August 29 2014

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5 posts tagged "Ke$ha"

Ke$ha’s Deep Impact


How do you know a runway trend has truly gone viral? When it shows up on everyone form A-list models and actresses at the Met gala to radio-play pop stars at obscure music showcases. We are of course talking about Fall’s now ubiquitous dark lip, which made its latest appearance on Ke$ha last night in L.A. at the BMI Pop Awards. Here’s where things get really interesting: the blonde “Tik Tok” singer also managed to incorporate another one of this season’s big beauty moments into her look: headbands. We never thought we’d say this, but Ke$ha appears to be—wait for it—on trend. How do you feel about the mulberry mouth’s latest cameo?

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Cindy Sherman for MAC, Ryan Gosling Finds Out If Blonds Have More Fun, And More…


MAC’s just-announced Cindy Sherman collection is all about the power of transformation. Sherman shows off the bright color palette in the ad campaign as she goes from Hitchcock heroine to Park Avenue plastic surgery maven to a fresh corpse. [Racked]

Speaking of new looks, Ke$ha took it all off for her recent photo shoot with Terry Richardson. That’s right; no smudged, heavy black eye shadow here. Just a—dare we say—classy application of mascara and a bit of liner, a strong improvement for the pop singer. [Hollywood Life]

If you thought basic fake eyelashes were a lot to handle, think again. These new eyelashes from Taiwanese designer Ting yu Wang depict an entire scene on your eyelids. They are intriguing, but we are thinking they might be reserved for Gaga only? [Jezebel]

There’s a new blond bombshell in Hollywood—Ryan Gosling. The Notebook star was spotted in New York sporting a new bleach-blond ‘do for a role in his upcoming movie The Place Beyond the Pines. The hunky actor was also rocking several arm tattoos. [Us]


When Hoarding Equals Cold Hard Cash, R-Fed Gets Sensitive, And More…


An anonymous French perfume bottle collector has paid approximately $55,865 at auction for an engraved Guerlain flacon circa 1870, setting a new world record. Let that be a lesson to all those haters who make fun of your “trinket shrine.” [Scented Salamander]

As tennis fans already know, Roger Federer’s French Open loss yesterday means that the final will be played without him for the first time in five years. Luckily, he’s got that new Gillette Sensitive Skin spokesperson deal to keep him occupied. (For the record, he looked pretty thick-skinned as he trudged off the court in defeat). []

Ke$ha is changing it up a little bit, graduating from wearing single feathers in her hair to a full-on headdress, which she sported at the MTV World Stage VMAJ concert yesterday. She’s still pumping out that old, tired set list though. Same things change, some stay the same. [MTV]

Thinking about embracing a vegetarian diet and really going green? Well, that’s not good enough, anymore. According to a new report from the U.N. Environment Programme, a global shift toward a vegan diet is the only way to save the world from “hunger, fuel poverty, and the worst impacts of climate change.” Meat Free Mondays, anyone? [Guardian]

Ke$ha’s Crystal Vision


We’ve pointed out the homage before, but Ke$ha seems bent on making Lady Gaga’s crazy adventures in eye makeup her own. At a secret show last night in East London, the “TiK ToK” singer was spotted with a sunburst of multicolored crystals glued around her left eye, which called to mind Gaga’s pearl experiment from a few weeks back. Are there enough sparkly things to glue onto your face to go around, or do you think Ke$ha should find a new signature?

Photo: Anthony Devlin / AP Photo

Lady Gaga’s Shimmer Effect Shows Up At The Grammys


Since Lady Gaga started sporting those sparkle-heavy eye patches last year, crafting glimmering shapes well past your peepers has caught on like wild fire. At last night’s Grammy Awards, Russian pop star Nadeea went with a silver homage to the Fame Monster, while Billboard chart-topper Ke$ha opted for a less blatant multicolored glitter salute, equipped with some heavy black liner for an “I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack” effect. If you don’t want to take it quite to those extremes, you can still do high shine with style. Case in point: Rihanna. She opted for a silver opalescent shadow and some individual, spaced-out lashes, which can have as much impact as the in-your-face stuff, especially if you mind this helpful tip from makeup artist Mylah Morales: “Use a wet brush to apply your shadow for increased opacity and staying power.” If it looks that good on RiRi, it just may be worth a test run at home.

Photo: Kyle Rover / Startrack; Gregg DeGuire / PictureGroup / AP Images