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J.W. Anderson Puts Hair on High; Kate Upton Talks About Her Body “Flaw”; and More


J.W.AndersonFashion’s wonder boy J.W. Anderson debuted his first advertising campaign, snapped by photog Jamie Hawkesworth. The clothes are certainly worth talking about, but we’re currently crushing on model Lucan Gillespie’s extra-high and wavy pony. (And is that a black scrunchie we spy?) [ U.K.]

Blond bombshell Kate Upton revealed to that her favorite body part is, wait for it…her eyes. “I have yellow in them, and yellow is my favorite color,” she says. As for the feature she isn’t so fond of: her “baby hands.” We have a feeling that with assets like Upton’s, no one’s checking out her manicure.

While there’s no shortage of rebellious teenagers, Esme Edwards, daughter of makeup artist and Stila founder Jeanine Lobell, is taking a legitimate stand against the sexual beauty standard perpetuated by the press and pop stars. The Cut reported that she rejects the “sex-kitten” vibe, but that isn’t to say she doesn’t have the talent (and creative genes) to pull off the look. Check out the teen’s makeup tutorial and her unrivaled feminist spirit.

According to, nobody was more shocked by Beyoncé’s pixie crop Instagram pics than her go-to hairstylist, Kim Kimble, who had a retro-fifties look planned for a weekend video shoot with her star client. (Guess it’s back to the drawing board.) And for all the naysayers who said she just took out her weave or extensions, Kimble dispelled the rumor by noting that Mrs. Carter has naturally long, thick hair. As if we needed another reason to be jealous of Queen Bey.

If you’re headed to Venezuela and aren’t in need of a haircut, might we suggest getting security for your strands. CNN reports that in the coastal city of Maracaibo, thieves nicknamed piranhas are attacking women for their long hair, which they later sell to salons.

Photo: Courtesy of J.W. Anderson

Kate Upton Gets A Beauty Deal; Dita Does Lipstick Tips; And More…


CR Fashion Book cover girl and voluptuous Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton has nabbed her first beauty contract. Upton will be the new spokeswoman for Gillette…hawking its men’s, not women’s, razors…and will star in promo videos for its Fusion ProGlide Styler in which she comes clean about what it will take to win her over. Spoiler alert: The answer is lots of manscaping. [NYDN]

Even the original supermodels had confidence issues when it came to their looks. “I got so insecure because you were all talking about my gums and my knees,” Linda Evangelista recalls of her first shoot with François Nars in a new interview with the makeup maestro. “And I’m like, I’m gonna get thrown out of here because of my knees!” [Interview]

The frequently crimson-lipped burlesque queen, Dita Von Teese, thinks red lipstick looks great on everyone. The secret, she says, is finding the right red, which for her is always matte. “It’s easier to wear, and it’s always classic and always elegant,” Von Teese says of the finish. [E!]

Edgar Montalvo, the hairstylist responsible for coiffing Jackie Onassis and Nancy Reagan has given a new, candid interview about working with both former first ladies. “[Jackie] was wonderful,” Montalvo recalls of the style icon for whom he made wigs after she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As for Reagan, he had “nothing positive to say.” Ouch. [NYP]

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage