September 2 2014

styledotcom Want to know what's in our EIC's wardrobe? Of course you do. Dirk Standen on @thecoveteur:

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White Out


Spring Beauty Trends

Alongside the plethora of colors used at many shows for Spring 2014 (Chanel, Céline, and Prada, to name just three), there were several designers that opted for a clean slate. (And no, I’m not talking about the bevy of “raw” hair and makeup looks that were also popular this season.) Instead, I’m referring to graphic bands of white drawn across models’ lids by Aaron de Mey at Kenzo, the alabaster pencil Tom Pecheux used instead of shadow (in order to “avoid flakes on the lashes”) to create a modern mod look at Ralph Lauren, and the combo of cream and powder he dusted on eyes at Altuzarra. Using the right tool to apply is also key to pulling off this color: For a subtle wash of white (as seen at Altuzarra), use a large, soft brush to blend, explained Pecheux. “If you use something very hard, [the color] is going to be very opaque and you will look like a panda,” he added. And while those rings might look adorable on cuddly bears, they definitely don’t have the same effect on people.

To see all of Spring’s top backstage trends, read our Beauty Moments feature.

Photos: Ivan Lattuada /; Yannis Vlamos /

In Living Color


kenzoKenzo—a design house known for its vivid prints—is taking the notion of adding a splash of color to scent-sational new heights with two new fragrances: Couleur Kenzo Pink and Couleur Kenzo Yellow. While approximately only one in a thousand people can claim to smell color and call themselves a “synaesthete,” (in short, a person who processes stimuli through two bodily senses), all of us can now partake in this unique medical phenomenon simply by spritzing. Pink, according to perfumers Jean Jacques and Sylvie Fischer, equates to sparkling notes such as grapefruit, rose, and musk—the perfect accessory to the bevvy of blush-colored bridal gowns that recently made their way down multiple Fall 2014 runways. Yellow immediately makes me think citrus, which is included by way of bergamot, citron, and orange blossom. Vanilla, however, lends some gourmand flavor to the juicy eau. One thing is clear after getting a whiff of both hues: I can’t wait to experience the rest of the spectrum.

$64 each; available exclusively at Sephora in November.

Life Aquatic, Backstage At Kenzo


kenzoMessages against overfishing were abundant at Kenzo—with No Fish No Nothing scrawled across the doors of the La Cité du Cinéma and a sweatshirt in the collection. The idea was also reflected in the iridescent fabrics (with a sheen similar to that of scales), sunglasses with fish-eye-like baubles that wrapped around ears, an “aquatic sound system” in middle of the catwalk that jolted with every beat, and a floor-to-ceiling waterfall that served as the backdrop for the runway.

To reflect the marine movement, makeup artist Aaron de Mey mimicked the “crest of a wave” by drawing a graphic band of MAC Acrylic Paint in White across the tops of lashes with an angled brush, abruptly ending the line at the outer corners. “It looks like zinc on the lids—[providing] the reverse effect of classic sixties eyeliner,” he said. In addition to oceanic inspiration, de Mey cited Black Flag (a punk band hailing from Hermosa Beach, California): “I experimented with black, but it was too heavy and literal—punk is a feeling of being opposite to everyone else, and the blunt shape makes it feel more aggressive.” The rest of the face was kept bare, applying concealer only where necessary and dabbing a heavy cream on the tops of cheekbones, chin, and down the bridge of the nose to lend a dewy finish.

To give strands an underwater—yet androgynous—feel, hairstylist Anthony Turner blew them dry using mousse and his fingers for texture, then made a boyish side part and slicked the top section back behind one ear with a wet-look gel. “It’s almost how a boy would grease the side of his hair,” he explained. And in lieu of schools of fish, a gang of tough L.A. girls (similar to the idea at Prada, but with a far more West Coast vibe) served as the pro’s muse. Turner left the length dry, but used a curling iron to create ridges and marks—his interpretation of how women in the street “badly tong” their hair. He topped everything off with a liberal amount of L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium hair spray for added shine and control.

Press-on tips designed by Naomi Yasuda were based with MAC Nail Lacquer in Nocturnelle (an ebony hue) and streaked with Vestral White using a skinny liner brush. The abstract art not only picked up on the patterns at the beginning of the show, but popped against the cobalt, fuchsia, acid yellow, and sea foam green colors splashed across dresses, blazers, midriff-baring tops, minis, and floppy beach hats. If taking a stand looks like this, I’m ready to join the cause.

A French Import Arrives Stateside; Oprah’s Big Beauty Reveal; LaLa Anthony Talks High-Fashion Nails; And A Month Of Manis In A Box


bioderma crealineBioderma Créaline, the French makeup remover beloved by makeup artists, models, and editors the world over, is available on Sears’ website, says While we’ve found a few select stores that carry this gem in New York City, now every beauty junkie nationwide can easily get her hands on a bottle of this non-greasy, water-like formula. The only question left is, what to do with the extra space in our suitcases next time we return from Paris fashion week?

Oprah showed off her hair-raising September cover on Instagram. According to The Cut, the super-sized wig weighs roughly the same amount as a Chihuahua (3.5 pounds). But if there’s anyone that can wear a ‘fro this fantastic, it’s the Queen of Talk. Winfrey’s top tip for pulling off a massive mane: equally large earrings. “Otherwise they just get lost in the hair,” she says.

The reality star, basketball wife, makeup creator, and newly minted Caress spokeswoman LaLa Anthony just revealed to that blue, orange, and yellow Kenzo patterns are splashed across her nails. What’s next, Proenza Schouler’s photo prints?

Speaking of manis, reports that you can get nail wraps designed by finger painters like Britney Tokyo and Natalie Nichole of Nail Swag mailed to your doorstep each month by Scratch, a nail wrap company with a commitment to creativity. Your box will come brimming with tools, accents, and three sets of wraps that can be used to create four different manicures—not to mention, a special surprise created by each edition’s collaborator.

Throwback Thursday: Liza With An “L” (For “Liner”)


Throwback Thursday is a new feature on Beauty Counter in which we pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day makeup and hair inspiration.

The Model: Liza Minnelli

The Moment: Lower-Lash-Line Liner

The Motivation: As huge Arrested Development fans, we were more than a little excited when we heard that an entire new season of the cult-favorite show will be released on Netflix—all at once—on May 26, reuniting us with one of our favorite characters: the vertigo-afflicted Lucille 2, played by Liza Minnelli. It’s one of the legendary performer’s most memorable parts, next to her appearance in Bob Fosse’s 1972 film Cabaret, of course—and her decade-spanning role as an enduring beauty icon, as evidenced by this Steven Meisel-lensed shot circa 1990. It’s hard to know exactly where to begin with this picture, so we’ll just convey our excitement with a series of exclamations: those squared-off brows! That diffused, smoky cat-eye! The punky, black-rimmed lower lash line that’s reminiscent of Aaron de Mey’s “futuristic maharaja” homage backstage at Kenzo’s Fall show! Even if you haven’t jumped on board the Arrested Development bandwagon, you’ve gotta love this.

Photo: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, 1990; Courtesy of