September 2 2014

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Closing Time


fashion-monthPost-Lillehammer Winter Olympics, Nancy Kerrigan told the masses that she was going to Disney World after “winning the hearts of the world” (and not the gold medal…that, of course, went to a pink marabou-clad Oksana Baiul). Ask the backstage beauty crews what they’ll be doing following fashion month and I guarantee you nobody will mention an amusement park. (To be honest, the casts of characters on the circuit are far more entertaining than a parade of princesses—and much better dressed). Here, what three MAC pros are up to now that the Fall 2014 madness has come to a close:

“Laying on the beach in Fiji with my husband, some cocktails, and a pile of books.”

“Trying to come up for air and reacclimate to my time zone before hitting the road to host five consecutive spring Master Class trips all over North America. No rest until summer for me!”

“Snuggling with my cats.”

Ditto to the last response. I’ll also be indulging in more than a disco nap at night and clocking some serious sleep.

Photo: Sonny Vandevelde/

Reined-in Glamour at Roberto Cavalli


robertocavalliSimilar to Donatella Versace last night, yet another designer known for excess—Roberto Cavalli—opted for simplicity when it came to beauty, juxtaposing beaded gowns, metallic fabrics, and snakeskin with pared-down hair and makeup. “Anything that looks like you’ve tried feels old; the not-caring theme is what makes it sexy,” said mane master Guido Palau. (Music to my ears, and to those of you whose styling skills are subpar.) To get the laid-back—but still polished—look the designer desired, Palau used his finger to make a messy center part, then tucked hair behind the ears. To add an element of control, he flattened the top section close to the scalp using Redken Shine Flash 02 and anchored strands in place with Fashion Work 12 (a hair spray). For girls with straighter textures, he wrapped sections around the barrel of a curling iron and raked through waves with his hands for natural bend and movement.

The makeup was equally as “raw,” face painter Diane Kendal said—a term she’s used a lot this season. After applying a light-coverage foundation, she smoothed MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in Copper Beech under the cheekbones to gently contour the face. Casual Colour in Keep It Loose (a warm pinky-peach shade) was tapped on the apples and topped with Extra Dimension Blush in Pleasure Model to intensify the color. Kendal used a brush to run Sculpting Cream in Coffee Walnut in the crease of the eye and layered it with Copper Beech, blending the pigments with her fingertips to eliminate any harsh lines. Black cream liner was worked just along and in between the top lashes for definition. Sparkle Shadow in Tender Moon was then dusted over lids to make them appear wet (minus the gloppy grease so often used to achieve the effect), while lips were slicked with the Velvetease Lip Pencil in Mattely in Love for a non-shiny finish. To lend a “sweaty feel” to the face, Kendal patted Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré onto the surface of the skin.

To pick up on the silver thread running throughout the collection, Keri Blair mixed MAC Discothèque and Girl Trouble Nail Lacquers with Overlacquer (a top coat) to dilute the opaque polishes and create a sheer and shimmery “essence.” “It’s like mixing a clear gloss with lipstick,” she said of the process. The theme of Spring 2014 still remains the same (at least thus far): Less truly is more.

Photo: Sonny Vandevelde /

Halloween Beauty Fright Fest!


Ah, All Hallows’ Eve, the one holiday when tons of makeup—for men and women—is not only encouraged, but expected. If you haven’t sorted out a costume yet, forgo all the pre-packaged Ricky’s options and get inspired instead by this roundup of beauty-driven ideas—that means heavy on the inventive coiffing and face painting. Here, MAC senior artist Keri Blair offers transformative tips for a few costumes you’ll likely be seeing a lot of (Avatar, Lady Gaga) and a few of the more obscure variety (Anna Piaggi and Tammy Faye Baker. Nothing says creepy like the infamous preacher’s wife’s heavy caked-on mascara). Happy spooking!

Photo: clockwise from top left: 20th Century Fox / Everett Collection; Evan Agostini / AP Photo; Courtesy of