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Rihanna’s Nude Review; OPI’s 007 Tribute; And More…


As the celebrity hair color wheel turns: Lady Gaga is now a brunette, and a raven-haired Rihanna is reminiscing about her short-lived life as a blonde in campaign images for her new fragrance Nude, which she leaked onto Instagram over the weekend. [MTV]

Breaking: Kristen Stewart will be doing a live video chat with Balenciaga Florabotanica fans on October 18 via the brand’s Facebook page, where she will be answering a series of pre-approved questions for 30 whole minutes. The key word here is pre-approved, gossipmongers, so keep it classy. [Grazia]

Since launching his new book Face to Face, Scott Barnes—the makeup man who gave J. Lo her glow—is all about doling out the free tips, like this one: “The best place to match your foundation with your skin color isn’t on your wrist or even your face—it’s on your neck, just below the chin, where the sun never shines.” [Health]

There is no mega-blockbuster that OPI won’t mine for nail polish inspiration. Its latest muse? The new Bond movie. [EW]

Wrinkle reducer, sweat inhibitor, migraine reliever: A quick Botox injection can soothe a world of ills, including hay fever, if new trials in Melbourne, Australia, go well. Researchers down under are currently conducting tests on a Botox gel that could relieve seasonal allergies for up to three months. [The Australian]

Kristen Stewart: In The Front Row, And On Fragrance


On any given day, a front-row Salma Hayek sighting is something to write home about. But not when Kristen Stewart is seated across the catwalk. In the wake of a scandal that has dominated the pages of gossip rags over the past few months, the actress was in Paris this morning, paparazzi be damned, to support Nicolas Ghesquière’s Spring Balenciaga collection. Stewart, who took in the show wearing a pale yellow motorcycle jacket and printed jeans, refers to Ghesquière as a “kindred spirit,” which is likely what has made the duo’s recent collaboration on Balenciaga’s Florabotanica fragrance such a compelling one. Inspired by the surrealist floral prints that colored his Fall 2011 collection, Ghesquière had duality on the brain when conceiving the brand’s new beauty offering, specifically the darker side of conventionally pretty blooms that are readily considered harmless. “Flowers can be carnivorous or venomous—contain poisons,” he points out, and it is that “mystery” that he was hoping to bottle.

If the elaborate fairy tale woven around the vetiver, amber, carnation, mint, and “experimental rose” flacon is to be believed, the floral essences used here were distilled from petalled plants that shot up from torn paper shards containing a reclusive designer’s sketches, which were embedded into hostile ground only to be found by a girl who had “the inspiration of a muse.” In the real-life version of the parable, of course, the designer (Ghesquière) met the muse (Stewart) on a shoot after the then 12-year-old starred in David Fincher’s Panic Room. “I had not forgotten her,” Ghesquière has said of Stewart, who boasts a beauty that is “pure and uncontrollable,” in his estimation—or in other words, very Balenciaga. Here, fresh off a press tour for her new movie On the Road and only a month away from the media frenzy that will be the conclusion of the Twilight saga, Stewart met up with to talk fragrance, front-row intimidation, and why Ghesquière’s Spring lineup may be her most favorite yet.

Up until now, Balenciaga’s only fragrance face has been Charlotte Gainsbourg. What’s it like to be in that kind of company?
I wish I could choose a better word, but I think she’s stunning. I sat next to her at the show [last season]—which was the first experience I had at Balenciaga—and I was so ridiculously intimidated by her! I didn’t even say hi. I was just kind of muted by her. It’s an odd relationship that us actors are allowed to have with fashion. For me it started at an extraordinarily young age. I met Nicolas [Ghesquière] when I was 12 [on] this little project that felt very similar to a photo shoot. A rack of clothes comes in and you can just pick out what’s from that company. [Balenciaga] was the first fashion brand I recognized.

Were you drawn to the clothes then?
I’ve never done anything tactfully. I just wanted to be around Nicolas. It’s like movies. You find kindred spirits. You say, “We need to make something together.” My creative vision is not clothes but…I want to be around that.

Nicolas has said that your “rebellious femininity” is what made you a good fit for Florabotanica. That characteristic seems to have followed you around a lot recently, especially in your work. Do you think it’s a pretty true character assessment?
Especially recently right now—maybe this is my age—you either have the boldness of heart or lack of fear that might differ from other people or you don’t. A true rebel, someone who is genuinely, authentically rebellious, has no idea that they’re doing it. It’s just natural. If you’re aware of it than you’re a contrived, fake person. Having Snow White [and the Huntsman] and On the Road—even Balenciaga—everyone is saying, “You’re taking on these strong roles,” and everyone is asking if I’m trying to convey these strong female roles. And objectively, yes, I am. But there’s also a void there right now and people want to fill it.

