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Kiehl’s Bags Marilyn Minter


BLOG_BeautyMarilyn Minter is no stranger to a beauty collaboration—she was commissioned last by MAC in 2009 to create a photograph inspired by the cosmetic giant’s Fall color collection. This time around, the artist teamed up with Kiehl’s to produce a permanent installation for the company’s new Nolita boutique opening on Thursday in New York City. While you won’t be able to take home the wall art, you can snag a limited-edition tote bag screen-printed with Minter’s original creation. And at $20 (all proceeds of which benefit Planned Parenthood), you’ll have plenty leftover to fill up your new shopper with a few essentials, like the brand’s cult favorite Creme de Corps.

Kiehl’s Nolita, 223 Mulberry Street, New York City. Store opens on July 10 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Bill Clinton Is On the Hunt for Fragrance Candidates, Red Lipstick Not Safe For TV, and More


red lips

At the Fragrance Foundation’s inaugural program, former President Bill Clinton revealed that he doesn’t use cologne. “Really,” he said, “I don’t think about it. I just try to be hygienic. I’m more worried about picking the right kind of toothpaste.” [WWD]

Mr. (former) President, we have a suggestion that will satisfy your sweet tooth: Crest is launching a line of candy-flavored toothpastes. Crest Be will include flavors like Lime Spearmint Zest, Vanilla Mint Spark, and Mint Chocolate Trek. [Refinery29]

Teen television hosts of the weekly BBC children’s series Friday Download have been banned from wearing red lipstick because it’s “too sexy.” Nothing ruins impressionable young minds faster than a scarlet woman. [Daily Mail]

Kiehl’s ventured across the bridge and opened up shop in the BK. In celebration, they’re offering free skateboard lesson passes while supplies last. Way to blend into the hood. [Brooklyn Daily]

Photo: Tommy Ton

Let’s Hear It for the Boys



Kiehl’s, a New York City staple for more than 160 years, is famous for its no-frills products designed to pamper and protect from head to toe. Now, just in time for the holidays, the brand is coming to the rescue once again, this time by answering the age-old question of what to buy for the man in your life. Enter the Dopp Kit: a limited-edition travel set produced in collaboration with Ruffian design duo Brian Wolk and Claude Morais. The kit contains a refreshing facial mist, a purifying hand treatment, and eucalyptus lip relief—all specially developed to safeguard against harsh in-flight conditions that can wreak havoc on his delicate skin. And if that isn’t enough indulgence, after more than a decade in the biz, the Ruffians are reprising one of the first products they ever introduced: a special-edition silk moirétie. Handmade in NYC, the neckwear is stamped with the label’s signature crest (which is composed entirely out of Swarovski crystals).

And if your guy is looking less than dapper during party season, send him straight to the beauty brand’s first full-service barbershop and store in Hell’s Kitchen, where this item is retailing exclusively. Opening today, midtown’s newest gentlemen’s quarters features two chairs designed by artist and motorcycle builder Paul Cox and a Skin Profile Diagnostic device (a machine that assesses everything from sebum levels to pore size via 3-D imagery technology).

$100; available at 678 Ninth Ave., New York, NY, (212) 956-2891.

A Luxurious Homecoming



The French word retrouvé signifies a reunion, a reconnection with something or someone you love. For Jami Morse Heidegger—third-generation Kiehl’s heiress, beauty visionary, and lifelong Francophile—the name has layers of personal meaning. “Once we sold Kiehl’s [to L'Oréal in 2000], I thought I was really out of the business,” she said at a small luncheon in Paris recently. “But making beauty products is who I am, it’s what I love, and what I’ve done my whole life.”

During the decade she spent composing high-concentration beauty creams for herself, Heidegger passed some samples along to friends. “I saw that she was having fun with it, and more and more friends kept asking her for it. So I finally said, ‘Just do this,’” added her husband, Klaus.

Today, Heidegger’s hobby, Retrouvé—an upscale “essential skincare line” of four products for women and men—launches today at Nose, the niche fragrance and skincare boutique in Paris. (For those who reside outside of the City of Light, ships internationally.) spoke with Heidegger about her return to beauty and what Retrouvé is really about.

How did Retrouvé come about?

