September 3 2014

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Beauty Sound Bites: Singular Sensation



“I want to bring back the unibrow. Full brows are in—so one brow just might be next!”

Although it still remains to be seen if thick or thin will be in for Spring ’14, we’re paying homage to Streicher’s arch forecast above. Will Frida Kahlo’s famously connected brows be the inspiration backstage at the shows? Or will tweezers rise again? Only time will tell.

Photos: Michele Morosi / InDigital | GoRunway; Getty Images

Mile-High Club


Kristie Streicher

Today had the pleasure of having Feathered Brow guru Kristie Streicher in the house. Katharine Zarrella, associate news editor, says of the experience, “It was like looking at an angel plucking my eyebrows.” With her vintage-like SteamLine Luggage kit in tow (which reminded us of the days when traveling was considered glamorous and felt less like riding the Greyhound), she whipped our brows into shape in no time. “In fifteen minutes you can change someone’s life, that’s why I love my job,” Streicher says. (She indeed changed ours, and just in time for New York fashion week.) Streicher also divulged her genius idea of holding appointments on the transcontinental flight from her base in L.A. to New York City—a trip she frequently makes to see clients at her namesake Beauty Bars at the Warren-Tricomi Salons (one is located in both cities). “I’m always tempted to buy the window seat next to me—a plane really has the best lighting for doing brows,” she explains. We think jet-set tweezing is the next big thing and this arch angel should get her own set of wings.

Photos, clockwise from top left: Getty Images; Courtesy of Steven Simko; Courtesy of Kristie Streicher

Beauty Etiquetter: Resolving Beef With Your Brow Groomer


Beauty Etiquetter is a new column on Beauty Counter in which we address your beauty protocol predicaments with candid advice from industry experts and those in-the-know. To submit a question, e-mail

The Quandary: After getting my brows done, I noticed they weren’t exactly symmetrical the next day. How much time do I have to go back to the salon and ask that they be reshaped?

The Expert in Residence: Kristie Streicher, brow artist and founder of Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar in Los Angeles

The Advice: “This all depends on the brow artist or type of spa or salon you went to, but typically I’d say you have a week. But rather than going back right away to have more hair taken out, to even out the shape, you might want to consider waiting for about four to six weeks until after they’ve filled in a bit, and then have your brows reshaped. Just let the artist know right away you were unhappy with the shaping or that your brows look uneven—you can even try taking a picture if it’s difficult for you to get in to see your person. The point is to let her or him know you’d like to let them grow out a bit and to keep this in mind for next time. Perhaps the artist will discount or even comp your next eyebrow shaping appointment.”

Photo: Courtesy of Streicher Beauty Bar