April 19 2014

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Tell Me About It, Stud



Fun fact: Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director, owns approximately 8,000 vinyl records. If you look at the house’s heritage and relationship to the music world, her extensive personal collection shouldn’t come as much of a surprise: Everyone from Rod Stewart and Eric Clapton to Beyoncé and Bruno Mars have donned the Italian label. The Fall 2014 collection that came down the runway today, however, was certainly more dolly bird than dark and dramatic rock goddess. There was plenty of leather involved, but it came in the form of swingy minidresses and flat Chelsea boots. Never fear, the brand hasn’t entirely abandoned its guitar-smashing spirit in favor of the London look: Launching this month is Gucci Guilty Stud, a limited-edition flacon emblazoned with—what else?—gold and silver studs (four hundred per bottle, to be precise). Inside, the oriental floral eau (Pour Femme) and spicy blend laced with patchouli, lavender, and lemon (Pour Homme) remain unchanged; it’s simply the exterior that’s received an edgy update. If you decide to swap out your black bomber jacket for a tailored, pastel peacoat (like the one worn by Kasia Struss in look nine), consider contrasting that piece of candy-colored perfection with a fragrance that boasts a bit more bite.

Gucci Guilty Stud Pour Femme, $80, Pour Homme, $88;

Model Mayhem


model halloween

It’s a model’s job to play a character—normally, one given to her by a designer or photographer. But on Halloween, the girls (and guys) that wear the clothes call the shots. Above, we recap some of our favorites from last night—from Toni Garrn’s creepy contacts to more than one virgin in black and white (Alina Baikova and Marine Deleeuw, I’m looking at you). And the awards for sweet—not spooky—costumes go out to Maud Welzen (who transformed from catwalker to Catwoman) and Constance Jablonski (i.e., Sailor Moon). However, it was Samantha Gradoville’s over-the-top Marie Antoinette wig, guillotined neck, and risen-from-the-dead smoky eyes that took the cake here on Beauty Counter.

Photos: Instagram

Models Who Love Music


As the dust settles over the first weekend of Coachella, it appears as if 2012 will go down as the most model-friendly year in the annual event’s history. Spotted: Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman, Raquel Zimmermann, and Ruby Aldridge taking in the vocal stylings of the Black Keys, Radiohead, and a little Dr. Dre for good measure. Also there: Kasia Struss, Hanne Gaby Odile, and Jacquelyn Jablonski, all of whom who partook in the nouveau-hippie extravaganza’s two Fs: fringe and face paint. The three girls seemed to have dipped their manicured fingertips into the same pot of fluorescent yellow pigment, swiping thumbprints of the neon color across their cheekbones. What would Pat McGrath say?! Thoughts on the off-duty catwalkers’ music festival moment?

Photo: David X. Prutting /

Brunette Ambition


As the Fall shows got under way last month, one thing became abundantly clear to us fairly early on: Casting agents are feeling a little dark this season. The brunette brigade of Kati Nescher, Marie Piovesan, and Nadja Bender showed up big in New York, where it seemed as though even girls who already had brown hair were going even richer with the help of a few talented colorists—call it the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo effect, which has recently manifested itself in the collections as well as in their corresponding beauty looks.

First, Eugene Souleiman and The Whittemore House’s Victoria Hunter transformed Patricia Van der Vliet’s long, flaxen locks into a deep espresso just days before the shows started; then Redken creative consultant Guido Palau promptly took things to the next level backstage at Calvin Klein, razor-cutting Van der Vliet’s hair into a bob—with micro bang—and dyeing it almost black (several other models, like natural blonde Dempsey Stewart, were also given the raven-haired treatment). Somewhere in between, Paul Hanlon took girls-of-the-moment Melissa Stasiuk and Kel Markey “slightly darker and more matte” at Proenza Schouler for a look that he described as “quite cool.”

Brunette dye jobs are thriving across the pond, too. Right before Milan, Karl Lagerfeld favorite Heidi Mount paid a visit to Gina Gilbert at Serge Normant, and cashed in her ashy blonde tresses for an impactful chestnut. Mount debuted her new shade at the Fendi show and has gone on to rack up Paris bookings including Dior and Guy Laroche (her Chanel cameo later this week is a given). Shades of deep chestnut haven’t worked wonders for every catwalker, of course; Arizona Muse has debatably lost some of her spark since ION Studio’s Kimberley Pierce turned her ebony before Derek Lam, although it clearly hasn’t hindered her tally of runway appearances.

While this is probably just the latest saga of “as the hair color pendulum swings” (need we remind you that it was just three seasons ago that Kasia Struss, Britt Maren, and Abbey Lee Kershaw were reaping the benefits of Spring 2010′s Balenciaga blonde?), all signs seem to point to the longevity of the current brunette-is-better movement, not least because platinum can be so detrimental to hair quality. “I needed makeup to feel pretty with [white blond] hair. But with this, it’s always good,” says Struss, who went brunette for Balenciaga last Spring and has stayed the same dark auburn shade through the Fall shows with tremendous results. “When I’m dark, I’m more mysterious,” Querelle Jansen, another blonde-turned-brunette success story, told us last night at Lanvin. If the “dark glamour” that has ruled backstage in Europe this last week has taught us anything, that’s a very good quality to have.

Photo: GoRunway

Kasia Struss: Brunette, and “Loving It”


If you ever managed to get your mind off the exceptional outerwear at Altuzarra (the coat in look 23 is the first thing we’re truly coveting this season), you may have noticed that Kasia Struss closed the show—and that she’s still a brunette. As a card-carrying member of the “Balenciaga blondes,” the group of girls that Guido Palau dyed platinum three seasons ago for Nicolas Ghesquière’s Spring 2010 show, Palau took Struss dark in Paris last March, and she’s been dark ever since. “I’m keeping it. I’m loving it,” she told us backstage last night. “It’s more me. I feel more comfortable and more like myself in this color.” While Struss admits that her formerly signature cornsilk, white-flaxen strands were great for editorials, the color was less conducive to “normal life.” “It made me look washed out. I needed makeup to feel pretty with that hair. But with this, it’s always good.” Her current shade of brown is more auburn than the deep chestnut-y hue Palau gave her for Spring, which is thanks to her New York-based colorists Lena Ott from Ion Studio. “It’s a little more red, a little closer to my natural color,” the Polish stunner told us, breaking down her maintenance mantra, which includes color-safe shampoo and conditioner from Kerastase and her secret weapon: Moroccanoil. “I put it in the ends. I really recommend it!”

Photo: Marcus Tondo /