a floral composition that includes notes of peach and musk) launching today. He told Elle that he mists everything around him (towels, sheets, jeans, paper, etc.), but doesn’t actually apply either to skin. Then again, I’d never expect the norm from Lagerfeld—a man who makes even the most mundane task (like grocery shopping) a magical, unexpected experience.

Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Parfum for Women, $85, and Eau de Toilette for Men, $75;


Photos: Karl Lagerfeld Fragrances

Lions, Tigers and Lip Balm



While the fashion world has been expressing its love for felines by emblazoning lions and tigers onto T-shirts, sweaters, loafers, you name it (Kenzo’s catty Spring 2013 collection and Karl Lagerfeld’s line of Choupette-inspired accessories, anyone?), The Body Shop Foundation is trying to draw attention to a cause that makes sure these creatures of the wild stay happy and safe. One hundred percent of the net profits from the organization’s Dragon Fruit Lip Butter benefit The Body Shop Foundation and three national charities, including Big Cat Rescue, a sprawling animal sanctuary in Tampa, Florida. The lush, green space is home to more than 100 big cat species, including lions, tigers, bobcats, and leopards. The animals were saved from fur farms, circuses, mercenary breeders, and well-meaning owners who mistakenly thought the animals would make good pets. The support from The Body Shop helps the nonprofit maintain and expand the property, provides proper care for the cats, and aids with their continuous efforts to educate the public on the cruelties of the exotic animal trade. Giving back is as easy as adding some meow to your holiday gift mix.

The Body Shop Foundation Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, $6;

Artists in Residence



This past season, one of the most impressive runway displays was the double-C branded “art gallery” at Chanel. It was dreamed up by (who else?) Karl Lagerfeld, and makeup guru Peter Philips took his cues for the painterly eyes from the freestanding sculptures and canvases flanking the catwalk. Hairstylist Sam McKnight was also influenced by this world, but instead of the actual pieces hanging on the walls, the flared-out wigs were inspired by the women that buy and sell them: “In my head, I was thinking that [the models] should look like those expert art ladies who are dressed in all black and slightly eccentric,” he explained backstage. With so much creativity coming into play for Spring 2014, we asked the beauty pros for the cultural hot spots—ranging from ballet to Basel—they’ll be hitting this holiday season and beyond in this month’s guide.

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