August 23 2014

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Try It: DIY Oily-Hair Remedies; Blondes Versus Brunettes: The Eternal Debate; And More …


Fighting flat hair and an oily scalp? Try a baking soda and apple-cider vinegar rinse instead of conditioner to cut down on wash time and boost shine and volume. [Allure]

According to new research, men actually prefer brunettes to blondes and think that women with chocolaty locks are “deeper” and “more sensible” than those with flaxen strands. [Telegraph]

Following the on-screen blood facial that went viral, Kim Kardashian made headlines again this weekend after she tweeted a photo of herself getting facial acupuncture—in full makeup, no less. Nothing is too extreme when it comes to the reality star’s beauty regimen. [Hollywood Life]

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Khroma Beauty Faces Another Setback; Nicki Minaj Creates a Fragrance Wardrobe—Literally; And More…


Following lawsuits aplenty claiming that Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian’s makeup range, Khroma Beauty, infringed on the copyright for Kroma Makeup, which is held by a Florida-based company, a U.S. District Court for the Central District of California has issued a preliminary injunction blocking the reality stars’ beauty venture—for now. [WWD]

In other sisters-Kardashian news, Kim has gotten blunt-cut bangs. Stop the presses. [Daily Mail]

Bobbi Brown is a big proponent of always focusing on “your beauty in the moment,” which is how she often advises clients over fifty. “Never compare to the way you used to look,” she recommends—with two exceptions: “Whiten your teeth, because yellow ones look unhealthy. Get gloss treatments to keep hair shiny and lustrous.” [AARP]

Between recording, judging American Idol, and making personal appearances, Nicki Minaj still managed to find time to…design a line of couture clothing for her Pink Friday fragrance collection, available exclusively at Selfridges. [NYDN]

Photo: Courtesy of Ulta

Jason Wu x Lancôme; Backstage At Copenhagen Fashion Week; and More…


Jason Wu launched a nail collaboration with CND three years ago, followed by a scented candle with Nest Fragrances in 2012, leaving the growing number of Wu acolytes the world over to wonder when MObama’s favorite American designer would extend his reach into cosmetics. Wonder no more: Today Lancôme announced that it will partner with Wu on his first makeup range, due out in September. [Lancôme]

Rihanna went back to her red-bowl-cut roots last week—although she appears to have tired of it already. Riri’s latest hairstyle evolution is the classic side shave with extensions—an oldie but a goodie. [Coco Perez]

Looking for some quality beauty tips from the Fall shows in Copenhagen? MAC senior artist Elke W. has all the backstage details. Those two-toned lips at Vivienne Westwood? A layering effort of MAC Chromagraphic Pencils in Rich Purple, Process Magenta, or Burgundy and its Lipmix in Mid-Tone Nude, which was inspired by “plastic doll-like porn lips.” Fascinating. [Twitter]

Before she becomes a first-time mother, Kim Kardashian will become a six-time fragrance producer. Her Honey eau de parfum will bow in the Fall, a few short months before baby Kimye. [Hollywood Life]

In other celebrity-fragrance news, Adam Levine wants the world to know that his debut scent will not be “another bullshit celebrity fragrance.” Instead, the spicy, Indian jasmine, Australian sandalwood, rose petal, and vanilla men’s eau will be understated and elegant—”like Tom ford,” Levine says. Those are some pretty lofty ambitions, but the star from The Voice certainly seems to think that he’s up to the challenge. [WWD]

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Kim’s Fringe Benefits; Snoop’s Pro Tips; And more…


From Chanel’s Spring show to Snoop Dogg’s fingertips: The French manicure is making a comeback. [Fashion & Style]

After three fake trial runs, Kim Kardashian has finally cut herself a real set of bangs. Or so it seems. [Glamour]

Nissan is adding another sensory element to its display at the Detroit auto show this year: smell. The car company has enlisted a fragrance house to design a custom scent that is “modern, vibrant, and exacting.” The resulting fresh oriental eau boasts notes of green tea and is meant to evoke an emotional response in would-be buyers. [NYT]

Nail-polish companies aren’t the only ones capitalizing on big-budget Hollywood productions. Starting this month, Urban Decay will release two face-painting sets inspired by Oz The Great And Powerful, Michelle Williams’ and Mila Kunis’ characters specifically. [People]

According to a new study, diets with mobile-app components—specifically Twitter—can increase your potential for weight loss. The research was actually quantified, too: Every ten posts to Twitter corresponded to a 0.5 percent weight loss. That’s 1,400 characters well spent. [Fox News]

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The Master Cleanse, A Master Guide; Rihanna Goes Long; And More…


The Master Cleanse is back. After years of watching his liquid detox get blasted by misinformation and false claims on the Internet, the Cleanse’s creator, Peter Glickman, has published a new book, The Master Cleanse Coach, to set the record on the regimen straight. [NYDN]

Like most of Rihanna’s hairstyles, her recent return to a faded boy cut was short-lived. Her latest mane move involves long, side-swept, highlighted extensions. [Hollywood Life]

Pregnant just fourteen weeks, Kim Kardashian is already vying for some new brand endorsements. “It prevents wrinkles around my eyes and stretch marks over my body,” the mother-to-be recently said of the drugstore favorite Bio-Oil. [Daily Mail]

Improving your post-holiday complexion may be as easy as eating more—and better. Foods rich in essential fatty acids, like olive and flaxseed oil, proteins such as lean beef and eggs, as well as antioxidant-packed vegetables, like carrots and red bell peppers, can boost clarity and brightness. [Shape]

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