August 28 2014

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The Royal Makeup, An Analysis


It’s official: Kate Middleton is now the Duchess of Cambridge, and her Sarah Burton-designed Alexander McQueen gown will be added to the annals of fashion history. But what of her makeup? The newly crowned royal raised eyebrows this month when it was announced that she would be doing her own face-painting for the big day, having successfully pulled off a similar feat for that Mario Testino-lensed engagement photo. The image that ran in tabloid glossies across the globe definitely benefited from some digital retouching; how the bride would fare in a live setting—in front of an international coterie of HD video cameras transmitting the ceremony worldwide—remained to be seen. So, how’d she do? “I think she did a good job,” makeup artist Barbara Lacy told me early this morning. No stranger to high-profile nuptials, she would know (it was Lacy’s expert brushstrokes and pigment placement that kept Chelsea Clinton looking pretty in peach tones at what was, by all accounts, the U.S. equivalent to a royal wedding last summer). “It’s all about achieving the right color, not necessarily the right product,” Lacy points out of wedding day makeup—”and trying to avoid those ‘frosty’ things.” Here, she breaks down Kate Middleton’s look and offers up some tips for brides-to-be who are planning to go sans glam squad on their big day.

What were your first thoughts when you heard Kate Middleton was doing her own wedding makeup?

If she had been doing her own makeup all long, I thought it would be fine because she’s been doing a good job. And if she’s doing her own it’s because she’s had a really bad experience. But otherwise, I thought it would just add more pressure to a day on which you already have a lot of pressure.

In your professional opinion, how did it turn out?

Well, she’s beautiful anyway, so it’s hard to do anything wrong with her face. My first impression really was the simplicity—the whole look was very understated. And I think with the dress being so understated, the makeup had to be, too. I was concerned that she would be wearing too much eyeliner because that’s what the British like—you’ve seen Camilla’s makeup! And it was a heavy liner—she lined it all the way around. So that could have been a little lighter, but it didn’t kill it for me. It looked like she had a little more blush on than usual, too.

The heavy liner was the first thing I noticed, for sure. If you do go that route, is there a right way to apply it?

Kohl can get runny, so I wouldn’t recommend underlining your lower lash line. On top is fine, as long as you powder to set it. I would line the inner rim of the lid, too. I love Lancôme’s Black Coffee pencil for something like this; it’s a really great black/brown color that seems to be universal. That is one pencil I always go back to.

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Rachel Zoe Goes Green; Blake Lively To Go Blue; And More…


Rachel Zoe has released an I-Die-For list of natural beauty products to properly celebrate Earth Month. Among her picks are Tarte’s Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum, RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, and Rahua by Amazon Beauty Voluminous Hair Spray. In the words of Zoe, they’re “ba-na-nas.” [StyleList]

As global interest rises in Middle Eastern oud, the aromatic resin from aquilaria trees, its supply has begun to dwindle from overforesting. Even more reason to cherish that bottle of Tom Ford’s Oud Wood… [NYT]

By now, the world is aware that Blake Lively has gone red for a role in the upcoming movie Hick. She’s got big plans for a follow-up adventure in hair color, too: “My nephew wants me to dye my hair blue. That’s what’s next,” she says. [OK!]

Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall and stepmother-in-law-to-be of Kate Middleton, has also put in some time in the colorist’s chair, getting new blond highlights in anticipation of the royal wedding tomorrow. [Now]

And speaking of the royal wedding, Kate Middleton will be doing her makeup herself, as we previously reported. But she has spent the last few weeks studying up on her application technique with London-based makeup artist Arabella Preston. [People]

Photo: Greg Kessler

Botox Takes Another Blow; Karl Lagerfeld’s Banned Book Fragrance; And More…


News flash: Despite what we may have heard, Karl Lagerfeld is NOT involved in a new fragrance that smells like books. Apparently, he’s only working on scents that he is contractually obliged to say he is a part of. [Scented Salamander]

Kate Middleton is proving to be quite the down-to-earth bride-to-be. After doing her own makeup for that Mario Testino-lensed engagement picture, the future princess will reportedly give it another go for her actual wedding day. The better to balance out the six hair dressers that will be on duty, one presumes. [StyleList]

While Botox may do wonders for smoothing out your own smile lines, new research suggests that the face-freezing toxin may dull your ability to understand emotions in others. [USA Today]

It looks like Malin Akerman has jumped aboard the red train, dyeing her blond locks a shade of auburn. With Drew Barrymore and Mandy Moore doing the same this past week, it’s safe to say that the flame-haired trend is, er, on fire. [InStyle]

Pantene’s much discussed new plant-based plastic bottles will ship to stores in western Europe beginning this month. Happy Earth Day. [WWD]

Photo: Yannis Vlamos /; video: InDigital Media

Katy Straightens Out; Gaga Talks Plastic Surgery; And More…


We told you two months back that Katy Perry was adding a spokesperson gig for ghd hair straighteners to her roster of beauty endorsements. Now the ad visuals have arrived replete with predictable, Perry-esque adjectives like “pouty” and “colorful.” [Grazia]

It’s official: Kate Middleton will be wearing her hair down for the royal wedding on April 29. All the better for a diamond-encrusted crown, if you ask us. [Daily Mail]

“I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification,” says Lady Gaga. In other words, lip injections = bad; prosthetic facial horns = good. [E!]

With a coveted seat on the American Idol judging panel and a new album due out this month, J. Lo has secured the title of People‘s most beautiful person of the year—and the coveted role as our April Beauty Icon. More on that come Friday. [Reuters]

Photo: Courtesy of ghd

Fergie Gets Intense; William And Kate Make Their Eaux Face; And More…


Fergie is expanding her Avon fragrance empire. After her first offering, Outspoken, shattered the company’s sales records, she has embarked on Outspoken Intense, a fruity-floral that features notes of kumquat and starfruit. It’s meant to mimic that moment right before the Black Eyed Peas front woman goes on stage. “My heart starts beating faster. The adrenaline kicks in. That’s the feeling.” [WWD]

Fellow rocker Gwen Stefani also has a successful string of perfumes to her name, but the No Doubt singer’s real passion is makeup, which she’s been wearing since the seventh grade. “I’m very vain,” she deadpans. “I love the visual.” [NYDN]

In honor of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April 29 nuptials, famed perfumer Clive Christian will be gifting the newlyweds his-and-hers versions of his No. 1 Perfume, valued at $11,000 for the set. Talk about the royal treatment! [WWD]

Another day, another towering, colorful Nicki Minaj wig for us to enjoy. [Daily Mail]

Look out, Blow NY. L.A.’s Dry Bar is branching out into the New York market, which means the competition for a great, quick blow-out just got a little stiffer. [WWD]

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images