August 30 2014

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Are You Brow Gellin’?


I’m a relatively unfaithful salon client. When it comes to facials, haircuts, massages, manicures, and the like, I tend to bounce around to a number of highly skilled artists rather than stay loyal to one. Except when it comes to my eyebrows. No one except Jimena Garcia touches my ebony arches, and wherever she goes, I follow. I met Garcia during her tenure at Robin Evans Skincare in Soho, circa 2006, and moved with her shortly thereafter to Tenoverten in Tribeca, where I just picked up an excellent new product tip. A few years ago, Garcia suggested I keep my brows sculpted but “long and bushy,” contained by clear brow gel rather than a tight scissor trim, and I’ve been following this regimen ever since. (The effect gives you a fuller, semi-spiky look, which appears both feral and kempt all at once.) Having run out of brow gel on a recent visit, I asked Garcia if there was a formula she preferred, as I’d been having trouble finding a good one. She answered without missing a beat: “Kelley Baker. It’s from L.A.,” she explained, presenting me with one of the SoCal brow artist’s black tubes emblazoned with her signature heart logo. “It doesn’t flake, and it stays on all day,” Garcia continued, revolutionizing my face-framing pursuits once again.

Kelley Baker Brows Brow Gel, $20, available at; Jimena Garcia at Tenoverten, 112 Reade Street, NYC. To book an appointment, call (212) 406-1010 or visit