You’ve been wearing a lot of Balenciaga since joining the house officially. Have you had any favorite fashion moments with the line?
[Nicolas] made my Cannes dress. And I went to the Met ball with him. And we sat down together and I watched him draw this…thing. I think he would say that I had something to do with it, but that’s bullshit. I just sat there. I do love those graphic sweatshirts [from Fall 2012]. And the sheer long dresses—and the shoes! I love all of the shoes so much. I must say, I’ve seen the new [Spring] collection—and it’ so unbelievably cool. You need to know yourself pretty well to wear it, or it wears you. It makes total sense that it’s happening now, though. I don’t want this to sound arrogant, but it was made for me.

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Quantifying A Kardashian; K-Stew, Still In At Balenciaga; And More…


So, how much money does it actually cost to look like Kim Kardashian? About $102K worth of eyelash extensions, 24K gold facials, tequila body scrubs, personal fitness appointments, hair extensions, and nail appointments. That’s over 180 hours of beautifying every month, for those of you counting. [Daily Mail]

The did-she-or-didn’t-she rumors about Kristen Stewart getting ousted from her role as spokesperson for Balenciaga’s new Florabotanica fragrance in light of some bad press surrounding her affair with Rupert Sanders appear to be 100 percent untrue. Attention, blogosphere: Just because the actress does not appear in one piece of the fragrance’s marketing materials, namely an internal inspiration video, does not mean she’s been fired. [Grazia]

Confused about eye cream application? This four-step system should clear things up. [Bella Sugar]

According to Madaonna’s first-ever makeup artist, Debi Mazar, the queen of pop refused to pluck her eyebrows in the eighties. “She would never go for it—it was her Latin heritage and she wanted to keep them,” Mazar recalls. But all it took was a few nudges from François Nars to sway her. “[He] convinced her to pluck them at a Steven Meisel shoot,” Mazar reveals. [Allure]

Kristen Stewart’s Side Show Score


The Teen Choice Awards aren’t necessarily the red-carpet circuit’s most prestigious event, but no matter; the stars turned out in droves this weekend in the hopes of snagging their very owns surfboard-shaped trophies at the annual ceremony. Perhaps no one is more familiar with that particular sense of achievement than Kristen Stewart. The Balenciaga fragrance face and her Twi-hard compatriots have racked up 41 such statuettes since the vampire film franchise debuted in 2008. This year, Stewart nabbed two more—one for best romance movie actress in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and one for best female summer movie star for her role in Snow White and the Huntsman. She also got our vote for best faux side-shave, slicking back the right side of her hair and braiding it into a single strand which hung down over her shoulder for an edgy, subdued—and fun!—look. Not that she’d have room for it, but that’s worth a third surfboard, if you ask us. Don’t you agree?

Photo: Kevin Mazur/TCA 2012/WireImage

A Hollywood Coiffing Coup; More News On Balenciaga’s New Fragrance; And More…


Today, hairstylists the world over had a major win as far as gaining recognition for their craft on the big screen. After celebrity stylist Ted Gibson started a Facebook campaign last year to try to get the Academy of Motion Pictures to recognize hairstyling, not just makeup artistry, at the Oscars, the Academy has obliged him, changing the Best Makeup category to the Makeup and Hairstyling Award. [Hollywood Reporter]

More news on Kristen Stewart’s forthcoming Balenciaga fragrance. It will be called Florabotanica and it’s meant to be “a game-changer,” according to Coty Prestige, in that it will draw a younger customer to the house that Nicolas Ghesquière is rebuilding. [WWD]

First came Wonderstruck, now comes word that Taylor Swift will be releasing her second fragrance, Enchanted Wonderstruck, in September. The passionfruit, pink poppy, sugar-glazed champaca petals, and vanilla eau will launch this fall as “the next chapter” of Swift’s Wonderstruck story. [WWD]

In case you weren’t aware, MAC Cosmetics is a trendsetter. The mega brand not only creates a wealth of the fashion-forward makeup looks backstage during fashion week, but some of its more clever branding ideas continue to get repeat play. After its own Hello, Kitty line spawned another Hello, Kitty collection at Sephora, Disney is reprising MAC’s Venomous Villains collection with its own Villains beauty line set to hit stores in September. Apparently, Cruella de Vil eyeliner, Maleficent lipstick, and Ursula blush doesn’t get old. [Bella Sugar]

Photo: Courtesy of Coty Prestige