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Beauty 411: Penny Lovell


Penny LovellLondon-born stylist Penny Lovell has been trolling the various facets of the fashion world since the tender age of fifteen, when she landed her first job outfitting the mannequins in a local boutique. Lovell also logged time as a publicist for Burberry and, in the editorial realm, assisted the fashion director at British Elle before setting her sights on New York and a styling career. Since crossing the pond in 1999, and then crossing the country for L.A. in 2004, she has built a steady editorial and celebrity clientele: Emma Watson, Rose Byrne, Taylor Schilling, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, among them. Lovell also lends her styling wisdom accrued from many years in the biz to Harper’s Bazaar’s website, for which she writes a bimonthly “Tricks of the Trade” column. Here, the woman behind some of the most well-heeled celebs on the red carpet shares her own beautifying favorites.

The Pout Outfitter: Bite Beauty

“I love this lipstick store on Prince Street in New York. You can customize your own lipstick—both the color and the scent—and everything in the formula is organic and edible. It’s so fun! I take a girlfriend every time I am in NYC for an after-lunch treat. I can easily spend an hour in there mixing up new colors, and I generally leave with at least three. For those not in New York, Bite’s standard lipsticks are also great and available online at Sephora.”


The Skin Expert: Kate Somerville

“My go-to facial place. I can’t wait for my next Ultimate Kate facial. In between visits I use the Dermaquench Liquid Lift and Cytocell Dermal Energizing Treatment at home to keep the benefits going. My husband always comments on my skin and how ‘young’ I look after this facial without knowing I had an appointment! He also steals the Derma quench lift….”


The Getaway: Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

“I just returned from another spa weekend here and can’t recommend this resort enough. The spa is lovely and the staff lovelier; the resort itself is so lush, gorgeous, and peaceful. It has its own microclimate so the weather here is good pretty much all year round. Bike rides, hiking, delicious organic food, gorgeous little town down the road—there are way too many options to cover in one weekend, but next time I am determined to take the Apothecary Aroma Custom Blending class to make some bath oil. Most of all, it’s perfect for my three-year-old daughter, with a large children’s pool and multiple activities—all far, far away from the adults.”


The Signature Scent Purveyor: CB I Hate Perfume

“Until I discovered CB I Hate Perfume I, well, hated perfume. Then, my client Bella Heathcote bought me Mr. Hulot’s Holiday for my birthday and it smells just like the beach—a fresh, evocative, not-cloying, scent that improves my mood immediately and is perfect in the summer or year round to remind me of the season. Now, I’m obsessed. Recently I added Burning Leaves, Winter 1972, and Fire From Heaven to my collection, and I not only use them as perfume, but also in the office as a room scent before fittings, selecting one depending on my mood. Bella tells me his shop in Brooklyn is amazing and I can’t wait to visit next time I am in the city.”


The Skincare Brand, Par Excellence: The Organic Pharmacy

“There is not much I don’t love about this U.K. brand, but I am never without their Carrot Butter Cleanser, which takes off my makeup (including waterproof mascara) in a second and never feels dry or stings. I am also a huge fan of their supplements and buy all my vitamins and homeopathic remedies there—the one for stress is particularly effective, as I discovered during award season one year!”


The Daily Regimen

“Elemental Herbs All Good Lips lip balm is the best ever; I cannot live without it. And I wear Arbonne Water Resistant Sunscreen—which is all natural—all year round, no matter wherever I am, whatever the weather.”

See and

The Makeup Musts

“I love the Chanel Perfect Brows all-in-one compact. There are three colors to mix together to match your eyebrows, and mini tweezers and brushes. A magnifying mirror seals the deal. Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick Eye Color in Sugar Frost is my go-to for everyday; it’s a sheer subtle gold-beige sparkle and looks great with just mascara or over another eye color as an added highlight. I use it all the time. And for nails, Marc Jacobs Beauty polish in Gatsby—it’s a rose gold, the perfect new neutral, and it’s long lasting.”

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The Multipurpose Miracle: Body Bliss Mood Melt

“The essential oil has multiple uses for me; this blend is balancing, and I put a drop on my pillow at night and a few drops in my bath. It really chills me out and smells divine.”


The Fab Five: July Fourth Essentials


beautyAs far as holidays go, July Fourth has a lot going for it: barbecues, fireworks, an endless rotation of ice-cold adult beverages. Chances are you’ll need certain beauty essentials to last you through the first rays of sun (well, let’s hope) to the final explosions in the sky. In honor of the occasion, we rounded up five picks (plus a bonus) that will prove indispensable regardless of whether the festivities find you beachfront, lakeside, or city-bound.

Clear Cut
Kate Somerville Daily Deflector Waterlight SPF 50+
Sun protection is a no-brainer, particularly if you will be spending a significant amount of time outside. Kate Somerville’s newest sunscreen is as un-sunblock-y as you can get—it’s super sheer, lightweight, moisturizing, and is apparently packed with shiitake-mushroom extract to help restore skin elasticity while blocking out those rays.

