August 23 2014

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Acne Problems? There’s An App For That; Jennifer’s Body Double; And More…


Another iPhone app that claims to help you with your beauty needs is in the works. This one features a special light that allegedly kills acne-causing bacteria and promotes collagen growth while you talk on the phone. Multitasking at its best! [The Sun]

The Jolie-Pitts and the Holmes-Cruises were out in full force at last night’s Super Bowl—as was one Kim Kardashian, who used Minx nail overlays to show her support for boyfriend, Saints running back Reggie Bush. The gold and black designs spelled “Bush” on both of her hands, with his number, 25, on her thumbs. If only custom-made Minx were available to the non-celeb set. We could’ve done better. [Access Hollywood]

Speaking of the Super Bowl, how ’bout that big Dove for Men spot celebrating what is being hailed as a “postmodern type of masculinity,” i.e., men who are comfortable enough in their skin to use moisturizer without shame. Hey, it beat the rest of the ads, which were heavy on the misogynistic references to nagging wives and girlfriends. In 2010? Really? [Denver Post]

And one more SB note for you. Megan Fox is at the center of a “body double” debate. No, no—those sexy calves sticking out of the bathtub during that Motorola ad were all hers, but the hand caressing the phone in the close-up reportedly belonged to someone else. Scan-da-lous. [Daily Mail]

Wigging Out: New Hair Heroics


An odd trend has sprung up among celebrities of late that was probably a long time coming. The ubiquity and near universal acceptance of using hair extensions to change up your look from one day to the next seems to have cleared the way for a resurgence of wigs, worn both to conceal and enhance identity. We sort of hope it catches on so we can live out our Stockard Channing-in-Grease fantasies without ever having to chop off our long locks. You?

Photo: Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images, George Pimentel / Wire Image

Chloë And Co. Turn Out To Fête Kiehl’s


“There are very few businesses that’ve been around this long,” Kiehl’s president Chris Salgardo said last night as he celebrated the apothecary’s 158 years in the beauty biz with new renovations to the flagship store and a host of celebrities in tow. “It’s been about three years in the making,” he said of the East Village mainstay’s refurbishing, which includes new fixtures, an updated layout, and the addition of a gifting station equipped with a collection of products exclusive to the store, like the limited edition lip balm cap (above), designed by New York Adorned. Toasting the company’s increased success worldwide and its continued dedication to the downtown community were Natasha Leone, Kim Kardashian, Amber Tamblyn, and Chloë Sevigny, the latter of whom will forever reign supreme over all that lies below 14th Street. “I’ve been using their products since ’93,” the actress surmised as she rattled off a list of her favorites, including the brand’s line-reducing serum, under-eye concentrate, lavender bubble bath, and Creme de Corps. When it comes to makeup, though, it’s all about Yves Saint Laurent, whose matte pink lipstick Sevigny broke out for the soirée. “It’s great because you don’t need a compact with it,” she said, pointing to the gold rectangular tube’s reflective surface. And then it dawned on us: a Kiehl’s color collection, by Chloë Sevigny. It’d be a great way to usher in the company’s 160th birthday, no?

Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl’s