August 22 2014

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Kim Sears’ Winning Wimbledon Blow-Out; Ben Gorham Talks Summer Scents; Caffeinated Socks, and More…


Kim-Sears-hairKate Middleton has been the celebrity to watch at Wimbledon in recent years, but with the Duchess of Cambridge out on pre-maternity leave this time around, all eyes were on tournament champion Andy Murray’s girlfriend, Kim Sears. Sears’ near-flawless blow-outs have reportedly caused a spike in requests for The Kim cut at Charles Worthington in London. [Celebrity Red Carpet]

When studly perfumer Ben Gorham talks, we listen. The tattooed founder of Byredo gave Elle some thoughtful tips on choosing a warm-weather fragrance. “People should follow their own preferences…. There is nothing that says you can’t wear heavy scents in the summer. And to be honest, the only way to find out if it works or not is to try it,” he offered.

Got a mean case of summer-induced swamp feet? Ministry of Supply recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of futuristic socks called Atlas, which incorporate carbonized coffee that filters through the material to absorb sweat and odor. Yet another way to add java to your day. [Daily Mail]

Jennifer And January Go Short; Bieber’s Beauty Essentials: Revealed; And More…


Jennifer-Connelly-short-hairJanuary Jones has cut her hair. The Mad Men star has gone for short, graduated layers—with bangs! [Daily Mail]

Also making hair-transformation headlines today is Jennifer Connelly, who has sheared off her long raven-hued locks in favor of a super-chic bob. [HuffPo]

Believe it or not, even Jennifer Aniston gets hair envy. When asked if she had a hair icon recently, she responded, “Kate Middleton.” Mark another one for the Duchess. [E!]

Breaking: Justin Bieber wears makeup—just a little concealer, some powder, and a bit of brow gel, according to makeup artist Kirsti van Zyl. Gotta look good for the fans, you know? [Hollywood Life]

No word on whether Biebs is into polish, too, but man-icures are apparently a growing part of the booming nail business. [New York Times]

Photo: Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic

Anne Goes Back To Brunette; A New Kate Is Officially Great; And More…


Anne-Hathaway-Hair-DyeWell, that was fast. Not even a full month after debuting a red-carpet-stealing platinum-blonde dye job at this year’s Met Gala, Anne Hathaway is back to brunette. [NYDN]

Dita Von Teese does all of her own makeup, has been treating rosacea with the help of a dermatologist in Orange County for years, and stockpiles products from choice brands—as well as her own cosmetics range. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the burlesque queen had a little trouble selecting her top three beauty essentials during a recent interview. “Three? Oh my god, it’s more like 300! I have a lot of things that I absolutely can’t do without.” [Daily Mail]

The title of “Kate the Great” heretofore belongs to Ms. Middleton, not Ms. Moss. According to a new survey, the Duchess of Cambridge now beats out the super-est of them all when it comes to Britain’s most influential beauty icon. [Telegraph]

Photo: Getty Images; Abaca USA

Bongo Does Beauty; “The Rachel” Vs. “The Kate;” And More…


Bongo-BeautyAttention, children of the eighties: Bongo, your favorite denim brand of old and mine, has branched out into beauty with a lineup of fragrances, body care, lip glosses, and nail polishes that will launch exclusively at Kmart. [WWD]


Here’s a secret: Whenever we fly, we put under-eye masks on about twenty minutes before we land to ensure that we look fresh despite many hours of travel. Today, Glee star Lea Michelle revealed via Instagram that she does the same thing. Stars: They’re just like us! [Hollywood Life]


Even though Jennifer Aniston looks back at her famous “Rachel” haircut with a boatload of regret, its onetime popularity was still a bigger deal than even the “Kate Middleton,” according to the Duchess of Cambridge’s own hairstylist, Richard Ward. [Daily Mail]


According to a new poll from the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), social media activity may be driving an uptick in plastic surgery requests. Never underestimate the importance of a good profile picture. [Time]

Photo: Courtesy of Bongo

Reese Lightens Up; Kate Is Still Number One; and More…


Reese Witherspoon is back to blonde. Following some, er, negative associations with her brooding brunette, the actress has returned to her former shade of honey gold, which she revealed this wekkend underneath the protection of a sun hat. [Daily Mail]

Spoiler alert: Kate Middleton is still the number-one hair icon in Great Britain, according to a survey recently conducted by Kérastase. [Hello]

Blake Lively’s Mother’s Day shopping was made easy, thanks to her lucrative fragrance contract with Gucci. “When [my mom] smelled my Gucci Premiere, the bottle was gone from my shelf in about two seconds,” the actress said when discussing how she planned on gifting her mom this past weekend. [InTouch]

Had Lively’s mother been a Chanel No. 5 fan, we imagine this new release from the French brand might have caught her eye: Today comes news that Chanel has created a limited-edition, giant bottle of the Grand Extrait version of its iconic scent, which is filled with nearly two pounds of perfume. The oversize flacon rings in at a whopping $4,200. [WSJ.]

Photo: SMXRF/Star Max/FilmMagic