The Bluest Eye
Topshop Eye Crayon in Kingfisher
I will be the first to admit I’m all for some subtle holiday color coordinating—done tastefully. So with your, say, red-and-white polka-dot dress, might I suggest a thick swath of this bright aqua shadow stick across each lid. The blue color payoff is bold, and it will resist creasing for many a daylight hour.

Multiple Choice
Ilia Multi-Stick in I Put a Spell on You
In the colder months, I’m perfectly content for each product to serve one sole purpose, but in those dog days of summer, when the desire to simplify is stronger than ever, multifunctional is a must. My current favorite is this makeup stick by the green-minded brand Ilia; the pale coral I Put a Spell on You will suit a wide array of skin tones, and it looks just as good on lips as it does on cheeks.

Polished Off
Priti Nail Color in City Girl Rose
While the state of my fingernails usually falls somewhere between totally bare and complete disarray, on holidays I always find my inner girly girl and get down to some painting. Because my tips have gone naked for about a month now, I’m easing back into the polish game with this new peachy pink by Priti that reminds me of the sparkling rosé I plan to be guzzling all weekend.

Check Your Head
Alterna Caviar CC Cream
That’s right, there are now CC creams for your hair. And here’s why I’m getting behind this one: It has just enough hold as a styling cream, it’s hydrating, it has UV filters to protect your color from fading, and it smells pretty awesome. I plan to generously slather it on before milkmaid braiding.

About Face
Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes
A bonus for your summer tote bag: Ursa Major’s new Essential Face Wipes. Cleansing, soothing, and shine-reducing, these wipes are great after a bike ride (or any other sweaty hot-weather activity) for a much-needed refresh.

Photos: Courtesy of Kate Somerville, Topshop, Ilia, Priti, Alterna, Ursa Major

A Serpentine Dream For Your Skin


Kate-Somerville-Tan-MaximizerBLACK SNAKEROOT / blak snayk-root / n / 1. Also known as Actaea racemosa, a tall woodland perennial with long plumes of white, fuzzy flowers that is native to eastern North America; / n / 2. Dried medicinal rhizomes historically used by Native Americans to treat gynecological disorders, sore throats, kidney problems, depression, and rattlesnake bites; / n / 3. A natural estrogen receptor used by early American settlers in the mid-nineteenth century to treat nervous disorders; / n / 4. An herb that helps to support the skin’s natural defense mechanisms when applied topically, resulting in a calming sensation after sun exposure, e.g., “Black snakeroot soothes your skin and calms your nerves.”

Try it: Somerville360 Tan Maximizer Tan Enhancing Moisturizer with black snakeroot extracts, $48,

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Somerville

The Oxygen Network


Oxygen facials peaked on spa menus a few years back, promising to make skin dewy and plump with mists of the refreshing, pure molecule. Despite hype and devotion from celebs (read: Madonna), dermatologists were skeptical of the lasting benefits. Now it seems oxygen is poised for a comeback—this time in the form of elixirs, creams, and even makeup infused with that atmospheric element. But the question remains: Do these O2 fixes improve your skin’s health in the long run? We tested out the latest offerings, asked the pros for their opinion, and discovered some surprising results.

The Product: Philosophy Oxygen Boost Daily Energizing Oxygen Elixir, $50,

The Claim: A companion product to the brand’s popular Oxygen Peel (which is meant to mimic the results of an oxygen facial at home), this lightweight lotion contains a veil of oxygen that aims to clarify, detoxify, and energize the skin.

The Expert’s Take: “Overall, I think the Philosophy oxygen collection is good, but I’m still skeptical of oxygen as an ingredient that does anything beneficial for the skin,” says Washington, D.C.-based dermatologist Elizabeth. “I don’t think it’s harmful in any way, just useless.”

The Experience: We can’t say for certain if it was the O2 or the blend of botanicals in this formula, but the lotion went on with a perfect velvety texture and gave our skin an amazingly moist, morning-dew-on-petals effect. Hard science aside, we’re sold.

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True Love With True Lash


Mascara wearers of the world can all agree on one thing: Successfully removing every trace of the thick black pigment from lashes—without simultaneously pulling out a few loose hairs in the process—is near impossible. We’ve been assured that losing said strays is perfectly normal and par for the course during a regular eyelash growth cycle. But we’ve always been on the hunt for something that could replenish, rather than damage, our lashes while successfully removing makeup from them. Apparently, Kate Somerville has had similar visions. Her new True Lash Lash-Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover is packed with hydrating sodium hyaluronate, green and white tea extracts to promote microcirculation and reduce puffiness, chamomile and aloe vera to smooth out fine lines, and rosehip and evening primrose extracts to add additional firmness. But the real selling point of the super-creamy formula is its patented SymLash226 Complex that actually promotes keratin production while cleansing individual hairs, so for every lash you lose, a thicker, fuller one grows in its place. Problem solved.

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Somerville