August 23 2014

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Is the Blow-Out Dead?



Is it just us, or is a shiny blow-out on the decline? We’re personally in favor of the imperfectly perfect look these days—from piece-y topknots to second-day bed head. At last night’s Life Is Amazing film event in New York City, Katie Holmes channeled both trends with a loose chignon—no hairspray, gel, or finishing cream required. (A mirror and brush are probably optional, too.) Holmes likely gave her tresses a light tease, twisted the length at the crown, and slid a few bobby pins into place around the base. It really is that simple. Her finger-combed bun was the perfect complement to a slinky black jumpsuit, but we think it would look just as chic with daily office attire. Even better: The inevitable frizz and flyaways that appear after a harried and humid morning commute only add to the beautiful mess.

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Katie Holmes Expands Partnership With Bobbi Brown; Big Surgeries, Little Results; and Burberry’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Rhythm


holmes_resizeKatie Holmes has been on a beauty roll this year after teaming up with Bobbi Brown back in September and buying into Alterna haircare in January. In an interview with WWD today announcing the new Bobbi & Katie Collection, the actress discussed her partnership with Brown. “I’ve loved every minute of it—Bobbi is so creative and so smart. I’m very inspired by her.” The makeup artist and entrepreneur expressed equal admiration. “Katie’s not just a face, she’s a true partner,” said Brown. “She’s ridiculously beautiful, and she really has a feel for what women want and need. She has a great eye for color and design.”

A new study published this week revealed that major procedures like brow- and facelifts often make less of a difference than we’re led to believe. According to a New York Times article analyzing its findings, raters estimated patients’ ages to be about 2.1 years younger, on average, than their chronological age before surgery, and 5.2 years younger after surgery, an overall difference of 3.1 years, with minimal changes in attractiveness, for example. Shelling out all that money and going under the knife to turn back the clock just a few years seems, well, a bit more vain now.

After reassuming control of its beauty division in April, Burberry has introduced its first in-house fragrance, Brit Rhythm, which targets men who love rock ‘n’ roll. “Music has become such an integral part of our world, from the digital site that we have—Burberry Acoustic—to the things that we do at all the shows with the music team here that I set up,” said Christopher Bailey. The label’s chief creative officer continued to say that the scent captures “that kind of adrenaline feeling that you get from music. The effect of hairs rising on the back of your neck. The moment when you are anticipating your favorite band coming on, or when you are listening to a beautiful piece.”

Katie Holmes For Alterna; Chloë Moretz Goes Brunette; And More…


Following in Jennifer Aniston’s entrepreneurial footsteps, Katie Holmes has signed on to be a spokesperson and co-owner of the haircare brand Alterna. Holmes was also recently named the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. [WWD]

With Oz the Great and Powerful wrapped and headed to theaters, James Franco has announced his next project: Beautiful People. The biopic, which Franco will direct and star in, tells the story of Jay Sebring, who coiffed the celebrity set in the sixties, before being murdered—along with sometime girlfriend Sharon Tate—by Charles Manson’s cult. Sounds…light. [Guardian]

Chloë Moretz is a brunette! The Kick-Ass star just gave herself a milk-chocolate makeover with ombre highlights in anticipation of the couture shows next week. [Daily Mail]

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Y-3, Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto will launch a men’s scent next month called Black Label. [WWD]

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Lady Gaga’s Dirty Little Secret, Going Gray Younger, And More…


Lady Gaga opens up about her beauty routine, which includes a loyalty to Ivory soap—but not every night. The pop star admits that she regularly goes to bed with makeup on. We imagine those facial horns she’s been sporting lately are a bitch to maneuver against the pillow. [People StyleWatch]

Here’s a new acronym to add to the old beauty lexicon: GHOSTS (Gray-Haired Over-Stressed Twenty-Somethings). It’s a word professionals are now using to describe the uncharacteristically large number of women that have started going gray before they hit 30. [Daily Mail]

After lots of teasers and more than one “accidental” leak, the full-length version of Keira Knightley’s new Coco Mademoiselle commercial is officially out. [Make Epic Media]

Mother, actress, fashion designer, and now haircare spokeswoman. Katie Holmes stars in a new short film for John Frieda’s Precision Foam Colour, which is set to make its full-length Facebook debut tomorrow. [InStyle]

The desire to nip and tick is in fact gender neutral. According to a new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of cosmetic procedures among men in the United States increased by 2 percent last year. [US News & World Report]

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NARS, The Fragrance?; Gisele’s Bronzing Tips; And More…


As we reported below, François Nars is opening his flagship cosmetics boutique next week. What’s next for the makeup maestro, you ask? A fragrance. [WWD]

With Vidal Sassoon: The Movie hitting theaters today, many an interview with the mane man are flooding the wire. We’ve already shared his story with you, but here’s another interesting tidbit from Vidal: When asked about celebrity hairstyles worthy of discussion, only two names come up: Victoria Beckham and “Tom Cruise’s wife,” a.k.a. Katie Holmes. Otherwise, the legendary hairstylist thinks most of Tinseltown looks like they are wearing “curtains. They have beautiful bones, and they hide them with their hair. It’s nuts.” Ladies, take note. [NYT]

Speaking of Mrs. Cruise, she and daughter Suri’s latest outing included a trip to Canada’s Holt-Renfrew department store, where the four-year-old tested out lipsticks on the back of her hand. A beauty editor in the making! [Daily Mail]

Want a beach bronze like Gisele Bündchen? The secret is not wearing sunscreen. “I cannot put this poison on my skin,” she says, referring to the primarily synthetic sunblocks available on the market. But the Brazilian bombshell is also super-responsible with her tanning: She only exposes herself to the sun before 8 a.m., when the sun—and the paparazzi—are at their weakest. [Vogue U.K.]

Photo: Mario Testino for V Magazine, Fall 2008