It was honestly a very personal project. When we sold Kiehl’s, my children were young, I wanted to take care of my family, and I thought I was done. But I also knew what I wanted for myself—what ingredients and which concentrations would be the most effective for my own skin. So I worked with my chemist on formulas without any price constraints because it was just for me. We had total freedom. I never stopped following what was happening in beauty, so I would try a little of this or that. There were many incarnations.

What finally convinced you to return to the beauty business?

Klaus knew what I was doing, of course, and then friends started asking me what I was using these days, so I would give them an extra bottle, and word just got out. It’s pretty much the same thing that happened when I started making baby products at Kiehl’s. I just wanted to use fragrance-free products for my baby, and then her pediatrician asked me for some for other patients, and it just took off from there.

Retrouvé is also for my children. My elder daughter was so attached to Kiehl’s—she would come and hand out samples at Christmas. When we sold the company it was devastating for her. I began to think that maybe I could do something small, keep it fun. My daughter is in grad school now, but if ever she wants to circle back to it, she can. In that sense it’s sort of a legacy.

What are the special ingredients in this skincare program?

There’s no one magical ingredient. It’s more about combinations and how we create the entire formula. Retrouvé is very cutting-edge. But every year or two there are incredible advances in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. A couple years from now we might have to adapt the formulations because it’s such a fast-evolving world.

What sets Retrouvé apart?

For lack of a better word, it is “gookier”! That’s not necessarily a great marketing term, but I like a heavier texture. My skin tends to be dry, so I knew that I needed something with greater hold, and I’m never in a rush to apply makeup. One of the taglines I wrote at Kiehl’s was “Throw away your makeup, please!” Makeup is wonderful, of course. But we shouldn’t rely on it to cover up problems. You don’t buy high fashion just to dress up an exterior. The idea is to look as good as possible nude, and then wear nice clothes. What cosmetics need to do is help the skin be the best it can be. So I take an extra ten minutes to let the cream soak in. I mean, is it really the end of the world if you look gooky for ten minutes? I’m not afraid of doing something funny or silly if it makes sense to me—I’ve been going my own way my whole life!

Like what other silly things?

I live in L.A., and I know people who would rather get a facelift than use sun protection—even today. But back before sunscreen caught on, I was the one out there wearing my favorite ugly floppy anti-UV hat, my face slathered in zinc oxide. People always thought I was a little out there. Now everyone is finally onto floppy hats.

Retrouvé is a little like that: It requires a few extra minutes, but those extra minutes will make more of a difference in the long run in terms of protecting and preserving the skin. It’s just one of many ways to take care of yourself.

The line is high-end. If a customer were to choose only one product, what would it be?

The Nutrient Face Serum is the foundation of the line and our philosophy—it also happens to be the product that is most universal. The Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer is the one I focused on for myself, for its anti-aging effects. That’s the gookier one; it’s the most unique.

What does luxury mean to you?

Worrying is the bane of my existence: I worry about the ozone layer, about the water supply, about food scarcity, about my children, about radiation from electrical wires. Luxury for me is not having to worry.

Retrouvé may not be for everyone, but it’s not supposed to be. I figure that if people like it, great. If not, we’ll just divvy up the products amongst ourselves!

Nutrient Face Serum €391, Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer €440, Revitalizing Eye Concentrate €410, Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream €385;

Guilt-Free Pampering Courtesy of Kiehl’s


kiehls-creme-de-corpsThe trouble with holiday shopping is that what starts as a sincere hunt for gifts for loved ones, can swiftly turn into an accidental self-indulgent spree (“You know who would look good in that? Me!”). If you’re guilty of picking up one too many treats for yourself this time of year, channel that urge into products that do good. Start with the two new limited-edition Creme de Corps body butters from Kiehl’s.

The brand is donating up to $100,000 of the profits from the luxe, creamy moisturizers to the Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry campaign, a program that gives needy children nutritious meals they would otherwise go without. Yes, even with childhood obesity increasing in alarming numbers, it’s a sobering fact that one in five American kids struggles with hunger. With the ongoing support of corporations and consumers, Share Our Strength hopes to reduce that number to zero. Now if only someone could do the same for our January credit card bill.

$38 each, Kiehl’s Limited Edition Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter in Grapefruit,, and Coriander,

Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl’s