August 21 2014

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Beauty Nostalgia: Reminiscing With…Kirsten Kjaer Weis


Kirsten-Kjaer-Weis-TokalonBeauty Nostalgia is a weekly column on Beauty Counter in which we ask influencers, tastemakers, and some of our favorite industry experts to wax poetic on the sticks, salves, and sprays that helped shape who they are today.

The Pro: Kirsten Kjaer Weis, makeup artist and founder of Kjaer Weis cosmetics

The Product: “Certain scents and images stay with you forever. For me, it’s the Tokalon face moisturizer that my mother uses. It’s a Swiss lotion that she discovered at the local pharmacy. The texture was quite thick and rich, and I’m sure that’s why it left a luminous sheen on her skin. The smell was quite perfume-y. Today it would feel way too artificial and heavy, but I think, as a kid, it smelled expensive and sophisticated to me. I never used it myself, but I often remember opening it up, closing it, smelling it, putting some on my hand and dreaming a bit. I grew up on a farm in Denmark, and I don’t recall anybody wearing makeup on a day-to-day basis. I think that’s why this lotion stands out to me as something for special occasions. It was the equivalent of a woman wearing makeup in the city! My mother loved a natural glow. I thought she was so beautiful, all dressed up, with a glow to her skin and an effortless stain of lipstick. I don’t use this moisturizer, but my mother still does. Now, I have a passion for organic skincare, like Tata Harper’s Serum and Roll-On Oil. That’s how I get my glow back!”

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Kirsten Kjaer Weis Sets Out To Change The Mascara Game


kw_truly_game_changing_mascaraI have very little to complain about when it comes to my skin. It registers as fairly normal on a scale of dry to oily, is very rarely reactive, and it only turns against me when I do it wrong by taking on much too much stress. I can use most products on my face—and a similarly large array of makeup, although there is one thing I’m allergic to: almost every name-brand mascara. This does not stop me from using them, mind you. I won’t be separated from my gold tube of Guerlain’s mega-thickening and lengthening Cils d’Enfer formula or the limited-edition, as-yet-unreleased wand of Alber Elbaz-designed, Lancôme Hypnôse Drama that I’ve been hoarding like an eight-year-old with a hard-earned bag of Halloween candy since scoring it at a preview earlier this spring. But they do irritate my eyes after an extended period of time, thanks to a number of common pigments, polymers, and preservatives that are, unfortunately, integral to creating the kind of performance I’ve come to rely on.

There are natural alternatives, of course, but none that work nearly as well: No joke, Guerlain’s mascara mimics the effect of lash extensions, without the $400 service charge and two-hour application process. That said, I am still finding myself impressed with the latest from Kirsten Kjaer Weis. The Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist whose eponymous natural cosmetic range comes in those beautiful, Cartier-like red lacquered boxes has dubbed her latest release the Truly Game-Changing Mascara, and in some ways, it lives up to its name. Coming in at 99.81-percent organic—a feat in and of itself—the cupuacu butter, beeswax and carnauba wax, and castor-seed oil formula separates and darkens lashes and smells of rose oil and lavender flower water, rather than that peculiar mascara aroma that is hard to describe but readily identifiable. Guerlain, it is not: You have to swipe on at least four coats to get a noticeable flutter, and even then, it doesn’t compare to the girth of a synthetic, prestige alternative. But it wears well all day and, in perhaps better news, never necessitates a precarious eye rub.

Photo: Courtesy of Kjaer Weis

The 411: Kirsten Kjaer-Weis


Makeup artist turned beauty entrepreneur Kirsten Kjaer-Weis may call New York home nowadays, but she spent her formative years in much more remote environs: a tiny farming town in rural Denmark. Her upbringing there helped cement a love for natural ingredients that would eventually lead Kjaer-Weis to develop her eponymous range of organic makeup. Thanks to its sustainable credo and ridiculously elegant packaging—designer Marc Atlan, he of the Comme des Garçons signature fragrance bottle, created the chic, refillable metal compacts that swing open with the cool click of a Mercedes car door—the line has earned both accolades and fans a plenty. Since Kjaer-Weis is clearly a woman of impeccable taste, we couldn’t wait to hear about her own beauty and lifestyle favorites. Spoiler alert: She practices the “live green” routine she preaches.

The Morning Musts: Liquid Breakfast
“My regular routine consists of a big glass of water and lemon in the morning; it feels like the best start to the day. That combined with a daily fresh-squeezed green vegetable juice gives skin a great foundation and beautiful glow. I am a firm believer that great skin starts on the inside. Besides that, products used on the skin must always be all natural with no artificial ingredients.”

The Salve Savior: Tata Harper
“I am a big fan of Tata Harper’s products. They are made with beautiful, all-natural ingredients and they perform amazingly. I use her cleanser morning and evening, followed by the serum and her roll-on oil moisturizer. The roll-on is also great to carry on flights too because it’s small enough to stash in your bag. And for the body I really like a Danish natural and organic line called Rudolph Care. Their body balm with acai smells and feels amazing on the skin.”
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The Face Paint: Personal Best
“I’m very minimal. I use the Kjaer Weis cream blush in Desired Glow and our Lip Tint in Dream State. An eyelash curler is greatly important to open the eye, and a bit of mascara. For evening I will add some definition around the eye with KW Wisdom and Earthy Calm eye shadow.”
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